In Their Footsteps

Jessie Frances Eames-Goren stood in Captain Mike Logan's office. It was her first day working for the man she had grown up knowing as her Uncle. Many people had been surprised when Mike Logan stayed on the force after her parents left. They were even more surprised when he had made Captain.

When he told her Father, Bobby had smiled and told him "I always knew you could do it once you calmed down Mike." Her Uncle had laughed and playfully hit his best friend on the shoulder.

Now as she waited in his office a picture caught her eye. Upon closer inspection she discovered it was of her parents. I've never seen this. She thought to herself as she leaned in to look at the picture.

It was of her parents at a crime scene. It looked as if they had finished surveying the scene and were looking over her Father's notes. Her Mother was leaning into her Father, so she could see his binder. The part that made her smile was while her Mother was looking at the notes; her Father was looking down at his partner, a look of pure happiness on his face.

"Hey there kiddo," Not hearing the door open, Jessie jumped at the sound of the voice and her hand flew to her chest.

"Jesus Uncle Mike, I didn't hear you!" She exclaimed.

Logan smiled as he hugged his goddaughter. "Sorry Jess." After they pulled apart he glanced at the picture. "I took that ya know."

She turned to look at it again. "Explains why I've never seen it before." Logan laughed. "I'm guessing Mom and Dad didn't know what you were doing?"

He shook his head. "Nope. So my dear, you ready to sign your life over to me?"

Jessie laughed. "Didn't that happen when I was born?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Come on kiddo, let's get this paper work done so I can buy you some lunch."

"Can't argue with that, Captain." Jessie said with a smirk as she followed her Uncle to his desk.


A.N. The character of Jessie belongs to me. She's what I think a Goren-Eames child would be like.