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The sun was setting as Amu watched from her balcony, breeze hitting her face. What was she gonna do? How would she tell her friends that she was moving? In her train of thoughts, a certain cat-boy crossed her mind.

"Ikuto..." whispered Amu.

Two months had passed since they had found the embryo and defeated Easter. The Guardians had dissolved but they all still remained friends, teenage friends to be exact.

Sixteen year old Amu was no longer an Elementary Schooler. Many things had happened in the past years. She realized that she didn´t really love Tadase but loved Ikuto instead but...

"I´m sure he doesn´t feel the same way about me. Sure he likes to tease me but that´s a whole different story." Amu thought as she stared at the sun fading away little by little and the moon beginning to rise.

The somehow always reminded her of Ikuto. Maybe it was because he would always pay her visits in her balcony at night, the moon giving off light to bathe his handsome features.

Amu suddenly blushed. He was the only one that could have this effect on her even after so many years. Even thinking of him made her heart beat faster.

"Amu-chan! Look at the drawing I made of the moon!" her guardian chara Miki said as she suddenly appeared behind Amu holding a piece of paper out to her.

"Kawaii! This is really cute Miki." she exclaimed as she studied the drawing, a warm smile spreading across her features.

"Go! Go! Miki-chan!" cheered Ran with Suu giving twirls beside her.

Laughing at her Charas sillines, Amu turned to look at the moon again when she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Amu...I´ve got something very important to ask you! Please listen to me." said a histeric Ikuto.

"What is up with you?"

"Please Amu, this is a matter of importance. It´s about life or death!" said Ikuto, near tears now.

"What!? What is going on? Has Easter made a come back?" Amu said, suddenly entering in a state of panic. The charas also seemed to hold still, listening intently to every word being exchanged between the two.

"Got milk?" said Ikuto seriously, although trying to hide a smile.


Ikuto started laughing as Amu hit his chest.

Suddenly, grabbing her right arm he pulled it bringing her closer to him. Bringing his mouth down to her ear he whispered to her in a husky voice, the one that always made her blush a tomato red.

"I really am that important to you aren´t I?"

Looking up to his eyes Amu couldn´t find a word to say. Tears suddenly started falling from her cheeks...

"Amu...What´s wrong?"

"Ikuto...I´m moving in one week." Amu sobbed into Ikuto´s chest. Ikuto couldn´t think of what to say as a shocked expression took over his face. Bringing Amu closer to her, he only hugged her and rested his cheek on her soft pink hair as she continued crying.



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