AN- This story is not a story really. It's a series of one shots that are meant to be fun and fluffy and only loosely relate to one another. It will be an outlet for when my personal writing isn't going well and I need to spend some time with Characters that speak loudly and do what I ask them to, most of the time. At times it will be borderline parody and I ask you not to take it too seriously. It is meant only in fun. No drama. I've had quite enough. 8P This is a very short chapter, that sets up the premise for the series of one-shots. I hope you enjoy.

Bucket List

Seeing as Edward's body pressing against my side was much more exciting than anything we might have been currently watching on TV, I was lost in my own scandalous thoughts when his velvet voice sounded in my ear.

"That's actually a good idea," he mused.

"What?" I squeaked mortified by my own imaginings.

"A Bucket List," he said gesturing at the TV. I glanced at it; there was a commercial for shampoo on that promised 'touchably soft'. I blinked, trying very hard to get my mind out of the gutter.

"What?" I asked again.

Edward chuckled, the vibrations shaking my body as well, "I was talking about the commercial for the movie that just came on. Where were you just now?" He smirked at me. I scowled at him, knowing that with my heart rate, breathing, and who knows what other indications my body had once again betrayed me in confessing to Edward exactly where I had been. I decided to turn the tables on him.

"I was enjoying our wedding night," I said saucily, "And now I'm not going to tell you how." Edward stared at me for a split second before shutting his mouth with an audible snap. At first I was irritated by the speed of his recovery but smiled when he had to clear his throat before he spoke again.

"As I was saying," he intoned smoothly, as though we hadn't both just been thinking what we'd been thinking, "I think making a Bucket List is a good idea."

"A list of things to do before we die?" I asked, somewhat confused.

"Exactly," he responded as though it made perfect sense.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Edward, but you're already dead," I reminded him.

He rolled his eyes, "A Bucket List for you, Silly Bella. To make sure you have no regrets. Then you can look back and know you lived your life to the fullest."

I thought about it for a moment. It did sound like a good idea. There was only one minor glitch. "But didn't we already cover this? There's really only one thing I want to do before I die," I paused and there was a very heavy silence, "and we can't do that, yet."

Edward smirked again and kissed my forehead, "My poor Bella, always the victim of her hormones," I scowled again and this time he leaned forward and kissed my lips.

I thought about pulling away, but who was I kidding? There wasn't a female alive, or dead for that matter, that could pull away from kissing Edward. I was rewarded for my willingness by Edward wrapping his arms around me and deepening the kiss. He stroked my face and my hair, then finally pulled away.

"You are not the only one daydreaming of our wedding night, Bella," he admitted while I tried to catch my breath. "But thinking of other things you want to do before you die may help us both to pass the time without going completely insane."

He had a very good point. I finally got enough air to speak, "Okay, but I'll have to think about it. I can't think of something off the top of my head," I said. I can't think of anything at the moment, I thought.

Just then, Edward's cell phone starting to sing, "Insane in the membrane, Insane in the BRAIN!" I looked at him in surprise.

"Hello, Alice," he said without looking at the caller ID. I broke out in hysterical laughter. Edward listened for a moment and then hung up, smiling. I suddenly had a very foreboding feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Alice has an idea. In fact, the whole family is full of ideas, apparently. They want to help make your Bucket List."

"Sounds swell," I muttered as Edward pulled me lightly to my feet and ushered me out the door. He chuckled at my reluctance, knowing I only half meant it. The morbid half of me was curious what a bunch of vampires would consider worthy human experiences to put on a Bucket List.

Not my most profound work, but I'm just letting off some steam and I hope you all come along. I only have one or two one-shot ideas at the moment. The next chapter will be up in the next few days... but I won't be updating at the feverish pace I used to. Which is why they will be more like one-shots than continuous chapters. Any ideas are welcome.

Alice's ring tone was my wonderful husband's idea. I laughed so hard, I couldn't leave it out.