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Konoha Academy
By: loved-less (aka: Andy)
Chapter One: Welcome To The Academy

A blond teenager was standing outside the entrance to Konoha Academy

A blond teenager was standing outside the entrance to Konoha Academy. He was wearing an orange T-shirt with blue jeans and had spiky hair that was clearly un-groomed. He eyed the sign above the door and hoped he could fit in and find new friends. His adoptive father tried everything to get his hopes up but to no avail. So he ended up dragging Naruto to school.

Naruto started having second thoughts about the transfer but then decided to go through with it. He walked through the entrance and immediately ran into someone.

"Hey brat, shouldn't you be in class?!" a busty blonde woman carrying a bottle shouted at him.

"I, uh, I'm new here" Naruto meekly replied.

"Oh, you must be Naruto! Iruka told me about you and that you'd be coming. Come to my office and I'll get you set up."

Naruto followed the blonde into her office and found out that she was the principle, Tsunade. She gave Naruto his schedule, a map of the school so he knows where to go, and his dorm number. After receiving all the necessities, Naruto left Tsunade's office and went to his second class seeing as he was late and spent quite a bit of time in Tsunade's office.


Naruto arrived at room 201 for his math class. As he was about to knock, the teacher saw him and motioned for him to come in. He opened the door and walked in. The teacher had black hair cut in the shape of a bowl, big fuzzy eyebrows, and wore a green spandex suit. This perplexed Naruto greatly.

'Who the hell wears spandex suits?! Let alone a GREEN one?!' Naruto thought.

The teacher got the class' attention and got them to quiet down.

"Class! We have a new student! This is Uzumaki Naruto! Naruto! Go take a seat by Sasuke!" The teacher was overly enthusiastic. Naruto stared at Sasuke and a small blush tinted his cheeks as he found Sasuke attractive. He thought he saw Sasuke blush a bit, but it went away quickly, so Naruto figured he imagined it.

Naruto walked to the very back where the open seat was next to the raven haired teen. The raven was wearing baggy black jeans with chains and dark blue, almost black shirt, a spiked choker, an eyebrow piercing above his left eye, and had both ears pierced twice, one lobe and one cartilage.

"Hi. I'm Naruto" Naruto whispered while leaning over to the raven.

"Hn" was the only response the blond got from him.

Naruto leaned back over to his seat and stared at the board. The teacher was writing some equations on the board for the class to complete. Naruto had already covered these before and finished really fast. He turned it in and decided to take a nice nap. He laid his head down on the wooden desk and tried to take a nice nap, but was interrupted when something was flicked at his head. He lifted his head to see a piece of paper on his desk and he unwrapped it.

'Hey Naruto, what's the answer to the last problem?


He looked around the room to see a boy wearing a fur hoodie and a dog on top of his head. He wrote the answer down and threw it back when the teacher wasn't looking. Kiba mouthed 'thanks' and turned back to his work.

Not long the bell rang, and Sasuke was the first one out the door.


Naruto had been through a long first day of school. He had almost every class with Sasuke and couldn't help but stare at him a couple times throughout the day. Naruto had also made some new friends and ate lunch with them. He was now on his way to his dorm room. He opened the door and saw two beds.

"Two beds? You mean I gotta share with someone else?" Naruto whined.

Just then, the door opened behind Naruto. He turned around to see the raven haired teen walk into the dorm.

"Hey Sasuke! Looks like we're roommates!" Naruto said with a giant grin.

"Hn. Dobe" Sasuke mumbled.

"What did you say teme?!" Naruto shouted, fuming at what Sasuke called him.

"I said, 'dobe' " Sasuke restated for him. This sent Naruto over the edge and tackled Sasuke.

The teens ended up rolling around the ground trying to beat the other. Finally, Sasuke ended up straddling Naruto in what seemed to be a compromising position and went to pin Naruto's hands above his head and accidentally ground down into Naruto. This caused the blond to groan, and Sasuke to wonder what else he could get away with. He ground down experimentally into Naruto, and received another groan from the blond.

Sasuke leaned in close to Naruto's ear.

"So, you like that? Dobe?" Sasuke said huskily. He was so close to Naruto, he could feel Sasuke's breath on his ear, sending shivers up and down his spine, causing a moan to escape from the blonde's mouth. Sasuke traced the outer shell of Naruto's ear with his tongue while continuously grinding down on Naruto, causing a series of moans, groans, and whimpers to escape from Naruto. It wasn't long after the start of this before Naruto's breath started halting and he was panting heavily. Sasuke knew what this meant and decided just one more and he'd be done. He ground down into Naruto harder than the previous and Naruto moaned loudly and his breathing started to calm down. Sasuke got up of him, leaving him on the floor while he started to leave the room.

"That was fun. We'll have to do that again sometime soon. Oh, and, welcome to the academy" Sasuke said with a smirk before leaving the room and shutting the door, leaving Naruto panting on the floor all alone.

'Did he just dry fuck me!?' Naruto shouted in his mind. He got up and decided to unpack his belongings, while Sasuke's last words replayed in his mind. 'We'll have to do that again sometime soon'. Naruto was trying to figure out what Sasuke would do to him the next time they saw each other.

He pushed those thoughts out of his mind and went back to unpacking. The last thing unpacked was Naruto's most valuable possession. He held up a medium sized fox plushie. The fox had not one tail, but nine. Naruto had had it for as long as he could remember and it always helped him through the tough times. He stripped the bed of its plain white sheets and put on his own sheets which were derived from a color combination of orange and black. After making his bed, Naruto set the fox on top of his pillow and went to put the suitcase he came with, away in the closet. It was then that Naruto realized he was still sticky and decided to take a nice hot shower. He grabbed his needed materials: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and the works. He grabbed a towel and walked off to the showers to get himself clean and into some brand new pajamas Naruto's adoptive father, Umino Iruka, bought him for the dorm.

Naruto was so wiped out that after the shower and getting into his new fox pajamas, he fell asleep almost right after he laid his head down on the pillow. Tomorrow was going to be a brand new day, and a brand new chance to make friends.

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