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Summary:Naruto is a new student at Konoha Academy, what happens when a horny and kinky Sasuke is his roommate and has taken a liking to young Naruto? SasuNaru YAOI On Hiatus

Other: "Talking" /'thoughts'/dreaming

Pairings:SasuNaru, possible SasoDei

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Konoha Academy
Chapter Seven: Shut Down

Naruto and Sasuke continued grinding against each other in rhythmic harmony. Each was as naked as the day they were born, flush against each other on the king-sized bed, lips meeting occasionally, tongues battling and teeth clanking against each other. Panting and moaning were continuously echoing throughout the room.

"S-Sasuke!" Naruto breathed out after a short string of incoherence as Sasuke was attacking his neck with bites. Naruto bucked and arched towards Sasuke after a particularly hard bite between Naruto's neck and collarbone. Moaning loudly he came hard after a long, slow, and torturous grind from Sasuke.

Naruto jolted up into a sitting position on his bed, panting heavily.

"Wh-what was that?" Naruto quietly questioned himself as he looked at the clock which read '7:00am'. He began rubbing his eyes and trying to stay awake so he could analyze why he was dreaming thatabout Sasuke. He moved to sit against the wall when he realized his pants were wet and... Sticky?

'Oh crap!' Naruto screamed inwardly. 'This is going to turn out horribly.' Naruto began hugging his nine-tailed fox plushie and quietly murmuring to it. He spent the next 20 minutes quietly talking to himself and his plushie until he finally drifted off to a slow and steady sleep.

The alarm clock rang at 8:30am waking both Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto, startled, fell out of the bed and onto the floor, dragging his comforter along with him and landing in a tangled mess, whereas Sasuke only smoothly sat up rubbing his eyes and slightly smirking at the blond's antics.

"Ah! Damn it's already time to get up? Can't I sleep for another hour or so?" Naruto complained verbally. He got from his place on the floor, grabbing his comforter, and rushing over to his armoire after re-placing the comforter on his bed. Naruto then rushed towards the bathroom so he could shower quickly and begin preparing for his first class. As he turned the golden-brass knob he was interrupted by a smooth and stoic voice.

"Dobe, there's no school today. Religious holiday, remember?" Sasuke began sliding out of bed towards Naruto.

"It is? O-oh yea!" Naruto lifted his hand and began scratching the back of his head while grinning widely. Laughing sheepishly, he tried to cover up the fact that he, in fact, didn't remember. As Sasuke began advancing towards Naruto he couldn't help but notice the glint in his eyes as he approached ominously.

"W-well, I'll j-just go take my shower anyways" Naruto tried to escape from Sasuke as he was in front of him, almost pressed flush against him. Hearing this, Sasuke decided to try coercing Naruto once more.

"Hn. Would you like some..." Sasuke moved closer and licked the outer shell of Naruto's ear. "Company?" Naruto shuddered as he felt Sasuke's hot, wet tongue and his warm breath on his ear. Sasuke began deviating from the blond's ear and trailed open kisses along his jaw down towards his chin as he raised both arms and putting his hands on either side of Naruto, locking his arms into place for support.

Naruto shuddered at Sasuke's close proximity and couldn't help but be slightly aroused as his body raged with hormones. He tried sliding out from between Sasuke and the wall, but Sasuke only pressed his body against Naruto's to prevent him from escaping. Feeling Sasuke pressed against him made Naruto only more aroused and his eyes fluttered closed.

"You didn't answer my question." Naruto shuddered once again as he felt Sasuke's glare and breathe on his face.

"N-no thanks. I-I think I can handle sh-showering alone..."

"Fair enough." And just like that, Sasuke left Naruto and headed to his closet to begin gathering clothes for himself for the day. Naruto slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor panting.

'How can he have such a big impact on me?' Naruto got up from the floor and slid into the bathroom, where he would have a more private place to think freely. He shut the door behind him and made sure to lock the door, lest Sasuke begin being perverted again. The blond stripped himself of his fox pajamas Iruka bought for him and turned on the water for the shower. While he waited for the shower to warm, Naruto went over to the mirror and examined himself.

His blond hair was a mess, more so than usual. His eyes traveled downwards until they saw his face. Parts of scars on his face were showing. Three scars on each check were a little noticeable and faded. There were almost whisker-like, and frankly, Naruto was ashamed of them.

"I'll have to fix that after the shower" Naruto mused verbally. He felt the air getting warmer so he walked over to the shower, stripped himself of his boxers and got in. It wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold either. It was just the right temperature. After his shower he grabbed a towel and quickly dried his hair before drying the rest of his body. Looking in the mirror, he saw that his scars were fully noticeable. He opened mirror and grabbed a small container of cover up that he knew matched his skin tone, and began covering his 'whiskers' until he was certain they weren't noticeable anymore. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he left the bathroom and walked into his dorm.

"Hey teme, the bathroom's all yours!" Naruto loudly said before noticing that Sasuke wasn't there. "Huh, he must not be taking a shower today." The blond walked over to his armoire and got dressed before grabbing his backpack and exiting, heading towards the cafeteria.

Once Naruto got to the cafeteria he noticed everyone was glaring at him.

He tried to disregard them as he moved into the small line in order to buy his daily ramen. After choosing his ramen and paying for it he decided to go sit with Sakura, not noticing the glares he had received from her earlier and now.

As Naruto sat down he saw everyone grab their food and leave, leaving him all alone when he thought they'd soon strike up a conversation with him like normal. But today wasn't a normal day; today was the day everyone knew. He was able to catch Sakura to ask her a question.

"Hey Sakura, why did everyone leave?" he asked cheerfully.

"Don't talk to me, fag!" the pink-haired teen practically screeched at him as she turned to leave Naruto once more.

"W-wait, what?" He grabbed her arm to stop her and that's when it happened. She swung her fist around and jammed it right into his stomach, causing the blond to fall to the ground with an audible 'thud'.

"And stop trying to make Sasuke gay too!" she spat at him, turned on her heels and left. After seeing Sakura punch him and hear what she said, the crowd in the cafeteria decided to act. Some of the people got up and rushed over to Naruto with malicious intent. Some kicked him as others crouched down and started punching him. Expletives, jeers and insults were flying and added to the physical pain being inflicted on the blond.


"Fuckin' homo!"

"Die and go to hell where you belong!"

One of the members brought out a switchblade knife and held it down to Naruto. "Know what this is, faggot? This is how you're finally going to die." And with that, he pressed the knife against Naruto's cheek and began slicing it, allowing blood to roam on the blond's face and began to trickle down.

"Shit, security!" Someone yelled out which caused everyone to halt and scatter. Some were apprehended before they escaped while others got away, leaving Naruto beaten and bleeding on the ground.

"Alright, alright! Nothing to see here! Move along!" a female voice cried out, moving spectators away so she could get to Naruto. The blond was able to open one eye to see his Martial Arts elective teacher, Kurenai, bending over to pick up Naruto before he lost consciousness.


"Hey did you hear? Uzumaki's in the hospital!" a voice whispered loudly.

"Really? What happened?"

Sasuke was in the library quietly studying when he overheard a pair walking in whispering quite loudly. Normally he wouldn't pay attention to what anyone was saying, but once he heard Naruto's name he couldn't help but eavesdrop.

'Hn. Knowing Naruto, he probably tripped over his shoelace and cracked his head open.' Sasuke mused.

"A whole group was wailin' on him in the cafeteria! One guy even took out a knife! Thank god someone went and got security; the nurses say he would've been killed if they hadn't!"

Hearing this shocked and greatly worried Sasuke. He decided, once he finished his homework, he would go visit Naruto in the hospital and hopefully find out the whole story.

It was six in the evening and Sasuke had finally finished all of his homework. Worrying about Naruto really slowed him down and distracted him. He had to continuously restrain himself from leaving his homework and going to him. He gathered his materials and put them away in his backpack as he left the library.

'Should I go in? Or should I catch him another time?' Sasuke was standing outside the door to Naruto's hospital room as he watched a nurse dance around the room, making it more homely. Deciding to follow his first thought, Sasuke opened the wooden door with glass window and walked in. He sat on Naruto's bed. Letting his eyes roam over Naruto's unconscious form, he noticed three marks on each of Naruto's cheeks. He softly began rubbing his thumb over one of them, reveling in how smooth Naruto's skin felt, even with the scars, and how they made him more exotic, more bestial, and how Sasuke loved the way they looked on him.

As he thought quietly to himself he felt Naruto stir, and watched his eyes flutter open.

"S-Sasuke?" the blond stuttered. "W-what are you doing here?"

"Visiting you, dobe. What happened?" Sasuke queried.

"I-I got beat up..."

"Well... Where did you get these scars?" Naruto jerked his head away from Sasuke's hand after the question."

"I... I don't want to talk about it." Sasuke noticed as Naruto's eyes went from a shining pool of happiness and full of hype to that of shame and hurt. Naruto turned his back to Sasuke.

"I... I think you should leave now Sasuke..." And then Sasuke realized what was happening right before his eyes.

Naruto was shutting down.

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