Game Over

Game Over?

Yuuri was not unaccustomed to fear. He'd fallen down the toilet rabbit hole and had found himself in one unpredictable situation after another. People pointed swords at him and attacked him with fireballs and called him a cheater and a wimp. Okay, that last one might have been more localized.

But whatever happened, he knew he had people who would help guide him through it. That's how these stories worked after all. The hero may be young and inexperienced, but there was always some gray haired adviser to explain all of the things that weren't making any sense like Gandalf or Dumbledore.

Well, in Yuuri's case no one had gray hair unless you counted Ulrike, but that was really more of a silver and she was actually really young or old depending on how you looked at it. But he did have more advisers than the average protagonist.

Conrad, always ready with a smile and his sword.

Gwendal, always there with a wrinkled brow and a stack of papers to be signed.

Gunter, always cheering for him or trying to find him for a lesson.

Murata, always half playmate and half mystery.

Wolfram, always prepared to insult him when he needed a reality check.

They made the adventure fun. Because otherwise, living in your own RPG could be a little stressful, especially when you are running out of life points and you can't just restart the game.

With them he could enjoy the strange creatures like dragons and walking skeletons. He could meet new people like the rulers of distant lands and heroes complete with holy swords. He could even use magic even if he couldn't remember doing it afterwards.

It seemed like he could do anything.

But as Yuuri knelt over the bodies of his fallen protectors he remembered something else about those fantastic stories he loved to read or watch when the movies came out. The wise advisers never made it to the end of the story. That's when the young hero had to figure things out on his own. That's when he was alone and he really knew what fear was.

But somehow it already felt too late for a happy ending.