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Summary: When Naruto was a child he never got sick, never had a fever, or even a cold. No, it wasn't because of Kyuubi, it was because of his newly developed bloodline. Uzumaki Naruto had the power to control bacteria which caused diseases in humans.

Beginnings, assassins and friends

Three year old Uzumaki Naruto lived alone, in a small apartment allotted to him by the Hokage. He had no neighbors. They had long since moved away ever since the day he moved in. That day also brought about the sudden moving of the people in surrounding buildings. No one wanted to live near the demon child who had the strange and deadly ability to control diseases. Yes, Uzumaki Naruto the vessel for the nine tailed fox demon, Kyuubi, had a bloodline, and one that no one had ever heard of before. It was new, but deadly.

It wasn't always this way though, before he had lived somewhere else.

Ever since he was a baby he had lived in a special room in the hospital. Basically he was a bubble boy. He couldn't come into direct contact with anyone, since the people he touched would suddenly develop a sudden fever or flu. He was handled with the best of care, like a atom bomb waiting to go off. Not all things were bad though. He got visitors who would teach him things from books and models. These books although very entertaining for Naruto, weren't your everyday children books, no they were medical books. The doctors and scientists the Hokage had hired to tutor the blond were very surprised by how fast the boy had devoured the books and were soon showing him higher level books. Many hailed the boy as a prodigy in the fields of Virology and Bacteriology. These people would then plead with the Hokage to let them take the blond under their tutelage, as an apprentice. The Hokage although pleased by the blonds progress, had to deny their requests stating that the boy had already chosen what he wanted to be when he grew up. When asked, he told then that Naruto wanted to be a ninja. Although little disappointed they immediately went back to teaching the blond anything and everything they could before their time with the blond was cut short.

After these lessons Naruto would have other lessons involving his bloodline. He would have to practice infecting animals with different diseases and regulate the amount he infected the animal with. This way he could easily infect a person with a disease and regulate the amount he put in them without killing them. After successfully learning this he moved on to taking a disease out of an already infected animal. Once the Hokage deemed Naruto able enough to control his bloodline he got him an apartment to live in, and that is where our story starts.


It was a beautiful night in Konoha, the stars were out, people were sleeping in their warm beds, ninja were out doing their patrols, and in one apartment three year old Uzumaki Naruto stood looking down at a man dying of a Epidemic Typhus disease. After the man stopped moving the blond haired boy picked up his fallen stuffed bunny. He held it to his chest and climbed back into bed, ignoring the body laying on his bedroom floor. Somebody will come pick it up in the morning. They always did.

The next morning Naruto woke up to find two men in contamination suits lifting the dead assassin into a body bag. The two looked at him and waved. "Good morning Yama-san and Yobi-san." He greeted in return. He knew these two, they were the ones who came by every morning to get rid of the highly contaminated bodies of the people who tried to assassinate him. One of the men chuckled. "So what did you hit this one with?" Naruto smiled and happily replied. "Epidemic Typhus!" The two laughed. "Well that's a new one, well we better go dispose of this, we'll see you after Naruto." The blond nodded. "Bye" The two men left with their burden.

Naruto happily skipped into his kitchen and made himself breakfast, today he was going to try and make a friend! He tried before but all the parents had quickly grabbed their children and ran away. It wasn't his fault he had a deadly bloodline! He was the only one to have such a power, not even the Sandaime heard of a clan who wielded the power to command bacteria. So he was the first of his kind, unfortunately the council didn't see fit to grant him the title of clan head but that was alright. He didn't need or want to sit on a council full of boring old men. The only thing he wanted was to have a friend and maybe one day to have a family.

So he went out to once again try to find a friend killing any assassins he came across in the process and ignoring the villagers who backed away from him holding cloths to their mouths. Silly people don't they realize he could easily use the bacteria already in their bodies to kill them? Of course not they were stupid. He had a happy smile on his face as he walked down the streets giving certain rude people sudden colds, or fevers, he even gave on man a bad case of the runs. Giggling, he walked into the park and looked around at the children playing.

Already though he could see the parent's spotting him and calling for their children. He spotted one child who didn't have any parent's calling out to him. It was a boy with long braided hair and wearing a dark blue Chinese style outfit. He grinned and walked up to the boy who was swinging slowly on a swing looking longingly out at the other children playing. Naruto had almost made it to the other boy when a panicked adult grabbed the boy from the swing and held the startled child in her arms. Naruto frowned. "Get away from him you monster!" She hissed. Naruto pouted. "I only want to play" He took a step towards her. "Stay away I won't have you killing an innocent child with your demonic powers!" The boy struggled in her grip. "Let me go! You're hurting me!" Indeed she was, she was digging her pointy nails into his ribs. Naruto scowled. "Let him go, you're hurting him." She shook her head and began to back away.

Naruto caught the other boy's panicked and pain filled gaze. No way was that woman going to take away a new friend. So he concentrated on giving her a sudden flu. The woman stopped suddenly and bent over releasing the boy who ran away from her and towards Naruto. The woman threw up, making the bystanders grimace and look away. By then the dark haired youth was already smiling and talking with Naruto. "Hey thanks for saving me from that crazy lady. What did you do to her?" He asked curiously. The blond grinned. "I have the power to control bacteria which causes diseases." The other boy's eyes widened. "Wow! That's so cool! Hey you want to play?" Naruto nodded. "Sure, I'm Uzumaki Naruto by the way." The other boy grinned. "Rock Lee" The two then proceeded to play ignoring the crowd of people who were helping the woman up and taking her to the hospital or the others who warned their children to stay away from the two, before taking them home, leaving the two happy children playing in the empty park.


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