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Quite some time had passed since the last battle with…well…anyone. Sonic, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Knuckles, and the rest of them had been left with nothing to do in the field of fighting. Amy proposed that they go on vacation.

Knuckles was, of course, too busy guarding the Master Emerald. Charmy, Vector, and Espio were too busy dealing with the duties of the Chaotics. Shadow had disappeared.

However, Tails liked the idea, wanting to take some time off to relax and improve on the X-Tornado (as if he hadn't been doing that already). Sonic had a different opinion on matter, not wanting to leave civilization. He was still sure that Eggman was going to attack at any moment, despite the fact that Tails had him under surveillance and would be aware of any new plot as soon as it happened.

In the end, of course, Sonic lost. He had little choice but to go with Amy and Tails(thanks in no small part to Amy, who told Sonic that it was either relaxation or hammer).

"WOW!!" exclaimed Tails with a somewhat childish joy, as he looked at the massive structure before him.

"Well well well, this is different," responded Sonic, seemingly impressed with structure. Amy remained silent, also gazing at the building.

The building in question was an ancient coliseum that had been found fairly recently. It rose four stories above the ground, with an unknown number of underground floors. The walls were made of gray stone which was crumbling from the untold number of years of environmental abuse. One part of the outer wall had collapsed, reviling the interior of the coliseum, which was not in the best of conditions.

It was completely abandoned.

"Whad'a say, little buddy? Wana go inside and have a look around?"

"Yea!" responded Tails.

The trio made their way to the entrance, and proceeded inside. Tails was obviously enjoying himself as he looked around, thinking.

"Well, what are you doing here?" asked a very familiar voice. Tails didn't hear the voice, too busy gazing out into the arena. Amy and Sonic both turned to face the speaker, Amy drawing her hammer. When she saw who it was, she quickly put it back.

"SHADOW!!" she yelled happily, nearly tackling him. He sidestepped her, letting her fall to the floor. "Jerk," she muttered under her breath.

"We could ask you the sa-" started Sonic.


"I was drawn here by my Chaos Emerald. It started to react strangely when I came by here, so I decided to check it out. You?" Amy's expression went from mad to madder. She was not going to be ignored. She drew her hammer again, and prepared to swing it between the two hedgehogs. Tails had taken notice of Shadow's presence, but said nothing, being more interested in the readings being given off by his computer.

As Amy swung her hammer, Shadow and Sonic both backed away a little. She was gripping at both Sonic and Shadow. Tails' turned white, looking at his computer. The argument, or fight, depending on which way it was viewed, slowly grew less and less apparent as Tails stared at the computer, his eyes fixed on a particular readout. There was something moving below them, and was huge.

"Um…guys…" muttered the fox. Sonic, Amy, and Shadow all looked his way, Amy's hammer caught in Shadow's hand, just inches from his face.

"What's up?" asked Sonic.

"I…I don't really know." responded the fox.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" asked Amy, still slightly annoyed, though concern was forming in her voice.

"There is something below us, but I don't know what it is. It's moving…and it's really big." Shadow let go of Amy's hammer, causing her to once more fall to the ground, and walked over to Tails. He looked at the screen. His normally emotionless face faded away. It was replaced with an emotion that was between curiosity and worry. However, this was replaced by his normal expression.

"I know what that is. It's some kind of huge machined. I have no idea what it's used for." said Shadow, crossing his arms. Without saying a word, Sonic rushed off in a blur, returning before Amy's dress had time to settle back down.

"There are some stairs on the other side of the stadium." he told the others. It was already decided. They were going down below the stadium to look at the machine.

Shadow led the way, obviously knowing where he was going. He informed the others that he had been here for a few days exploring the inner workings of the coliseum.

As they got closer to the room that held the machine, Tails stopped, giving his watch a funny look.

"It's stopped working," he reported. But why? The battery couldn't be dead.

Shadow stopped, and turned to his left, and went down another flight of stairs. They were in terrible condition, and almost had to be jumped down. Another floor came into view, but Shadow ignored it, continuing down another flight. They were now four floors below the floor of the arena.

"Sonic, I'm scarred."

"Scared? Of what? What is there to be scared down here, Amy?"

"I don't know. Something just doesn't seem right." Amy grabbed Sonic's hand with both of hers, and continued to follow him.

Shadow walked into the room, looking up into the darkness. His eyes allowed him too see just fine. The others couldn't tell what was in there until Tails got out a flashlight. He turned it on, but it only stayed lit for a few seconds.

"What? Not you too." complained Tails, putting his flashlight back in his backpack, along with his computer.

Suddenly, the entire building shook. Above them, they could hear the sounds of the coliseum collapsing and crashing down.

"What the hell?" was all Shadow managed to ask before the roof caved in, nearly killing Sonic. They could now see somewhat. Sonic helped Amy and Tails up. Amy was bleeding a little from her head, just above her left eye. Tails seemed fine. "GET ON THE GROUND!!"

Sonic and Tails both dove to the ground, along with Shadow. Amy, however, remained standing. Looking up, she saw a huge creature that resembled a giant dragon, come through a wall.

The dragon, for that is what it was, was at least 70 feet long. It was about the same color as the green grass that was growing outside of the coliseum, but slightly darker. It had huge wings that looked to be made of leather, and several large spikes growing out of it's body.

It looked down into the pit that was once a room, and jumped down, looking for it's prey. Sonic pulled Amy down and under a large rock before getting ready to attack with Shadow. However, none of them had any idea just what the dragon's prey was.

As it came closer, Sonic flew out from his hiding place, and hit the dragon in the head with a spin attack seemed to have little effect. Shadow let out a massive Chaos blast that did considerably more damage than Sonic's spin attack, though it was not a fatal blow, or anything even close. The dragon hit Sonic with one of it's clawed feet. Shadow managed to avoid the attack meant for him, but only because Sonic had gotten in the way. Now, Sonic was trying to pull himself out of the rubble that he had landed in.

"Sonic!" Amy rushed out of her hiding place to go help her blue hero.

"Oh great," muttered Shadow. Now he would have to protect her to. Stupid girl.

The dragon, however, had another agenda. Right as Shadow was getting ready to hit it, it turned it's head to some movement in one of the now exposed hallways. The dragon took the hit from Shadow, and hit him back with an almost casual movement of it's tail. The dragon dove into the hallway, tearing it up even more, chasing after who knew what. Shadow followed the dragons' movement, ignoring the blow from it. What is it after?

Amy and Tails were looking at Sonic, trying to help him up. He had managed to pull himself up out of the rubble, but only managed to take a few steps before falling face first. He hadn't moved since then, obviously hurt fairly badly. Amy got down on her knees beside Sonic, trying not to panic.

"Sonic…are you ok?" Her voice was filled with concern.

"Amy," was all he whispered before passing out.

"NO! SONIC! DON'T DIE!" Tails didn't seem as worried as she was, but worried none-the-less. As far as he could tell, nothing was broken. Amy didn't seem to care, however.

"Shadow! Teleport us out of here! Sonic is hurt badly, and needs to go to the hospital." Shadow heard her words, and started over in her direction. A loud crashing sound could be heard, followed by what could have been an explosion. The sounds were getting closer now.

Shadow broke off into an all out run, trying to get over to the others. He didn't particularly want to help Sonic, but at the same time, he didn't want to leave them here. He heard Maria's words again. He heard his promise to help those in need.

"Stupid faker," he muttered under his breath. But before he could make it there, he heard a wall shatter.

Tails looked up when he heard the wall shatter. Something came flying though the wall at a very high speed. It flew for a few seconds before hitting Shadow and knocking him over.

Shadow looked up into the eyes of a very, very scary looking fox. The fox got up, turning to face the dragon as it came through the wall. The dragon let out a roar, and charged at the fox. Shadow moved to the side, getting ready to hit the dragon.

"You motherfucker," the fox said very softly, though he was breathing heavily. "DIE!!"

A white light blinded Shadow, Amy, and Tails. Sonic was knocked out. The fox seemed to be the source of the light. Suddenly, a massive explosion sent everyone flying into the walls. It was too bright to see anything, and the roar of the explosion was deafening. The shockwave from the explosion had knocked Amy and Tails out. Sonic's condition didn't change.

As the light dissipated, Shadow saw the fox standing in a crater, somewhat crouched over, breathing very heavily. It's head was facing the ground. The fox fell to his knees, then forward onto his hands. From there, it hit the ground.

The dragon was no more.

Shadow looked at the fox before passing out.

Authors note: Feel free to respond as you like. It's a work in progress.