AN: This is almost completely AU, as Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) is alive, and Kushina Uzumaki is NOT Naruto's mother, and isn't in the story at all. So who is Naruto's mother? Hint: Naruto is a Shinketsu, and Minato isn't a Shinigami. This story will constantly be revised, and edited, so the story could be completely different every time I post another chapter.- READ

Naruto; the Prince of Soul Society

Naruto; the Koushaku no Seireitei

No one could ever tell how hard it was to put on ANBU armor just from looking at it. The chest plate was a pain in the ass, but he didn't really mind. It was a bit bland, but looked pretty intimidating, so he put up with it. He rubbed the necklace on his neck, given to him by Tsunade herself; the necklace worn once by the Shodai Hokage, founder of the village, and Tsunade's grandfather. The figure sighed, put on his Wolf mask, and left the locker-room, and toward his team, a mission was waiting.

"Urufu-chan! You ready for your first mission or what?" Urufu smirked, until one of them punched him on the arm, "Hey cut that out! I just got the ANBU tattoo yesterday! It hurts!" So it was finally time for him to spread his wings.

The five figures blurred, dashing from tree to tree. They traveled for half a day at full speed, and by the break of dawn the surrounded the camp. They closed in on their targets, everything seemed according to plan. They split up and melted into the night, despite their semi bright clothes, their masks covering their face. Urufu brought out a pack of paper tags, with a seal on each one; they were explosive tags, each capable of destroying a table. Urufu charged some chakra into each and stuck it on the side of the tents.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Urufu turned his head, 'Fuck'; Nezumi had been seen, and now their plan was ruined. He quickly made a seal, and the explosive tags exploded, the explosion took four tents and twenty people with it.

It was a simple assassination mission, B- rank, nothing that was supposed to have trouble, at least for a group of ANBU. Wipe out a small group of C-rank missing-nins planning to join an enemy country, and get back. But the report never mentioned that the ninjas included A-rank ninjas. No one in their group had noticed them until it was too late.

He brought out his ninjato as the horde of enemy ninjas grew, and his blade sang as he lobbed a head off, the blood landed on his mask. Urufu's kills were made to be efficient, as his kenjutsu skill was the best on the team. He stepped on a person who had been knocked down, and beheaded him quickly, there was no time for hesitation here; every ANBU knew the odds, every mission they were sent on had high mortality rate, and this mission was a prime example.

Naruto Tenrai Namikaze, Prince, they called him, genius they called him, and they had a good reason to; graduating from the Shinobi Academy at the age of eight, and the son of their current Hokage, Naruto had climbed through the ranks quickly, and at the present time was on his first ANBU mission at the ripe age of 11. Naruto had never known his mother, and his father never spoke of her, other than that she had disappeared when he was one.

Genius or not being overwhelmed 15 to 1 was pretty bad odds, considering all their opponents were about their level. Their team was dubbed team Kyuushuu, the ANBU assault squad. Made up of five people; Neko, Nezumi, Kame, Tokage, and Naruto, who was dubbed Urufu-chan, as he was a foot shorter than everyone else.

Naruto was holding off eight of them when a yelp of pain was heard. Neko, and Kame were bleeding, and Kame had lost an arm. Nezumi and Tokage were still fighting, though their movements were incredibly stressed, "Fuck," Naruto kicked the next man in the face. By this time Naruto was alone; his entire team was dead, as Neko and Tokage had their heads decapitated, and Nezumi and Kame were in their own pools of blood.

Naruto looked around and calculated, forty missing-nins, ranging from C-rank to A-rank, chances of escape, nearly none, but he could complete the mission. There was no choice, 'forgive me, father,' Naruto leaped up, twenty feet off the ground and did fourteen blurred handseals; "FUTON: KAMIKAZE YOROZU NO YAIBA!"

He pumped all of his chakra into this technique; this was his technique, his pride and joy, as his father's rasengan or hiraishin been precious to his father, so this was to Naruto. This was his first and only kinjutsu he made; as the damage to the surrounding area and the user was godly. Blue and white winds swirled around and formed a ball around his body, then exploded outward, dicing all of the people at the camp, the attack slicing them, ten thousand blades of wind cut though each one of their bodies.

Inside the dome the light brightened, and Naruto's mind drifted, flashbacks of his life played out in fast forward, just yesterday Ino had been hitting on him, just hours ago his father had given him a kiss on the forehead for good luck. Naruto smiled, and thrust his arms outward.

The attack grew, and filled a half mile radius, covering the entire half mile in a blue and white dome of spiraling wind. Naruto endured the pain; each blade occasionally grazed his body, through his mask, ANBU armor, and gloves, and through his skin. Every inch of his body spewed blood, and as the winds died down, he dropped unceremoniously onto the ground, in a huge crater, full of enemy blood and gore. His breathing slowed, and he hacked up some blood, a smile adorned his face underneath his mask as his world turned black.

"What the fuck?" He expected a huge pale bony guy with a scythe, or a ten foot dagger or something, but not this, why the fuck was there a chain connected to his chest? "Hey there!" He spun around, to see a man wearing a pink flowery haori over a white one. The man had two swords and Naruto could already see the quality of the swords, well enough for any ninja or samurai to kill for, without a thought. The man had a straw hat over wavy dark hair, and had a cheesy smile directed at him, the man continued,

"My name is Shunsui Kyuoraku, and you're dead. Congratulations!" 'Is this guy for real?'

The two saw a group of people now standing over the remnants of the battle, Naruto recognized his father from the rest of the crowd instantly, and saw that his father, the Yondaime Hokage, strongest known ninja of all of the Elemental Countries, was sobbing. He almost broke down himself; he had never seen him break down before.

"Well, this is the first time anyone from this place is going to soul society, good for you! Well say your goodbyes to this world, and wait for me up there; I'm supposed to bring you around."

"Wait! Wha-" Naruto was cut off when Shunsui tapped his head with the end of his sword, "Konso" Naruto faded.

Shunsui called up Senkaimon, and as the door slid open Shunsui looked over his shoulder to where the blond Hokage was weeping over his lost son and whispered, "Don't weep too much, he'll be in good hands now."

AN: This chapter or prologue might be a little confusing;

1. Kyuubi never attacked Konoha, so Naruto isn't a jinchuuriki.

2. Kushina Uzumaki doesn't exist in this story, thus Naruto isn't Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, instead is Naruto Tenrai Namikaze, Tenrai means Divine.

3. You will not see many Naruto characters in the Bleach world, since Naruto and is special.

4. Naruto is 11, and this was his first ANBU mission.

5. Futon; Kamikaze Yorozu no Yaiba- translates to Wind Style; Ten thousand Divine Wind Blades. Kamikaze in this sense wasn't supposed to be a 'Suicide Jutsu' but divine winds, though it ended up killing him anyway, think of this as a huge version of the Rasenshuriken.

6. Why is Shunsui in the Elemental Countries, he was on a mission given by Yamamoto.

Author Rants (AR)

1. I was debating whether to have Kyuubi attack Konoha eleven years later than Naruto canon, and Naruto stopping his father from doing the sealing, and doing it instead. Maybe if I ever decide to rewrite this story I'll go with that option.

2. For the pairing? It's undecided for now; I just don't know whether or not I can write a harem story, I mean how would it work?

3. If I make a mistake or a big oops, please tell me what is wrong and where the problem is.

4. If anyone knows, does anyone know a site that can translate English phrases into Japanese (Romanji)?? Please tell me, because I need it to translate for Shikai and Bankai

5. I'm probably going to switch between English and Romanji Japanese for many phrases, especially if I'm too lazy to search certain words or phrases.

Made up Jutsus:


Futon; Kamikaze Yorozu no Yaiba

Wind Style; Ten Thousand Blades of Divine Wind

Info; Traps the area surrounding the user with ten thousand blades of wind, invisible to the eye, your only warning is a rush of wind, and wisps of white chakra. The attack is not at the molecular level, but it is inescapable, even to the Hyuuga's kaiten, or the hiraishin no jutsu. The user sustains one-tenth the damage of anyone else in the dome. The damage varies from the amount of chakra put in, and it has been confirmed the jutsu requires a certain blood limit to perform, but the actual blood limit ability has been unconfirmed.