This is more a moment of the trio than of Ron/Hermione, but they are twelve.

Still not mine. Thanks to my beta for editing and correcting my grievous misspelling of Ford Angila.

44. Ford Anglia

"You came in a FLYING FORD ANGLIA?" she shrieked at the two startled boys the second they were in 'their' corner of the common room.

They exchanged a wary look. "Hermione," Harry began, trying to placate her.

"Don't 'Hermione' me, Harry James," she said dangerously. "What if you had crashed? You DID crash! You could have died! Ronald, stop trying to inch away from me," she snapped.

She had been terrified out of her mind when she had heard what they had done.

But they were alive and well, and in her relief from seeing them, she yelled at them.

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