Rumors and Assets

The rumors at Konoha Gakuen High have been confirmed and Itachi Uchiha is indeed pursuing the new Hyuuga girl. And for the sake of defeating him, Sasuke wants to win her affections first. With his good looks and "too cool for you attitude", it couldn't be too hard, right?

A/N: I've been wanting to write a Konoha Gakuen Den story, so here it is! At times, the characters may be slightly OOC, but I shall attempt to keep them in character as much as possible. And just to make this clear for people who don't really know:

Suffix Usages:

senpai/sempai - a senior student, a person in the class above etc.

kun - generally used for male colleagues

chan - used for pet names or close family members or friends

san - a respectful suffix, also can be used as a substitute for "Miss/Mr/Mrs" etc.

sama- a very respectful suffix displaying the person's higher status in comparison to the speaker, can also be used as substitute for "Master" etc.

EDIT: I can't believe I described Kisame completely wrong... edited for my own stupidity.


An embarrassed and annoyed Hinata Hyuuga shifted her school bag higher in her arms to conceal the "heavenly view" that had captured the attention of various passer-bys. She was glad that she had grown taller in height and had longer hair, but was it necessary for her to grow such assets that attracted unnecessary attention from both the male and female species? She could almost feel the daggers stab into her as each girl in Konoha Gakuen High glared at her as they passed and it was as if she had a perfect TV reception that allowed her to see what each guy thought as they eyed her attention-grabbing chest.

By the time she had reached the school's office, Hinata Hyuuga already felt exposed and sexually harassed by people's eyes. And she had only been in the school for five minutes.

And at this point, she had decided that she wouldn't enjoy her stay here. She was going to suffer a painful and unusual death of embarrassment and harassment from all the ogling and wolf-whistles she had received and perhaps numerous more if she remained in this dangerous environment. It would simply be a death-wish if she remained in this place.

She hurriedly knocked on the office door, praying that someone would open it quickly. Even with her school bag covering her chest, there was still the fact that her body curved in dangerous ways that now, as she thought about it, it was rather frightening.

And it wasn't helping that she could hear the murmuring going on about her.

"Come check out the new girl!"

"Hey, isn't that Hyuuga-senpai's cousin?"

"Check out her boobs!"

Mentally, Hinata wished to kick the high-pitched whiner who had practically screamed that but immediately reprimanded herself for thinking that. It was rude and unbecoming of her. She couldn't allow her embarrassment and irritation to overwhelm her.

Finally, the office's door swung open and behind it stood a lady with short black hair. "Ah, Hinata Hyuuga, I assume?" she asked as she stepped aside to allow Hinata room to walk in.

"Y-yes, that's me," Hinata replied awkwardly as she shuffled into the office, the door clicking shut behind her.

"Welcome, welcome Hinata to Konoha Gakuen High!" greeted a blonde-haired lady from her seat at a desk which had the name plate Principal placed upon it. "As you are a new student here, we thought it would be helpful for you to have a guide that would lead you around the school and help you to feel comfortable with this new environment for you."

It's impossible. I will never feel comfortable here. What with people addressing my chest rather than my face. Hinata blushed furiously. Even the thought is embarrassing.

"So, I made sure to have your tour guide (Tour guide? Hinata repeated mentally) as someone from your homeroom!" Tsunade gestured to the person who sat in a chair at the left side of the room.

The entire conversation, Hinata had not noticed that there had been another person in the room. She gulped as her light eyes met his dark emotionless ones. He simply sat with his arms folded, quietly studying her, dark bangs of hair framing his face and the rest tied back in a loose ponytail at the back. The silence from him was nerve-racking; she had no idea what he was thinking as he watched her wordlessly.

One thing was for certain, his eyes were definitely only addressing her face, which was the one thing Hinata was thankful for. Her thoughts were interrupted as the Principal-Hinata recalled her name to be Tsunade from the acceptance letter she had received-made an introduction.

"Hinata, this is Itachi Uchiha. He will be your senpai and guide around the school." As Tsunade said this, she smiled genuinely, as if she were pleased with her choice for the new girl.

Oh, Kami-sama... no. Where would someone get that sad idea?

Hinata's gaze returned to the silent senior and she wished she could pinch herself, to see that it was all a dream and that she hadn't enrolled into this school and was actually busy weaving flower crowns and prancing about happy and free...

"Well then, I shall leave this to you Itachi!"

At this, Itachi silently stood and simply glanced at Hinata who wondered what it was meant to mean until she realised when he strode past her and opened the office door.

He wanted her to follow.

Inwardly, Hinata sobbed. She really hated charades. Mainly because she sucked at it. And now, she would be forced to play it all day.

She trudged after her silent companion, keeping her guard up with her school bag now held high and tucked underneath her chin protectively.

However, no matter what she tried, more and more people began to stare at the pair but she noticed that it was with a new and different interest. All the same attention wasn't something that Hinata craved for and she ducked her head down, her hair falling over her face as she blushed several shades darker than usual.

"Who's this little birdie, Itachi-san?" a male voice asked.

Hinata looked up to see another senior-most likely Itachi's class-saunter up to them. His blue hair shot up naturally and his golden eyes sparkled with mirth, the corner of his mouth curled up in a smirk.

It shocked Hinata to actually hear a deep voice issue from Itachi's mouth as he finally spoke.

"A new student. I've been assigned to look after her," Itachi explained briefly his apathetic expression never changing.

The senior across from them laughed. "What's the Principal doing? Thinking she can completely control us by giving our gang these responsibilities." He then turned and smirked at Hinata, alarming her. "Hey, so does that mean you're going to bring her along to our gang? I don't know if our leader will like it though."

Gang? Leader? It took a while for it to finally register in Hinata's brain. A gang! Her eyes widened in horror. Yankees! Yakuzas! Crazy Japanese gangsters! Danger! Danger! Her mind reeled and she was prepared to faint.

"Kisame," Itachi replied calmly, "you know our Leader has agreed to deal with these responsibilities as it aids our plans."


Hinata was beginning to hyperventilate. What had she been thinking when she enrolled into this school? If she had known that she would be in such a dangerous predicament where she would become involved in a Yankee high school gang she wouldn't have enrolled in the first place.

Why Kami-sama? Why did I allow Neji-nii-san to convince me to attend this school? Hinata cried mentally.

"Hmm, I think your charge is hyperventilating."

Itachi turned his head slightly in Hinata's direction before he looked away, his face emotionless and uncaring. "We have homeroom to go to. There's no need to cause such a fuss over your first day of school, how foolish."

"Hah, you have no heart as usual, Itachi," Kisame grinned. He turned to Hinata again. "Come on, we're all in the same homeroom, make sure you don't lag behind, it's already a burden to drag you around like this," he explained, equally as heartless.

"Y-yes," Hinata managed to stammer, still not quite able to overcome the overwhelming pieces of information she had obtained.

She had only managed to walk a few steps forward when a dark wind shot past her. She blinked several times until she realised that it had been the dark-haired teen fighting Itachi now who had run past her so swiftly.

He aimed another kick at Itachi who easily dodged it before retaliating with an elbow to his face, pushing him back and sending him crashing into the floor.

"Damn it, Itachi!" yelled the teen as he pulled himself back onto his feet before charging at the senior once more.

Hinata stared at him with wide eyes. Last she had checked, fighting was not allowed at school.

Itachi slammed his fist against the teen's jaw causing him to collide into a nearby locker from the force.

Hinata's eyes widened even further. Definitely not allowed.

"Ahh... uhh..." Hinata began, raising an arm slightly, unsure of whether she should speak up or not.

"You son of a-!" the dark-haired teen began as he pushed himself off of the locker, only to meet Itachi's fist once more.

"AHH! U-Uchiha-s-senpai!" Hinata managed to stammer, frightened that if she were to do nothing that the dark-haired teen would be hurt even further.

Her cry was ignored however as Itachi walked over to the teen who was now attempting to push himself back onto his feet. He kicked the boy with far less force than before, but enough to knock him back down to agitate him.

"Foolish little brother," Itachi said as he continued his way down the corridor.

Hinata stared at Itachi's retreating back in amazement. He didn't even bother with the teen anymore and she was sure he was hurt from all the brutal hits Itachi had given him.

Something then clicked in her brain, like the switch of a light bulb suddenly being turned on. Had he just called the teen his younger brother?

Kisame snorted, amused by Itachi's actions and also continued along the corridor, not once glancing back at Hinata or the fallen teen.

"Damn it!" Itachi's younger brother cursed as he slammed his fist into the ground. "How dare he!"

"Uh-m..." Hinata began as she walked over and kneeled beside him, reaching into her bag and drawing out a small jar. "Umm... h-here... some ointment... for the wounds..." Hinata said in an unsure tone, holding the jar out to the younger Uchiha.

She could see it now. They really did look like brothers.

The younger Uchiha however, seemed to have a rather moody disposition. He glared up at her and growled, "Leave me alone."

Alarmed by this reply, Hinata was unsure of whether to simply leave the ointment with him or to take it back. She hadn't expected him to reply rudely to her wish to help.

His angry eyes narrowed when she did not move. "I said for you to leave me alone didn't I?" His voice was slightly raised causing Hinata to jump.

"I-I'm sorry..." she stammered, pocketing her ointment jar and quickly getting up to her feet. She was frightened of this moody Uchiha who didn't seem at all like the senior that was assigned to look after her.

Wishing only to get away from the uncomfortable and terrified feeling that she felt around him, she walked away briskly, leaving behind a moody teen to glare at her retreating back.

She rounded the corner and almost collided into someone had she not stopped in time. Unfortunately, the other person wasn't paying attention to where they were walking and bumped into her anyway causing her to sigh.

Why do people do that? She thought wearily.

"I'm sorry, please don't mind me," she said as she prepared to step around the person and find where Itachi and Kisame were.

"My, my," said the black-haired teen, a smile constantly on his bespectacled face. "Nice size. Better than most around here."

It took a while for Hinata to realise what he was referring to before she was blushing herself into flames. "Uh... uh..." was all she managed to stammer in response.

The teen ignored her stammering and put out a hand for her to shake. "I'm Sai. May I know your size?" he asked, his hand still hovering in the air, waiting for the nervous and speechless Hinata to shake it.

"That's enough, Sai," grumbled an annoyed pink-haired girl who hit him on the top of his head as she passed. "We have homeroom to go to." She turned and addressed Hinata who was still too embarrassed to form any words. "Sorry about that, this guy's really horrible like that."

"Sai, you dirty creep. You freak everyone out," added a blonde-haired youth as he came to a stop next to the pink-haired girl.

"Uhh..." Hinata stammered. It was great and all to be away from the awkward silence that fell upon her when she was following behind Itachi but she really didn't want to be late to homeroom. "Um... y-you wouldn't happen to know where U-Uchiha-senpai went, d-do you?"

Three pairs of different coloured eyes turned to stare at her in surprise.

"Do you mean Itachi?" the blonde-haired teen asked, pulling a face. His jaw then suddenly dropped as he stared at something behind Hinata.

"He's in our homeroom. Are you the new student?" an annoyed voice asked from behind Hinata, making her jump.

She suddenly felt uneasy and knew who it was.

"Sasuke-teme!" the blonde-haired one shouted, pointing at the younger Uchiha. "What the heck happened to you?" he asked in genuine concern.

"Shut up, idiot," Sasuke said as Hinata turned her head to stare at him. He wiped his mouth clean of blood with the back of his hand before glancing at the Hyuuga, clear irritation marring his decent face.

Decent to Hinata probably equated to extremely large fanclub. If he wasn't so moody, Hinata would probably change her mind to good-looking; good-looking meaning to her someone who also had a good personality and temperament. At this moment, she doubted Sasuke Uchiha would fit that category.

"Are you the new Hyuuga girl?" Sasuke asked roughly, giving her a condescending look as he walked around to stand in front of her, Hinata's eyes following his movements.

Hinata gulped. He was very intimidating. And rude. She wasn't sure how to answer him without him biting her head off for no apparent reason.

"Yes, she would be our charge."

A heavy hand fell on Hinata's shoulder from behind, alarming her.

"Let's go, Hyuuga-san," a man with tied up blonde-hair said, his head over her shoulder allowing her to glimpse the long fringe that fell over one half of his face.

"You're a part of the Akatsuki gang!" cried the pink-haired girl. "Why would Neji-kun's cousin be with you guys?"

"It's rather annoying but Itachi's been given the duty to look after this girl by the Principal and sadly enough he's not doing a good job of it, though I doubted he would from the very beginning, hn," explained the gang member lightly, hand still placed heavily on Hinata's shoulder. "Well, we best be going to homeroom now, I can't keep Sasori-sama waiting for me since he gets really mad about that, hn."

The Akatsuki member, grabbed Hinata's arm and began to lead her away when someone stopped them in their tracks. In front of them stood finally someone Hinata recognised. She was relieved.

"Let go of my cousin," Neji said in a dangerously quiet voice.

Well, Hinata was relieved to see her cousin, but it didn't mean she was prepared to watch another fight.

"I don't believe you're in our homeroom Neji-chan," the Akatsuki member replied tauntingly, his smirk widening at the scowl that then covered Neji's face. "I'm just helping Hyuuga-san by escorting her to homeroom since I actually am in the same homeroom. So if you don't mind, get out of the way, hn."

Unwilling to leave Hinata in the care of an Akatsuki member, Neji stood his ground, staring down the blonde across from him.

"Now, now, this isn't going to turn into a fight is it?" called a voice behind Hinata.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Neji exclaimed at the new arrival.

"Please allow Deidara and Hinata to pass by, Neji, or else you'll all be late to homeroom," Kakashi instructed calmly.

Begrudgingly, Neji stepped aside and glared as Deidara passed, dragging Hinata alongside him. Hinata stared sadly after her cousin as she passed wishing she were in his homeroom instead. She sighed and closed her eyes.

It was all only wishful-thinking.


Wishful thinking or not, Hinata wished hard that she wasn't in this homeroom.

Her homeroom consisted of four seniors in year 12 (Itachi, Kisame, Deidara and Sasori), five from years 11 (Lee, Gaara, Karin, Temari and Shigure (NNC - not a Naruto character)), four from years 10 (Sasuke, Naruto, Sai and Hitori (NNC)), three from her year, year 9 including herself (Sakura and Rina (NNC)) and nine more students below her year in years 7 and 8.

The problem of course was that the four gang members insisted that she sit with them and having no other choice she did and received numerous stares from the rest of her classmates.

No, I am not a yankee, she tried to mentally tell every student who turned to stare at her. No, I am not a part of this gang, so please stop looking at me like I am.

It was not only this, but the fact that every time Itachi appeared to let his guard down, like stare out the window randomly, Sasuke would take this opportunity to attack his brother, only to receive a whack to the head for his brashness and a reprimand directed to both of them from their teacher, Kurenai.

Hinata was beginning to worry that the effect of Itachi's hits was causing severe brain-damage on Sasuke as she watched him prepare to launch another attack at his brother. She wondered vaguely what drove him to such reckless actions besides the possible brain damage.

"Hn, I wonder what our leader will say about Hyuuga-san," Deidara thought aloud, bored of watching Sasuke's repeated failures to successfully attack his brother.

Tensing, Hinata prayed that their leader didn't decide to beat her up or something. That was the last thing she would need on her first day of school.

"Hopefully, Hidan doesn't consider her to be his next sacrifice," Kisame said, brushing dust off of his table in boredom.

Hinata wanted to faint. "S-Sacrifice?" she repeated, horrified.

"Yeah, you're a virgin right?" Kisame asked bluntly, disregarding the deep blush that burned Hinata's cheeks. "Well, it would be boring if Hidan decided sacrifice you, we haven't had a toy to play with for a long time. Wouldn't want our new toy to be broken already," Kisame said with a wicked grin.

Hinata could hear crashing in her ears. Her world was spiraling out of control and smashing into pieces around her. She really did want to faint.

"I hate waiting for recess to arrive," Sasori grumbled, staring out the window.

Gulping, Hinata was praying for recess to not arrive at all. She suddenly didn't feel too well and she most definitely did not want to meet the Akatsuki gang leader.

She was sure he would rip off her head if he wanted to.


"We. Must. Keep. Her!"

They were the first words that issued from the mask wearing Akatsuki leader, Tobi and at the thought of being considered a possession of some sort, Hinata had the sudden urge to run away. She had not been expecting this sort of reaction to her appearance.

Unfortunately, recess had arrived too swiftly for her, as did many things she dreaded. Still for Tobi to open his arms widely and in such a welcoming way at her, she wondered whether she had gone insane to have imagined that she would be accepted so easily.

"What the hell?" barked the person Kisame had talked about in homeroom, Hidan. "You're just going to fucking-" Hinata winced at his coarse language, "-accept her into our gang? What the flying fuck?" Hinata cringed once again, wishing she could cover her ears.

"If our leader wishes it to be so, then it will," the member who had been introduced as Pein said. The senior next to him known as Konan simply observed the scenario before her quietly.

The other member, Kakuzu simply snorted and resumed drinking his ice tea, ignoring Hidan as he let out a string of vulgar words, disappointed because he couldn't use Hinata as his next sacrifice. Kisame grinned at Hinata's unbelievable luck and Deidara snickered at the horrified expression on her face. Itachi however, sat to the side, busily pulling out his sandwich for lunch, only looking up to study Hinata's shocked and frightened face occasionally.

"Come pet-chan! There's enough room in Akatsuki for you!" Tobi sang happily as he grabbed Hinata's head and yanked her towards him with the intention of petting her.

Not knowing what else to do, Hinata threw a pleading look in Itachi's direction who simply glanced at her and then looked away, ignoring her mental cries for help that she was sending to him, choosing instead to eat his sandwich in silence.

Goodbye my youth! Hinata's mind sobbed, trapped in a headlock as Tobi stroked the top of her head. A pet of the Akatsuki! How did it end up like this? Neji-nii-san, where are you?


End chapter 1.

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