A/N: Right. This isn't exactly another part to the story, but another ramble, sort of like the first in that it tells a story in and of itself but the story really doesn't make much sense. And if I start trying to explain it, I'll go off on another ramble. Which you don't want to see, I guarantee.

1771 words of rambling. Have fun.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Heh. I've always wanted to say that. I'm not quite sure why. Ever since I came across it in some book (either Nancy Drew or some horse book, where they meant both "back at the ranch" and litterally "back at the ranch"), I've wanted to say it.

Wow, this is turning into a ramble already, and it's only the third paragraph in. Or the second, if you don't could that little fragment at the beginning as a paragraph.

So anyway, back at the ranch, except that it wasn't a ranch because even though I would love to, I don't live on a ranch. If I did, going to horseback riding camp would be kinda pointless, don't you think? No, I live in a normal colonial style (I believe) house in a suburb outside of Philly. In the United States, if you couldn't guess that. Right. So. Umm...

Oh yeah! The point of this ramble-type thing.

So. Doctor Who. Amazing fandomness. Because Doctor Who is awesome.

It started like this. Episode I: National Treasure: Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lord of the Rings of Pirates Related to Harry Potter and His Girlfriend Jessica Stanley Who Has a Patient for House Who Becomes a Decomposed Body for Bones in a Blue Police Box. No, wait, sorry; wrong note on my phone. That's the retarded tv show/movie my friend and I are never going to create. It can also be reffered to as EI:NT:IJATSFTLOTROPRTHPAHGJSWHAPFHWBADBFBIABPB or EI:NT:IJSLRPRHPHSGJSWHPHWBDBBBPB or the actual name because the acronym is so ridiculously excessive.

It all actually started like this. Wait, I forget what I was saying. Something about creepy monster goo? Oh yeah. That comes later. Here we go.

It started (for reals) like this.

"Since when has there been a manhole cover in my street?" This is me, talking on my phone, to my friend Ashley. She's been my friend since we were 2 and I bit her. She's bitten me back for that ONE occurance multiple times. I think it's affected her as a human being (not really though). She's a darma queen. I mean drama queen. Sorry. Having a bit of an incompetence when it comes to typing things today. Oh well; that'll provide a good title for this document. See, the first ramble I wrote about this, that was an honest-to-god(dess) ramble, and not just a random filler chapter, I mis-typed the word "ramble". I typed it "rambke". The second time, I was only kind of trying to mis-type the word "ramble", and I came up with "rmable". No joke. The two files are called "doctor who rambke.rtf" and "doctor who rmable.rtf". Yes, I usually write my fanfics in .rtf files. Or the humorous ones anyway. The serious ones -- for the most part -- I write in .docx files cause I have word 2007. I'm not quite sure why, but I've noticed it about my files.

Anyway, we live like a block away from each other. Half a block up my street, half a block along her street. Or down my street, depending on whose house you're going to. And we're really close. And so it kinda made sense that she was the one I called to ask why there was a manhole cover in the middle of my street where there definitely hadn't been a manhole cover the day before. There might have been one since that morning, but I can't be accounted for what I do and do not notice in the morning. I'm not awake until about 11, which is ironically about 5th (of 8) period. Then, I have a nice hyper friend in that class, and we can be hyper together. It's good.

Oh great. I just remembered I have a math test tomorrow. Brilliante. I pronounce it like that sometimes. Usually just in my head, though. Bril-lant-te. I don't know why, but I do.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Um... nope, forgot again. Hmm. Writing and IMing at the same time makes it very easy to lose your focus. Friday, 26 min 19 hrs 1 day, math test, people, Doctor Who, tv show, monster goo, creepy monster goo -- creepy monster goo! Ashley! Manhole-cover! I remember.

So I ask Ashley why there was a manhole cover in the middle of my street where there definitely wasn't one the day before (but there was a possibility that it was there this morning; I can't remember). And guess what she says? "What do you mean, why is there a manhole cover in the middle of your street?"

"It definitely wasn't there yesterday." (This is my response. The one word of TRUTH in this whole freaking -- what was I taking about again? ;) )

"What are talking about? There's always been a manhole cover right in front of my house." (Ashley, thinking she knows what she's talking about. The lier.)

"Okay, technically it's not 'right in front of my house.' It's on the street in front of my house." (Some sense. From you-know-who.)

"Whatever." (Told you I was winning. Actually, I don't think I did, but I did just know, so there.)

"And secondly, it wasn't there yesterday! It mighta been there this morning; I wasn't really paying attention. But it definitely wasn't there yesterday." (Me. Duh. I mean really, who did you expect, the president? I think I can pronounce things slightly better than he can, thank you very much. Note that I only said slightly. And I didn't say always. So, umm, anyway, back to Ashley's response.)

"Umm, Lucy, what are you talking about? There's always been a manhole cover in the street in front of your house." (Let's guess. That couldn't be Ashely, now could it? (annoying person: No, it's Ashley, not Ashely.)(me: thank you, Captain Obvious! Who is nowhere near as awesome as Captain Jack! From either fandom to which it applies! The one of which the fandom that this story takes place in is not prompting me to realize what you're trying to get me to do! and I say NO! No author's notes in the middle of the story!)(annoying person: Isn't that what this is?)(me:SHUT UP!))

"I know I was dropped on my head multiple times as a child but that does not mean I am insane! It means I have an awesomely strong head! So there! And it also means that I'm not lying when I say that that manhole cover definitely wasn't there yesterday. Goodbye!"

And then I hang up on Ashley. I'm not really sure why I call her. Probably because I have nothing better to do. So then I call my friend Caitlin. Caitlin and I are strangely alike. Recently she's been like, running off on me, and like, infusing herself into me. I know that sounds wierd but like, I was like, almost sick two days ago at school, right? And then I go into Bio, which is the one and only (but thank god(dess) for it) class I have with her, and after about five minutes with her, I'm like hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper. And she is like, inside my brain. Woah. That sounds... wierdly awesome. Probably cause I've got Stephenie Meyer's book The Host on my brain at the moment for some reason. Not quite sure why. Wow, I'm doing a good job of keeping this a Doctor Who fic, aren't I? It sounds like a big ramble about nothing.

So I call my friend Caitlin. But apparently I'm not supposed to call my friend Caitlin, probably because she doesn't exist because she's too much inside of my brain so there were just like, plah, we're not going to make her an actual person cause we're lazy. And guess what happens when I call Caitlin? Well, you know that voice that says, "the number you have dial is not in service. Please hang up and try again"? So yeah, that voice, it was like, "the number you have dialed does not exist because we're lazy bums. Do not hang up or you will die." So I hang up. And guess what? I don't die. I wake up. Cause I'm sleeping. Or was sleeping, I suppose. And then I go to school, and take the PSAT, and then get braces on the bottom half of my teeth, and then blah, blah, blah. And then late, like 10 pm, I decide I'm going to write another Doctor Who ramble, so I sit down and write this retarded shit for like, an hour, and here I am.

And that dream didn't have anything to do with creepy monster goo, did it? Don't worry; you'll get that dream in the future. I just wanted to ramble about nothing first.

And, oh yeah, so you don't get mad at me.

god(dess) Well, I created this sort of religion-type-thing for an orginial story (well actually quite a few of them) that I'm writing. It's not really a religion yet; it's just sort of ideas and goddesses (and gods, I suppose) and stuff floating around in my head. But the reason I say god(dess) is because the main being in charge of this religion-type-thing is female. And, interestingly enough, the moon. And her second-in-command is a certain re-incarnated writer born in this era who just happened to think that she created all of this stuff when in actuallity it was the Mother feeding all into her brain. And so this re-incarnated being is called the Goddess of Life and Death, or just the Goddess. So that's why I keep saying thank goddess, instead of thank god. It's always nice to be thanking the actual higher entity. If she's still out there somewhere (I'm pretty sure she's wandering Earth as a "normal" human. Or should I say elf?)

Wow. I REALLY got off-topic here, didn't I? I love it. Thanks for flames, not favoriting, and oh, of course not reviewing. It just makes my day (especially with this story which I clearly tried so hard on).