Bella P.O.V

I rolled over in my bed, knowing that Edward would be lying by my side, patiently waiting for me to awaken. But instead of rolling on top of my vampire fiancee, I landed on the hard wood flooring of my empty bedroom. "Owwwwwwwww!" I hit my head on my nightstand on the way down. THAT was going to leave a mark. As I staggered upwards, the fact that Edward was not here puzzled me. Where was he?! Last night he told me that Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie were going hunting, but surely he hadn't gone too?

5 Minutes later

After almost having a panic attack from wondering where Edward was, and after frantically searching every inch of my room for a clue, I found my answer: he had left me a very small note, pinned on my closet door.

"Sorry to leave on such short notice, love. I will explain everything later, I promise. Emmett will come pick you up shortly and take you to the house. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Eternally yours,


My heart slowed down to a human pace as I finally had some closure, but then anxiety quickly took over as I wondered what was happening. That anxiety turned into fear and annoyance as I wondered what Emmett had in plan for me today. I quickly grabbed my bathroom bag and took a shower, then combed out the tangled mess my hair had become. I ran downstairs and slowly ate a bowl of cereal, dreading what was coming to pick me up at any moment. I heard a heavy and rapid knocking on the front door, and with a sigh, I knew Emmett had arrived. I strolled over to the door, which was about to give way due to the heavy pounding, and opened it to find a grinning Emmett towering over me on my doorstep.

"Well hello Bella! Long time, no see!" he exclaimed, ruffling my previously tame hair carelessly.

"Hello, Emmett. Give me a second to brush my teeth, then I'll be right down." I slowly went up to the bathroom, brushing my teeth with exaggerated slowness to prolong the torture that awaited me. I didn't even want to begin to think of what Emmett had in store for me today. When I heard a loud "BANG!", followed by a thunder-like crash, I rushed downstairs (tripping several times on the way down) to see what had just almost caused me to have a heart attack. Emmett had a very sheepish and childlike expression on his face, as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"!?" I asked very cautiously. My heart was thundering in my chest.

" see, you were taking FOREVER doing whatever you were doing, so I decided to watch some t.v. while I waited for you. Umm...well, I was practicing my, err, baseball swing on the way over to the t.v. when, umm, well, you see- I kind of accide-"

"EMMETT!! YOU BROKE CHARLIE'S T.V.!" And sure enough, Charlie's old 29 inch t.v. lay in pieces, sparks flying, on the living room floor. "What are we going to do?" I whined and screamed, furius, my head spinning.

"Gee Bella, I said I was sorry! Sheesh! It's no big deal, we'll just go buy him another!"

"Hmm...yeah, that would be a good idea- except for the fact that that t.v. is over 20 years old and we won't be able to get one like it anywhere in Forks! Charlie got that t.v. as a wedding gift when he married Renee... he is going to kill me!" I honestly had no idea how we were going to fix this problem. Charlie would be so mad he would turn purple in seconds, and would probably try to slip some rat poison into my dinner when I wasn't looking. He was always bragging about how the picture was still good, how out cable never went out, and how he had indeed gotten that t.v. as a wedding gift at his and Renee's wedding, and was never going to get rid of it!

"Please, Bella, there is an easy answer to fix the problem." He looked far too smug for his idea to lead to anything good.

"And that is?"

And in a tone that I swore could only belong to Alice, he exclaimed, "We're so totally going television shopping!"

With that, he drug me out the door, and we were on our way to whatever hell he was taking me to.


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