Remember Him?

Chapter 1



"When we found her, she was covered in kanji that said, 'Love' and she had hearts carved into her body."



"Is she gonna be okay?" A tear slid from his cheek as he clenched the hospital fabric. He looked at her frail, small body. He actually saw the carvings and he winced. "What made her like… this? Or rather, what made her do this?"

Tsunade hung her head down and petted Naruto's shoulder, "This is no longer a matter of what, who… is the answer."

Naruto felt his throat go dry. He felt his head spin. He immediately slipped out of her grip. He laughed, cold and dryly. A crooked smile consumed his childish face. Tsunade furrowed her brows and took a step back, hand on the monitor.

Naruto threw his hands up, "So the bastard finally decided to leave us?" He laughed again, and his eyes turned blood red. He clenched his hands so tight that he bled. Tears streamed from his eyes. "He knew what the 'was' to Sakura but he left otherwise?" He kicked a chair.

Tsunade sighed and tried to reach out and touch him. "You're in a hospital." He reminded him. His wild red chakra was faintly glowing out of his body.

He tensed but continued shouting, "Why the hell would he leave?" His voice was no longer his. "Why the hell would he want her to become… like…. Like this?" his voice reverted back to his childish tone, and he crumpled on the floor. "Why would he leave his best… only friends? His family?" He looked up and Tsunade with his clear blue eyes.

Tsunade stayed silent. He asked one more question.

"Is Sakura-chan gonna be alright?"



The white haired man burst out of his apartment. He hadn't bothered to lock the door or even bring his book. He just learned that one of his students had been hospitalized.

"Be alright. Dammit. Be alright!" He jumped atop of houses and headed towards the hospital. The dreaded hospital. He felt his heart flip, in a bad way.

He knew nothing more than that one of his students was in the hospital. He didn't know who, and what. He furrowed his eyebrows, "Sasuke? Naruto?" He questioned himself. For him to be called to the hospital must have meant something bad must have had happened.

He landed on Sakura's balcony. He realized, as he was jumping, that it was early in the morning and that Sakura probably would need to be woken up. He knocked on the balcony door, and it opened.

He gasped and felt like he got kicked in the stomach.

He opened the door and he got a bloody, bloody mess.




Naruto remained crouched on the floor, looking up at the Hokage. His eyes lost his bright color. His voice was hoarse and he knew. "She's barely alive isn't she?"

Tsunade nodded and quietly spoke, "When I was training her medical abilities, I taught her the vital spots. She carved herself in most of the places…" the clipboard in her hand suddenly snapped in half. "I should have told her I didn't have time to teach her." She cried now, "I rejected everyone else! Why couldn't I do the same for her?!" She kneeled down next to Naruto and cried out again. "Why does everyone near me die!?"

It got all quiet and the only noise way Tsunade's heavy breathing, the "beeping" of the monitors and Naruto's low swears.

Naruto hugged her and patted her back, "Why did you teach her then?" Tsunade got out of his grasp and stood up, picking up the clipboard. She smiled softly, "Because she reminded me of myself." She forced a laugh, "We were both physically weak, but we were smart." She pulled at her hair, "I just wanted her to be strong for once."

Naruto smiled and said a small, "Thank you." Tsunade smiled too and sighed, "In a minute, your sensei will be late. Typical."

Just then the door busted opened revealing a tired Kakashi with a heavy heart. "Is she alright?" The words he had prepared himself to say were still as crackily and he rehearsed it.

He looked at Naruto, who was currently holding Sakura's hand. Kakashi watched the way he lovingly stroked her teammate's hand. Naruto whispered, as if Sakura was awake, "She's barely holding on."

Kakashi nodded and looked at Tsunade. She was looking at her broken clipboard. "Let me talk to you outside." She walked out of the room, taking heavy steps. Kakashi followed and noticed the horrified face Naruto had.



Tsunade closed the door and looked at Kakashi. They both looked a little more tired than usual.

Kakashi scratched his head and asked, "What happened?" Tsunade scrunched her face and looked away.

"The bad things out number the good." Tsunade admitted looking down at her feet. The room felt a little anxious and tense.

Kakashi nodded. Tsunade sighed at his speechlessness and said, "Okay, Sakura is in this current state because Uchiha Sasuke, has left Konoha." Kakashi stared at his fisted hand and mumbled a low curse.

Tsunade put her hand on his shoulder, "Good news is that, she is currently stable, but…" Tears started sliding down her face. Kakashi put both of his hands on her shoulders and took a deep breath, "As long as she'll be okay…"

Tsunade shook her head and in a hoarse voice she whispered, "No, she's not okay. Kakashi, she won't remember anything."

Kakashi leaned on the wall and slid down. He covered his already covered face with his hands. A tear rolled down his cheek, "Dammit, Sasuke. Don't you know?"



Naruto sat by the unconscious Sakura. He stroked her hair, and traced a heart shaped cut on her lip. "Sakura-chan?" He lightly tapped her forehead. "I know you can hear me."

He smiled weakly and held her face to look at him. "You're gonna be alright, okay?" He laughed, "Because you're a tough girl! Remember when you fought Ino?" Tears streamed down his face as he smiled, "You broke through her weird jutsu!"

He leaned into her ear and paused. The smile on his face was no longer there. The tears were frozen for a moment and all he whispered was, "I know you're there. I know Sakura-chan is there. Why aren't you letting her wake up?"

Quiet consumed the moment temporarily. Naruto just waited patiently and watched Sakura's features.

Her eyes flickered open. Her mouth twitched and without thinking, or it seemed so, the rosette haired girl sat up.

Naruto gasped and stepped back as soon as he saw her move. He held his hand to his mouth and said, "You're not Sakura-chan."

The "girl" smiled at him with her big black eyes. "I know."

Naruto walked towards the bed slowly, again, and pushed on, "Then why… why are you… her?"

The "Sakura" lay back down and closed her eyes, a smile spread across her face, "I just want you to know, that 'Sakura-chan' is fine."

Naruto's eyes brightened and he ran up to Sakura, he hugged her. He cried into her shirt. His heart almost stopped when he heard the heart monitor speed up.

Kakashi and Tsunade walked into the room to see…

Sakura was sitting up on the bed, her eyes were bright and green. Naruto was looking out the window. And in the faint reflection, you could see his tears and his now gray eyes.

Sakura looked at them and tilted her head.

"Who are you?"

Tsunade dropped her clipboard and her pen. Kakashi slid down the wall again and buried his face in his hands again.

Dammit Sasuke!

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