Every passing minute brought the three girls closer to their soon to be home. The girl close to the window, had shoulder length black, slightly wavy, hair with red tints and silvery blue eyes. The one in the middle also had shoulder length hair only brownish blonde and it was slightly wavier than the girl near the window and warm brown eyes. The girl near the aisle had cheek length flippy black hair held back from her face with a headband leaving her side bangs over her eyebrow and the left of the corner of her eye and kind brown eyes.

"Catsy, are you still awake?" the girl near the window jumped out of her day dream and tilted her head toward the girl near the aisle.

"Yeah, actually I haven't even slept yet," she smiled kindly "What's on your mind, Ally?" Catsy eyed her friend warmly but curiously. Ally always loved that look of hers; any one who saw it couldn't help but grin stupidly. Ally laughed in her head as she grinned stupidly at Catsy, unconsciously of course, and leaned back in her chair.

"I was just pondering on our new life. I fear that we may not be in the same classes, or even in the same 'house,' as they say in London. I don't want to be separated from you guys! You know how badly I, no, Rosie and I are at meeting new people!" Ally pointed at the girl in the middle during the last statement, who was happily slumbering on Catsy's shoulder. Catsy smiled involuntarily as the memories of their years together as friends flooded her vision with all of the silly moments of Rose and Ally trying to be social. Catsy shuddered with laughter, and Ally looked at her with frustration and amusement.

"Sorry, Ally, couldn't help it," looking apologetically at her friend "but seriously, you don't have to worry about that now. Come on, we have around five hours until we actually arrive at the school. If we are going to worry about being together, why don't we do it while Rosie is with us and not in…?" Catsy stopped there and looked at Rosie hoping she would say something to determine the location of her dream.

"…Bullet proof van…you drive like an absolute maniac…no I don't want to drive Catsy!" Rosie mumbled before snuggling into Catsy's shoulder and dozing off yet again.

"…a bullet proof van, where I am driving like a maniac." Catsy and Ally laughed silently, difficult as it was, they really didn't wish to wake up the other passengers. Catsy gave Ally a 'You worry too much" look and stared out the window, her mind distant as the sun. Ally sloughed into her chair staring at the dull pattern of the chair in front of her.

"…Hogwarts, here we come…" Ally mumbled before allowing her sleepy eyes to shut.


yea i really couldnt refuse the idea of writing a story of me and my friend in hogwarts...

Rosie id rosebud93

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P.S. Ally also has a story involving the 3 of us...maybe Rosie will follow along...who knows...

P.S.S. Both stories are with the same pairings...yea kind of boring i no