Joe sighed as he attempted to help Deanna into the elevator, even if he didn't want to. Sure, he had a few to drink, who wouldn't when you didn't have to pay; at least he could hold it a little better. "You should really learn to control yourself." Joe sighed. Deanna laughed a little and covered her mouth, "I could say the same thing to you Mr. Handsy." Joe rolled his eyes as he leaned back on the elevator wall. "You almost fell out of the taxi, I caught you, it wasn't copping a feel, it was saving your face." Deanna pushed her long brown hair back, and for the first time in their short time together Joe saw all of that face he had saved from smacking the concrete, without a fringe or a fallen piece of hair covering an eye or half her face. He stopped and for some reason, took it all in.

"What?" Deanna asked as she finally noticed him starring right at her. Joe chuckled a little, It must have been the grey goose getting him all weird. "Nothing, nothing. This is our floor." Joe said, grabbing her arm to push her down the hall, knowing full well she couldn't walk by herself. She began laughing, not loudly, but loud enough.

"What's your problem?" Joe asked, for some reason laughing along as they reached their door. She turned around to look at him as he searched for the key to the room. "You were checkin' me out." She grinned as he kept his gaze at the floor, searching through his pockets which had become increasingly difficult. "No..." "You-" She poked him in the chest and he looked up. "Were checkin' me-" She pressed her finger into her own collarbone. "Out." She finished with a smile, the kind of smile he hadn't seen before. He took a step forward, they were nose to nose and he could smell the raspberry vodka on her breath. "No."

She grinned as he slipped the key through the door, pushing it open. "Go on, get in." He spoke, letting his arm hold the door open. She smirked, and brushed past him, ducking under his arm to step in. He let a smile come to his face before wiping it off as he let out a slow breath. "Calm down, Joe." He stepped inside and immediately felt a hand on his face as a pair of warm lips were pressed against his own.

He almost moaned when he realized what was happening. Deanna was kissing him, and I mean really kissing him. He let a hand rest on the back of her head, and another rest on her hip, pulling her small body against his own. She ran the hand that rested on his cheek to run through his hair and push his mouth even closer to hers as they both fought for dominance. Joe groaned as she grinded closer to him and he had to stop. He pushed her away and tried to catch his breath, narrowing his eyes at her. "We can't do this-" He ran a hand over his head, fixing his disheveled hair. "You're drunk." Deanna smiled widely as she stepped closer to him again. "You're hot when your mad." He almost smiled but really, really had to hold back.

"Deanna-" "Shut up Joe, for once in your life shut up." She whispered, laying her lips against his once more, but this time more gently. They melted right into each other, all the fighting and the hatred came to a complete stop. Both his hands found their way to her hips, pulling her as close to him as humanly possible without hurting her. He began walking forward, pushing her toward the bed. If she was gonna keep kissing him like this he wouldn't be able to stand up for much longer. Joe threw off his jacket, not caring where it landed as he sat down on the bed. Deanna leaned down to make sure their lips never lost contact, she placed both hands either side of his face and he let out a little purr sound. He wrapped his hands around her waist and she groaned, feeling his hands flat against her lower back.

"I can't do this, Dee. You're drunk and I-" She placed a finger against his lips and smiled, biting her bottom lip softly. "It's very sweet that your saying this but... I've never wanted you so bad, Joe." Joe thought for a second, this was going against everything he stood for, and she was very drunk. He couldn't believe what he was thinking, I mean, it's not like he cared about her or anything, and drunken words are sober thoughts after all.

This time Joe was the one to kiss her, with all the force in the world. She moaned as he turned her around, standing up as he let her lay down on the bed with her head against one of the pillows. He ran a hand down her stomach and smiled into the kiss as she made a little whimpering noise. He pulled away to lay kisses down her neck. "Damn Dee. I've wanted this for way too long..." She groaned out, wait. That wasn't a groan.

He looked up to see her eyes closed and her face calm. He knew she was asleep when she began to snoor ever so quietly, he would have laughed if he wasn't thinking about how the hell he would take care of the pants problem he had. "Goddamit, Deanna." He sighed as he moved away from her, running his hands through his hair, watching her sleep peacefully. You know, she was almost sweet when she was asleep. Joe sighed, taking off his belt and grabbing a pair of boxers and a t-shirt to go change in the bathroom. This couldn't end well for either of them.