5 weeks later

"Catsy, get down here, we've been waiting for almost an hour!" Sirius yelled behind him as he leaned against the railing of the girl's dormitories.

"You were not waiting an hour so shut up!" Catsy screamed back as she started her way down. "I just had to run back a quick sec' 'cause I forgot my bracelet."

"Why do you need that bracelet? It's not like you're going to die without it." Sirius argued.

"Will the two of you just shut up? Come on, we're going to be late for breakfast." James yelled as he headed for the portrait. Sirius and Catsy glared at each other then Catsy huffed and walked around Sirius purposely hitting him with her shoulder. Sirius spun about ready to retaliate to that disgraceful move but Remus's look told him to stop.

"What happened between you two? You guys were inseparable for weeks now you guys can barely stand five feet away before trying to bite each others heads off." Remus demanded as he walked in sync with his best friend. Sirius stuffed his hands in his pockets, bent his head down letting his shaggy black hair cover his face. Remus continued his menacing glare eyeing his friend in demand for the story. Sirius grunted and finally looked up, but not at Remus but at the ceiling.

"We got into a really bad argument yesterday." Sirius mumbled so softly that Remus almost didn't catch it.

"How bad was it? When I had arrived back from giving Rosie her lesson you guys were still playing around fighting for the chair." Remus stated while using his hands for more emphasis. Sirius cocked his eyebrow at Remus's hand gestures.

"Hand gestures? I thought only Catsy did that?" Remus stared at his hands and a blush crept onto his face and laughed.

"It's kind of catchy. Now stop avoiding the question and start explaining." Remus pointed his finger at Sirius with anger filled eyes.

"Well…after you went up to bed, Catsy and I were still just joking around," Sirius stuffed his hands into his pockets yet again, and shuffled his feet obviously not comfortable with the conversation. "And…we started talking about…" Sirius stopped walking and bent his head down again. Remus stared at him confused then suddenly Sirius belted out: "You know what, it's not my fault! It's hers! She's the one that started this whole freaking thing!"

"Sirius, calm down!" Remus bellowed trying to make his voice heard over Sirius's barking. Soon enough Sirius began to swear. Remus put a bubble head charm on him, so people wouldn't have to hear his foul language. "Wow, he must really be pissed to already be swearing." Remus thought as he continued walking to the Great Hall with Sirius still ranting in his bubble.

James waved to them with a piece of toast in his mouth. The guys followed and when Sirius sat down he released the bubble head charm so he could eat. "Where's Catsy?" asked Remus. Sirius grumbled something incoherent while James pointed to the Ravenclaw table.

"When, we got here, she went straight to Ally and Rosie. She was mumbling something about 'feeling up...unnecessary…perverted….dog' and something about a 'stupid dull date' and what not." At that Sirius began cussing so Remus put on another bubble head charm. James eyed his friend questioning, but Sirius was fuming in his little bubble happily cursing the day away. "Wow, I can't believe he's that pissed."

"I know, I wonder what they had argued about."

"Oh come on, Catsy, why are you being like this." Ally questioned with concern. Ever since Catsy had arrived with James in the Great Hall, she had immediately sat with them at the Ravenclaw table and been snappy with anyone that talks to her.

"What are you talking about; I'm the same as always!" Catsy snapped back, glaring at her friend. Catsy's eyes screamed danger and all Ally and Rosie wanted to do was run away before Catsy killed someone, most likely them. Rosie shuddered from the harshness in her friend's voice. They knew something was wrong, but with Catsy it could be weeks before they could figure out something.

"Hey look, it's Remus and Sirius!" Rosie stated with excitement. She was glad to see Remus, but was also hoping that Catsy might cheer up a little since Sirius was here. Even if he did have a bubble on his head.

Only to find out just the opposite, Catsy snarled and threw a piece of toast in a random direction. It hit Luscious Malfoy's blond hair. He was about to yell at Catsy, but her evil look shut his mouth right away.

"Hey, why don't we go and sit with them?" Rosie asked trying to lighten up Catsy's mood and because she really wanted to be near Remus.

"No!" Catsy screamed malevolently "Look, if you want to go sit with your 'make out buddy' or 'boyfriend', or whatever you guys are right now then go ahead!" Catsy snarled her evil glint running into flaming doom.

Rosie recoiled from her, she knew that they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend yet but once a week they would have their wand improvement lesson and after that they would kiss and all. Rosie wants Remus to ask her out, so they could be together always and Catsy knew that, and she also knew that that was a touchy subject. Rosie's eyes started to slowly water, but she stopped herself.

"You know what, I will. Are you coming Ally?" Rosie said, her voice shaking slightly.

"No you go ahead. Besides I think it would be better if I stayed and tried to calm Catsy down." Ally whispered. Catsy waved her wand to the side as if saying 'go already.' With that Rosie huffed then walked her way to the Marauders. "Honestly, Catsy, do you have to be so snappy?"

"I am not snappy!" Catsy snapped back putting her forehead on the table in frustration. Ally sighed heavily; she knew Catsy was extremely pissed off, but to why she didn't have a clue. She just hoped that no one was actually dumb enough to even mess with Catsy today.

"Hey, guys!" Rosie exclaimed cheerfully waving to the Marauders. Only to find that Peter had disappeared at her arrival. He does that every time one of them comes over, the girls never really understood why.

Remus smiled and gestured to the seat beside him. James waved and smiled with his piece of toast in his mouth as he tried to scramble in some last minute answers on his homework. Sirius waved but never took his off the ceiling, slowly nibbling his bagel. "What's up with him?" Rosie asked gesturing toward Sirius.

"He's just mad 'cause him and Catsy got into a fight." Remus stated casually shrugging his shoulders but then ducking as Sirius chucked his goblet at him. Sirius grumbled but continued his breakfast. James shook his head in disappointment.

"How's Cat-"

"Don't say her name around me!" Sirius barked throwing an angry look at James.

"Okay…well then…how she doing?" James cocked his head toward Ally and Catsy.

"Not so good actually, Ca- I mean she's so pissed. She's even snapping at us. She threw a piece of toast at Malfoy out of pure frustration." The guys laughed at that, but Sirius only smiled because he really didn't want to think about Catsy.

"It's going to be a while before she's approachable again." Rosie said nodding her head and looking down at the ground. Remus put his hand on her leg in a comforting motion, and a blush slowly crept up both of their cheeks. James smiled warmly toward his friends.

As he was looking up he saw Ally and Catsy leaving the Great Hall. Motioning toward the door, James stood up and walked out with his bag leaving the mumbling dog and blushing werewolf to their business.

James spotted Ally running outside onto the grounds and decided to follow. Outside he saw her running up to Catsy who was staring out at the lake. Ally seemed to be telling something frantic to Catsy, who only put her hand up as if saying 'enough.'

Ally just stood there watching as Catsy started walking away from her toward the forest that lay on the east side of the lake. James approached Ally and put his arm around her shoulders. "You alright?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'll be fine. I'm just worried about her; I hate it when she's like this." James and Ally started toward an oak tree along the banks of the lake. "Catsy's furious one moment then utterly depressed the next. I wish she was more open with us, it would be so much easier."

"If everything was like that, then there would be no point in even trying." James stated charmingly grinning toward the beautiful girl moving his arm from her shoulders to her waist. "Come on, I'm sure she'll be fine. Besides we really can't be late for History of Magic." Ally gave one last look at the faint outline that was Catsy and turned around to follow James back into the castle.