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Chapter One: Return to the Gameboard

"Rain. Rain, wake up. We're here…. Back on Earth." Domon Kasshu whispered gently into the ear of the beautiful brunette who was currently sleeping in his arms. Of course she would be exhausted, he thought. His teeth clenched together in rage as he recalled the image of Rain inside the Dark Gundam. She looked so helpless and fragile compared to the massive evil monster she was put into. Ulube had forced her into the Dark Gundam and Domon had nearly lost Rain forever.

The King of Hearts shuddered and tightened his hold on her. He would never let her go again. They had promised to stay together forever. His eyes closed and a smile played at his lips as he remembered how exactly he had saved Rain.

Sitting in his gundam while the Dark Gundam continued its attack, Domon had lost all hope of saving Rain. How could he possibly destroy the Dark Gundam with Rain inside of it? Destroying the gundam would mean sacrificing Rain's life and that was one sacrifice Domon could not make. On the other hand, if he allowed the Dark Gundam to live while using Rain as its energy source, the entire world would be destroyed. It had been hopeless and seeing that Rain didn't want him to come closer, Domon was ready to lose.

Suddenly Allenby came to Domon and told him to tell Rain the truth- that he loved her. He mouth had hung open with astonishment. Just tell her 'I love you.' Was that all that was really needed to break Rain free?

Standing tall with the blazing blasts of red-orange fire around him, Domon had reached out to Rain yelling that he wanted her and loved her. But how could she have not known that? How could she have not have known how much he needed her? With a pang of guilt he realized he never treated her the way she deserved. For the past year, he barely acknowledged her as his partner let alone his childhood best friend.

But somehow she was always able to forgive and overlook his arrogant, rude behavior. Even when he had thought she would never return to him, she surprised him and responded to his plea. When Domon had screamed her name, the wires holding Rain inside the Dark Gundam broke apart and she launched into the air. Domon felt light-headed as he saw Rain freed from the Dark Gundam, screaming for him. With a quick grab at his signature red cloak, he jumped into the air and wrapped the cloak around Rain's naked body, shielding it from others' eyes.

Somewhere along their way back to Earth, Rain had fallen asleep in Domon's arms, with a serene smile on her face.

Domon couldn't help smiling gently as well when he saw her. Her closed eyelids kept the cerulean blue irises hidden from him as she continued to slumber peacefully. Domon finally had a chance to really look at Rain and not have to worry about being caught staring. A heated blush suddenly found its way onto Domon's cheeks as he remembered the time in the Guyana Highlands when Sai Sachi pulled up Rain's dress. After yelling at Sai Sachi, Rain had turned around to find that Domon had seen everything.

Domon had merely turned around from his training when he heard Sai Sachi yelling down the cliff. And in his defense, Domon hadn't really paid attention to Sai Sachi pulling up Rain's dress. No. However he couldn't stop staring as Rain's expression changed from one of astonishment to embarrassment to anger. All he could think was, she's so beautiful. Even with her scowling at him, even with him blushing from her accusations of peeking, he couldn't think straight when he really looked at her.

He could still see that the kindness and generosity of his childhood best friend was present, and even stronger, in the woman she had become. But she had changed. He never really thought of Rain as more than his best friend when they were younger. Perhaps that was because they were only children. Their parents always teased them when they asked when the wedding would be.

When Domon had returned as an adult, he could hardly believe his eyes as he and Rain were reunited. She was beautiful and her kind-hearted personality only added to her beauty. Dark brown hair swept back with a headband allowed her wide blue eyes to be seen. An angel's smile played on her face as she laughed at Domon's astonished expression. 'It's been awhile, hasn't it Domon?' was what she had said to him. But he didn't need distractions. Since then, Domon threw himself completely into his mission of stopping Kyoji and saving his father. He was indifferent to Rain.

Of course it was foolish. Domon knew that now. The year they spent together was a year of tears and heartache. For both of them. Domon had truly lost himself in the Gundam Fight and Rain was the only one there that could save him from himself. But he was rude and pushy towards her. In the end, there was no point in denying that he had feelings for her. He wanted to tell her on the morning of the finals, but instead he promised to tell her as soon as the fight was over, when there was nothing tying them back, when they would be free to be together. He wanted to tell her privately. Instead his victory brought more heartache. He had lost both Kyoji and Master Asia in the finals and Rain had left Earth to return to the colonies, only to be put into the Dark Gundam. How ironic that when he finally told Rain he loved her, he said it in front of the entire world! So much for privacy, he thought wryly. But it didn't matter. As much as he wanted to tell Rain about his feelings privately, telling the world felt a million times better.

Breaking out of his reverie, Domon saw that Rain did not want to wake up. She buried her head into Domon's chest as he tried to wake her and mumbled, "Just 10 more minutes Domon. Seriously, is it sunrise already?"

Domon smirked lightly. During the Gundam Fight he had insisted on waking up at sunrise to train. Of course that meant that he wanted Rain up at sunrise to work on Burning Gundam. He had complained about Rain's low blood pressure keeping her in bed for so long that Rain finally became so exasperated and she bet she could wake up just as early as Domon. This had an interesting outcome. Domon was trained to wake up at sunrise so it was second nature for him. Rain on the other hand set half a dozen alarm clocks around her bed to wake her. Every morning she would trudge past Domon with a sour expression on her face while he smiled at her brightly.

Upon hearing Rain's sigh of content, Domon decided to carry Rain to her bed inside of Han's boat. He was never one for fancy hotels and had declined the numerous offers from the hotels who wanted to thank him for saving Earth. He accepted their thanks and strode by them, walking swiftly and carefully with the beautiful woman in his arms.

Gently placing her onto the small bed in the cabin of the boat, Domon's fingers carefully brushed a stray piece of Rain's hair away from her face. He leaned toward her, marveling at her beauty again. Hesitantly, he lifted his hand to brush his fingers across her cheek. Then quiet as a mouse, Domon turned away to allow Rain to sleep. A smile tugged on her lips.

On the deck of the boat the Shuffle Alliance members sat talking and laughing. It had been a long year for all of them and now that it was all over, they could finally relax.

After they had returned to Earth, Chibodee, George, Sai Sachi, and Argo quickly went to Han's boat to see Domon and inquire how Rain was doing. When they found that she was fast asleep, they decided to stay until she awoke.

"I say we do something fun!" The Neo-America Gundam Fighter, Chibodee suddenly exclaimed. His bright eyes shone with excitement.

"Oh no. Chibodee, your idea of 'fun' roughly translates to doing something illegal or getting arrested," George, the Neo-France fighter, shook his head with clear disapproval.

"Hey! That's not true!" Chibodee fiercely replied.

All of the fighters rose an eyebrow and looked at him.

Sheepishly he sighed. "Oh alright! So my parties and ideas get us in a little trouble…."

"A little?! You call sending Natasha a Playboy bunny outfit a little trouble?" Argo asked exasperated. He shuddered when he remembered that day when Natasha had begun firing at the FedEx delivery man.

"Ahahaha, sorry about that buddy. Anyway no, I mean some honest, good ol' fun. Come on guys! When was the last time we had fun? We didn't! Not really anyway. Okay, okay so the Gundam Fight was sorta fun. But let's have some natural fun!" Chibodee's delight seemed to influence only the youngest member of the alliance, Neo-China's Sai Sachi.

Sai Sachi was sitting on the edge of his seat, intently listening to Chibodee's argument. He nodded his head excitably. "Yeah guys think about it! We only have so much time over here together before our colonies want us back to congratulate us and stuff. Besides a little bit of fun never hurt anyone."

"Speak for yourself," Argo muttered under his breath. "But I will join you."

"As will I. Some recreation is something we all need right now," George said, nodding.

Domon shook his head slowly. "I don't know guys…"

"Don't know about what?" A soft voice questioned from behind Domon's seat.

"Rain! It's nice to see ya, babe!" Chibodee winked at the brunette.

"Madame Rain, I hope you are feeling better?" George hastily got to his feet and offered Rain his chair.

"How ya doing sis?" Sai Sachi smiled at the older woman.

Argo nodded towards Rain.

Domon gazed at Rain. She looked well rested and back to her normal self.

"Thank you all for the concern. I'm feeling much better. I was just tired. Who knew the Dark Gundam could take so much out of you?" Rain joked lightly.

Domon looked down, his fist clenched. He hated to think of anything that hurt Rain.

"Well we were just trying to convince Domon here to loosen up and have some fun!" Chibodee smiled at Rain. "Maybe you could help us…?"

"Help you do what exactly Chibodee?" The four feisty girls who made up his crew ran over to Chibodee and threw their arms around him.

"Yes we would all like to know what exactly the Shuffle Alliance is planning to do now." Natasha's strict voice carried over as she marched over with the princess of Neo-France closely behind her as well as Sai Sachi's friend, Cecile.

"Well I was trying to get Domon to agree to hang out with us and have a little fun but he's no having it. We can make it interesting actually…. Hmm yeah that would definitely make things interesting!" Chibodee was suddenly deep in thought, his forehead scrunched up as he concentrated on whatever plan was being concocted in his head. "Okay here's the deal. How about whatever game we play, we make teams. Say guys versus girls?" A wicked grin crossed his face. This will be perfect for some alone time with some lucky woman, he thought.

Domon shook his head swiftly and answered immediately. "I think that's a bad idea."

Chibodee's mouth hung open. "Wait! Why not?!"

Confidently Domon replied, "Well it wouldn't be much of a competition, would it? I mean five gundam fighters against the girls? Even with there being eight of them, it would hardly be fair and realistic to think they can beat the Shuffle Alliance."

Eight pairs of eyes glared at the Neo-Japan fighter. Rain was the first to speak.

"Domon, no one said it would have to be a gundam fight. Sure you're all exceptional gundam fighters, but Chibodee never said the games were gundam fights."

"That's right. And believe me, Domon Kasshu, us women can hold our own." Natasha voice rang out authoritatively.

"Yeah there won't be gundam fights, that's hardly fair. But there will be plenty of other games. And the ladies seem fairly confident in their abilities. Let's let them show us what they've got." Chibodee turned towards the people around the circle and proceeded to point to each one. When everyone else had agreed, he turned to slowly point at Rain.

"Of course," she answered surely. "This is what we need. Some fun."

The finger moved until it rested on Domon. All the eyes followed to see what the King of Hearts would say.

"What's wrong, Domon? Afraid of some friendly competition?" Rain smirked slightly at Domon.

Domon glared back and then relaxed his jaw into a sneer. "Of course not. May the best men, or women, win."

Chibodee clapped his hands together. "Well that's that! Let the games begin!"

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