A/N: Ok this is my first try at a Kyouya and Haruhi couple I've been reading their fanfics lately and have fallen in love with

A/N: Ok this is my first try at a Kyouya and Haruhi couple I've been reading their fanfics lately and have fallen in love with them :D So please enjoy this one!

Chapter 1 Napping for the Sick

Haruhi trudged grudgingly towards the band room where the host club entertained the girls of the school. She was arriving early today in some small hope of peace before she was forced into her entertaining duties to pay off an insane dept that Kyouya just added to each day. She often wondered if the Shadow King secretly hated her. He sure added money on to her debt like he did.

Sighing as Haruhi entered silence of the band room. She thought it was empty, but on the far side of the room Kyouya occupied an over stuffed chair. She made a small yelping noise surprised to see him then she noticed he wasn't moving.

His glasses were resting on the table besides him, his jacket was thrown across the back of a nearby chair and his feet were propped up by a cushioned foot rest. His eyes were closed with his head bobbing off to the side of the chair. Haruhi stood in the doorway stunned to see Kyouya napping in the band room. One thing she'd never expect to see and this was definitely on the list.

Walking on her toes Haruhi decided to get a better look for she thought she saw something on his face. Coming closer to the 'shadow king' Haruhi noticed that the first few buttons of his shirt were undone revealing smooth pale skin beneath his shirt, it looked like he was sweating a little.

"Kyouya-Senpai?" She whispered softly leaning over him. He didn't stir as she straightened a frown lining her face. She walked on the other side of the chair and leaned over again looking sideways at his sleeping face. She saw what had caught her eye from across the room was a smudge of ink of his nose. She couldn't help but grin at that and carefully placed her hand against his cheek and rubbed the ink off his nose with the cuff of her other hand. He didn't move and sighed relieved she hadn't woken him. She had noticed the warmth of his face against her palm but thought it was merely because of the cushions he had been leaning into.

"You know your actually look nice when your sleeping Kyouya-senpai." Haruhi mumbled mainly to herself as she looked down at him. The angle his head was positioned in looked painful. She knew he would be in a less then happy mood if he had a neck ache once he woke up. She gentle took his head in her hands and moved it into a more comfortable position. His hair was soft as it shifted against his head and moved across the pale skin of her hand.

"All better Senpai?" She asked not really expecting a reply, but she received one anyway.

"Thank you Haruhi." A mumbled, groggy voice said softly. Kyouya's eyes slid open slowly and looked up at her with red rimed tiredness.

"Are you alright Senpai?" Haruhi asked frowning at his expression.

"Are you sick? Do you need a doctor?" Kyouya shook his head back and forth slowly never taking his dark eyes from her.

"Are you sure you look pretty bad?" She leaned down over him again sliding her palm under his black bangs and resting it against his forehead. Her hand was cool against his head and he shuddered at the contact. Feeling his head throb as he woke a little more.

"Senpai! You have a fever you should be home resting!" Haruhi exclaimed wiping her hand back from the boy's head. Her light brown eyes filled with alarm quickly.

"I can't leave." He whispered. She realized how strained his voice sounded all of a sudden.

"Yes you can the others can mange fine without us for today. You have to get to bed." Haruhi looked determined and Kyouya couldn't help but grin at her.

"We?" He asked Haruhi grabbed his coat from the chair. She stopped with her back to him her head snapped up and she seemed to stare straight ahead of her for a moment. Then turned her face still set in fierce, almost motherly, determination.

"I have to take you home at least to make sure you're alright." She started to button up his shirt for him but he grabbed her wrists in a surprisingly strong grip for one in his condition. She stared at him surprised by the touch of his fingers against her skin.

"Don't…it's so hot in here." He whispered letting her hands go. She kept them suspended over his shirt then straightened.

"Besides I can't go home." Haruhi's brows raised and face settled into confusion.


"Because all the doors are locked and everyone is another part of the country I was supposed to go as well but I decided to stay here."

"Can we go to your apartment? I do feel very tired, unless you will allow me to continue napping till the club starts." He smirked at her obvious frustration and surprise but in the end she agreed for his sake only.

"You know you're actually a very heavy person, Senpai." Haruhi groaned supporting much of the older boy's weight as she walked him along the sidewalk to her apartment.

"Well you're the one that didn't want to take the limo." He retorted sourly. He was a little less then pleased by the situation he was in, but in another way he was secretively happy for the illness that struck him suddenly, though he would likely die before admitting that to anyone.

His shirt was half unbuttoned still and his glasses threatened to teeter off the edge of his nose and to his slight embarrassment/ amusement his arm was slung around Haruhi's shoulders while the other gripped her arm for support. He felt like an old man as she carefully returned the grip and led him slowly down the sidewalk. Her other hand his coat hanging off of it.

"Lets rest a second, you look exhausted Senpai." Haruhi said casting a worried frown at him. He didn't argue as she stopped. There were no benches nearby so they were forced to lean against a wall. Kyouya slid out from Haruhi's grip and leaned heavily against it his breathing intense; he noticed her sigh softly in relief of her heavy Senpai. She could see sweat shinning on his face and her concern for him grew steadily.

"Are you sure you don't want a doctor?" She asked again feeling her stomach squirm in apprehension. She really didn't want to explain to anyone if Kyouya keeled over with her around.

"I'm sure…" He took a deep breath pushing off the wall with a little shove meant only to place him squarely on his feet again. He stumbled though and landed heavily against Haruhi. "I just need rest." He whispered next to her ear. Both arms were wrapped around her for support and she had hers as well trying to keep him balanced. They both stood there like that for several more minutes till Kyouya's breathing returned to normal and he indicated he was ready to go.

After reaching her apartment Haruhi dropped Kyouya on to the couch and quickly fetched blankets, pillows and anything else she thought would be able to offer him comfort.

Kyouya watched with tired eyes as Haruhi dashed back and forth across the small apartment dropping things off on a table in front of him before disappearing again. His dark eyes followed her from corner to corner till she disappeared from his sight. He finally stopped when it gave him a headache to watch her.

Finally she came back and stayed. Kneeling down besides the couch Haruhi tucked pillows behind him and layered blankets over him. He protested because of the heat but she scowled and grabbed his hand. She pressed the back of his fingers to her cheek and practically glared at him.

"Your hands are freezing Senpai, don't argue with me." She placed his hand back under the blankets and added another on top of him.

"Finally something cool." Kyouya growled as she placed a cool wash cloth on his forehead. She rolled her eyes and stood.

"You're so grumpy Senpai!" She sighed staring down at him.

"Just take a nap and I'll make you something to eat when you wake up, okay?" Kyouya nodded slightly his eyes already dropping into sleep. With that Haruhi walked out of the living room after closing the curtains so it was a little darker. He couldn't see her, but she stood on the other side of the couch watching him for a few minutes before leaving to call the host club and tell them about their situation, well at least parts of it. She didn't feel like having the entire host club bombard her house and disturb Kyouya while he slept.

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