Author's Note

Hello my dear readers sorry for not being on lately updating but I've been revising the stories I currently have up. I have to fix them up a bit and since some are very long I've been spending quite a lot of time double and triple checking them. I have also been working on several new stories which I won't be posting until they're finished. This way I can post chapter by chapter without any long periods of waiting for you all. Like you are now lol

On a plus side I've been writing new chapters for Redeeming past evil's, The triple troublemakers and Double Trouble, which are half finished. I just got to make sure they're almost to perfection lol

The others Hidden in the vents, Unusual Runaway, and Control will have to wait since I'm dissecting them.

Well I suppose that's all for now. Oh! Also I've been reading some of your suggestions and I gotta say I like them! Hehe! Thank you all for helping me.

Oh and thanks for being patient with me :D

Sincerely: Uzumakiblood