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Yuuri could not breathe. A baseball sock was serving as a gag and his baseball jersey kept his hands tied above his head. His uniform was still dirty from his first college game. His coach had said he simply wanted to talk to Yuuri about his performance in the game. They had talked and all his teammates had left.

Standing his coach patted him on the shoulder and asked if he wanted some water from the cooler. Yuuri had nodded; already engrossed in the book his coach was letting him borrow. He was too distracted to notice his coach slip something in his drink. Yuuri was too caught up in his thoughts to realize that the pendant he wore under his clothes was vibrating dangerously. He failed to observe the way his coach had started to perspire watching him drink the water. Yuuri would have known something was up when his coach began to remove his jersey and let his eyes mentally undress Yuuri.

Yuuri realized too late. As the book slipped from his boneless fingers and he began to slide out of the chair. He just managed to concentrate on breathing. His coach smiled at him as Yuuri struggled to fight the drug taking away his mobility. Sweaty hands pulled his jersey up to reveal his slightly sculpted chest. The jersey kept his wrists out of the way. His pants and jock strap were simply removed. His coach was humming as he removed the jock strap and lifted it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, smiling dreamily at Yuuri.

Yuuri tried to be someone, somewhere else as his once beloved coach pounded into him repeatedly, slamming and grunting. His sweat dropping off his forehead and landing like little brands all over Yuuri's body. Yuuri tried to relax knowing it would hurt worse if he struggled or tensed. It did not get easier.

Finally, when his coach finished he was released. His coach helped him stand in the shower and talked to him as he cleaned him up. Making sure every part of his body was clean. The coach led him to his locker and dressed him carefully. Smiling the coach gave the boy a peck on his forehead and a lighthearted punch on his shoulder saying he would see him tomorrow.

Yuuri was left standing in front of the building his bag slung over his shoulder. The pendant Konrad had given him was jerking violently under his shirt demanding his cooperation. Yuuri took it off and put it in his bag. His innocence was no longer intact, his body a husk of worthless flesh where his soul no longer resided. The part of him he had been saving for Wolfram no longer there. Arriving home, he went to his room and shut his eyes lying on his bed. A strong voice in his head tried to speak to him, begging him to listen but he shut down completely to cope.

This is how his friend, Murata Ken found him. Murata had been frantically trying to find Yuuri for hours. Murata had known something was wrong when his entire body went into blind panic mixed with apprehension for no reason hours earlier. The one thought that had been in the front of his mind the whole time was to find Yuuri. After locating him at last, every fiber of Murata's being still begged more from him. Save Yuuri! Every instinct in Ken's body was screaming, but he did nothing. He sat in complete silence next to the seemingly comatose body. Ken knew something horrible had happened.

Minutes turned into hours and Yuuri never moved or acknowledged the presence of another in his room. His family could not reach him. Finally, Ken knew that he was going to open a portal for them. Looking for the pendant and not seeing it around Yuuri's neck he went through the duffle bag containing his baseball gear and found it. Shakily he stared at the pendant, which had morphed from its normal blue color to one of the deepest red, a color of congealed blood. Facing Yuuri, he held the pendent up but Yuri would not acknowledge it or him. Ken began to shake violently the pendent trembling in his emotional state. Both boys were transported to the castle fountain.

Yuuri did not even flinch as his body was submerged in the water. He lay on the bottom of the fountain with the water above, breathing as he normally would. The screaming is what he heard first. He knew it was Gunter screaming. Yuuri was hoisted out of the fountain, unconscious, and his body seemingly lifeless. Wolfram, Konrad, Gwendal and a few others stood watching in horror as Gunter ran into the castle with the non-responsive King.

The sight that truly scared them more than the Maou was Murata himself. His toes were the only part of his body that rested just touching the water's surface. His hair had fanned out around his head in a dark halo. His whole body was rippling with emotions like the water he stood on was rippling from his motions. He held the normally blue pendant in his left hand. His right hand was covering his right eye under his glasses. Tears were falling down at a rapid pace but they were not tears of water. The tears were blood. As each tear hit the water, it began to turn red and the pendent swung ferociously back and forth. Ken threw his head back and screamed into the quickly darkening sky. Lightning crashed overhead and the rain poured. The blood tears ran faster.

Gunter looked out of the Maou's room window at the darkening sky. He heard the screaming and shivered as he realized that Yuuri was looking at him finally, his gaze impossible to read. Standing up from the bed, he had been laying on he walked slowly towards the frightened Gunter.

Gunter started to shake as he felt the Maou's power radiating through the air. Yuuri leaned his body down until his mouth was next to Gunter's ear and breathed for him to get out. Gunter shakily removed himself from his lord's presence and leaned back against the closed door.

The screaming became more amplified and glass began to shatter as the wind increased. Yuuri stood in his room with his ceremonial sword in hand. Turning the blade around and around in his hand, he watched the lightning's glow reflect off the blade's surface. The Maou inside him was not in control. His power was making itself known but Yuuri was in control of his own actions.

He watched the light from the blade dance knowing that he needed relief. He needed someone. He needed help. The Demon spirit inside him tried to take control again but Yuuri was a locked box. Nothing was getting through. Yuuri locked himself in the armoire wishing it all to be over and done with. He wanted to be home were he could deal with his situation in his own room.

The storm quieted, screaming stopped and everything became achingly still as Yuuri sat in the armoire and dealt with what had happened in silence. He did not want to talk to anyone here. No one should know about his problems. His ordeal he would deal with by himself for now. He was a king it was his job to protect and serve his people. He could not do that if they knew what had happened.

This resolution caused Yuuri to open the armoire doors and step out into the sunlight again. The room was filled with the bright light and Yuuri felt warm again. He was damaged, yes but not broken. He had a life to live and people who loved him. He would not take his own life over something that he had no control over. He needed to earn his death and so until then he would live to die.