Oddities of a 001 and an Empty-Headed Rocker

Oddities of a 001 and an Empty-Headed Rocker

By: Potter Puppet Pals

Summary: A series of drabbles for the extremely odd and not-really-thought-about pairing, Newt Livingston and Jason Stickler. Fluffiness ensues.

Pairing(s): Main pairing is Newt/Jason. Other pairings that may occur are Meena/Cory and Sophie/Newt.

Rating: T, for slash. If you do not like boy/boy pairings, WTF are reading for? I don't want any complaints that it's gross. Nothing graphic will happen, I assure you. These kids are in like…middle school.



Newt Livingston waved his arm behind him, attempting to dismiss his interrupter.


He shushed the person again. He was trying to concentrate.

"Newt, snap out of it!" Fingers were snapping in his face, and Newt blinked. He whirled around and gave his friend Cory Baxter an impatiently questioning look.

"Kinda busy here!" he said. Cory rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, busy staring into space," he said. "I was gonna ask you something, but clearly it's not important enough." Cory looked sarcastically offended, but his feelings weren't all that wounded. Newt sighed.

"Sorry, dude," he said. "I'm just trying out the love at first sight thing."

"Again?" said Cory, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah," said Newt, nodding earnestly. "'Cause last time it didn't really work out so well, because I sort of fell in love with your little drag show…"

"Newt, we don't have to go back there," said Cory quickly. "Anyway, you were saying?"

"Well, I want to try again!" said Newt, using his hands to talk. "I went out with some girls, but it didn't really work out, you know? I just asked 'em without really knowing if I liked 'em or not."

Cory nodded, mulling this over. "Right…and just picking out a girl from the crowd will tell you if you really like her or not?"

Newt shrugged. "Bells will go off in my head. I hardly have to think."

Cory opened his mouth to respond, then closed it and shook his head. Newt looked back around at the crowd occupying the quad. Clumps of girls stood chatting and giggling, and groups of boys stood talking and roughhousing. Girls passed him left and right, and Newt sighed. No one stood out. No bells.

Frustrated, Newt furrowed his brow and looked harder. Surely someone out there was for him. His eyes roamed over the students, taking in each and every girl. He ignored the boys that were scattered about, as they were unimportant. He even took a look at his other best friend, Meena, who was standing uncomfortably by Jason Stickler as he once again tried to be suave with her. He internally laughed as he imagined what his tactics were today. His gaze took in his professionally (yet dorky) sharp outfit of a tucked-in white Oxford shirt and tie.

A merry round of angelic bells rang in his ears, echoing throughout his head, reaching the darkest, emptiest reaches of his mind. Newt blinked and shook his head vigorously, his entire body shuddering as though doused in cold water.

"Jeez, everybody, turn off your cell phones!" he shouted. The quad went quiet, and several people turned to peer curiously at him. Cory's hand was on his shoulder.

"Newt, man, what's your problem?" he demanded in a hushed tone as the crowd resumed their conversations. "No cell phones were ringing!"

Newt spluttered in indignant disbelief. "Well, there had to be a cell phone ringing! How else would you explain the bells in my head?"

"What?" Cory said, looking confused and annoyed at his friend.

"Bells went off in my head when I looked at Stickler," Newt said. "Not awesome!"

Cory stared at him. "So you think your love at first sight is Stickler?" This was awkward…

"Only if there really weren't any phones ringing…" Newt said.

"Well, there weren't," said Cory, inching uneasily away from Newt. "I'll bet you've got a lot to think about. Was that the bell? Oops, I'm sure it was; don't wanna be late. See ya!" And he promptly sped away. Newt looked after him, deflating a little.

Newt looked back at where Stickler and Meena had been standing before, but no one was there. Meena must've gone off to chat with girlfriends.

"So, Livingston!"

Newt yelped and spun around to see Stickler standing behind him, and amused, cocky grin on his face. A tiny ringing pling! sounded in Newt's ears, but he forcefully ignored it.

"Uh. 'Sup." He found himself admiring the uncharacteristic looseness of his tie, and jerked his eyes back up to Stickler's face.

"That was an odd outburst you had just a minute ago," he said, raising an eyebrow, the smirk still in place. "Is your empty head finally caving in?"

"Um," said Newt, the insult not registering. "I don't think so."

"Re-he-heally?" said Stickler. "Something certainly freaked Baxter out, and my Meena went after him." He crossed his arms. "Something I should know?"

"She's not yours," Newt said uncomfortably. The comment stung. Stickler still looked expectant. "Did you put a bell bug in my ears?"

Stickler's smile vanished, a confused frown in place. "What?"

"One of your crazy James Bond gizmo things!" Newt said, looking into Stickler's suddenly handsome face with a hint of resentment. "Did you put something in my ears that makes me hear bells?"

"What are you talking about, Livingston?" said Stickler. "Your tiny brain must've caved in after all. Usually your nonsense has a little bit of sense behind it. Bells?"

"Is that a no?" said Newt.

"Apparently," said Stickler, his bafflement aligned with irritation.

Newt stared at him. Stickler certainly seemed sincere.

"There were bells in my head," Newt stated. Stickler raised an eyebrow.

"I was expecting tumbleweeds and a couple of cobwebs, but whatever," he said, shrugging. He eyed Newt suspiciously. "You're not worth my time, Livingston. Stickler out." And with that last lame sign-off, he turned and strode away.

Newt had never pondered the guys-liking-guys situation, and he wasn't sure how to approach it. The bells had rung in his head at the sight of Stickler. The way Stickler had said "my Meena" had irritated him. And he was looking seriously hot—ahem, very attractive.

Newt stroked his chin as he made his way to his next class when the bell rang. Homosexuality was a touchy topic among society. If he did turn out to roll that way—Newt wasn't sure, but he had a hunch that feeling those feelings for Stickler weren't exactly in the norm—problems would probably follow.

He stared at the floor passing beneath him for a few moments, then smiled to himself.

He could deal with it.

A/N: Newt wasn't exactly stupid enough in this first chapter, in my opinion. : But the situation didn't really call for it, I suppose.

By the way, it's rather odd, even to me, for me to write something for this particular show. I don't like Disney Channel (they totally disgraced the name of Walt Disney. D:) and yet I'm writing a fic for it. But I do have a soft spot for Cory and the House, and I think it has a lot of potential but not enough recognition.

Oh, and these drabbles don't go in chronological order or anything. One chapter might be full of "onoez I'm gay D:" from Newt, and another might be a cutesy little couple moment between him and Jason. So don't get confused. xD