Ha! And I thought I was a Allen/Lenalee lover. So much for that... I am CLEARLY obsessed with writing dreary Lavi/Lenalee poetry in the dead of night.

Disclaimer: I don't own D.Gray-man.

If you knew that this would happen… Would you do it all again?

I don't want to have to let go. After all, it isn't my fault you have a problem feeling.

Is it...?

Sometimes, I really wonder why you wanted to take this on so much…

I mean, I know you're smart enough.

And it's not as if you aren't strong enough. Because you are.

But you…

You could have done oh so much more.

You're the greatest person I've come to know, and that… That's saying a lot.

I've met outstanding, wonderful… Downright amazing people.

But none like you.

It frustrates me that the first time I found someone that could care for me,

Not the ingenuous, naïve, innocent me, that everyone else loves, protects and cares for,

But the real me. The one who walks alone.

Or would be walking alone.

For once…

Finally someone who understands.


How can you take that away from me? Why would you consider taking him…

You… My God. The one I fight so hard for. The one we all risk our lives for.

You've taken all but two things from me.

My life, and my life source. Well, what had been my life source…

You left Komui to keep me safe, to protect me, but I need more than my brother.

You can't take him from me too. I won't let it happen.

Even though Komui would be upset with me… (and destroy him)

Even though Bookman would kill him… (and shun me)

I think… I think things would be okay. Well… They would be for a while.

Until you were moved to India. Or China. Or Madagascar. Or Australia. Or…

Or God knows where Bookman would decide to take you.

Maybe all of the above?

I know. Bookman won't let you feel. It would be "too many wasted years".

But… Why don't you fight back? Do you really want to go, or are you just that guilty?

You've helped me come so far, reached out to the me that was hiding.

How did you see see through, when no one else did?

My mask was perfect. I made sure of that.

So why did you see?

You're the only one who noticed… He can't take you away from me.