See? That didn't take very long! I'm usually cursed with the capability to only write one story a year. So this is good! My last story was M rated (.) so I had to shake off the naughty naughty some how, so I decided to write this one. Yayness! Unfortunately, the way this is playing out in my head, this may lead to some naughty naughty thoughts later but I will tame them somehow! I always do!

Btw, I will give a cookie to anyone who can tell me what happened in the episode Cuervo+Tigre. I can only get my hands on it in Spanish so I can only understand half of what they are saying! I want to know, dammit!



Story time! Enjoy.

Super Villain Summer Camp

The students at Leone Middle School twitched anxiously in their seats, eyes glued to the clock. Why did it always seem like the last few minutes in the year always go by painfully slow? Manny Rivera tapped his fingers impatiently on his desk. He looked over to his best friend, Frida Suarez, and saw his own impatience mirrored on her face. She was staring at the clock with much focus, like she was willing it to go faster. Manny had recently discovered something about his best friend that he was trying to keep to himself as much as possible, but he knew with the summer coming up, it would be very difficult. His gaze returned to the clock once again and excitement bubbled up in his stomach.



Papers flew everywhere as the students cheered in joy. Frida actually jumped on her desk and squealed in triumph before jumping onto the ready hands of the crowd of students, much like she did at all of her shows. Manny yelled as well with happiness, but when Frida went to find him, he had disappeared. They traffic to get out the door was horrible, but Frida was fine waiting. She knew that 99 of the kids would still be on the grounds looking back at the school and thanking God it would be the last time they'd see it since they were going to high school next year, and she had plans to stand in the door way by herself and scream "My fellow former prisoners! WE'RE FREAKING FREE, DAMMIT!" As the crowd thinned, she saw that almost everyone was still in the front yard as she had expected. When everyone was finally out, she stood in the doorway and threw her fists in the air.

"My fellow former prisoners!" she yelled, getting everyone's attention. "WE'RE FREAKIN' FREE, DAMMIT!" The crowd cheered quite loudly at her announcement. She smiled, satisfied with her upraising, and began to step out the door. But before she had taken two steps, El Tigre landed in front of her, scooped her up, and shot off toward his house.

"Frida, Grandpapi has a summer surprise for us!" he said with much excitement in his voice. "Nice speech, by the way."

"Thank you." she said. "But, where'd you go? I thought you were gonna rip a math book into pieces and throw them like confetti as we flew away after I announced our long awaited freedom!"

Manny smirked. "I kinda forgot when Grandpapi called and told me about the surprise for us. I freakin' wanna know what it is!"

Not to many minutes later, Manny and Frida landed on the roof of Casa de Macho and ran into Manny's house to find Puma Loco. They found him in his room and immediately started questioning about the surprise.

"Manny, Frida, Rodolpho must obviously remain oblivious to the surprise!" he said. Manny and Frida nodded and waited for him to continue. "Now, tell me, have either of you every been to summer camp?"

Their eyes widened as they shook their heads. Puma peaked his head out of his door and looked both ways down the hall to make sure they would not be over heard, then closed his door. Manny and Frida plopped down on his bed as he scurried over to his closet and began digging through its contents, throwing many ideas over his shoulder as he searched. They ducked for the incoming shoe boxes, hat boxes, stolen ideas, glasses case, donkey, more stolen ideas, shoe polish, Senor Chappie, and again more stolen ideas before Puma yelled a triumphant "Ah ha!" and closed his closet. "Tada!"

He held out a picture of a much younger Puma Loco at what appeared to be a camp of some sort. "I have arranged for El Tigre to go to Camp Robabank! The super villain camp I went to when I was your age!" Manny looked at the picture with a "Ooooooo!"

Frida, however, looked unimpressed. "Hey," she said, crossing her arms. "I thought you said he had a surprise for us."

Puma laughed. "Oh, I got a spot for you, too, Frida." He said, patting her on the head, and she smiled. Manny looked up from the picture.

"Oh man, this is gonna be super macho!! But, Grandpapi," he said. "Frida doesn't have superpowers." He looked at his friend.

Frida put a hand on her stomach. "Ouch! Kick me while I'm down much?"

"Sorry." Maybe that wasn't the most considerate fact to point out. Puma scratched his head, thinking. "That's true." He said. "You'll have to figure that part out on your own, Frida. Now, I have Rodolpho convinced your going to camp that travels around helping those in need. The bus leaves in one week, so start packing! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rob the bank. Call if you need me!" With that, he scampered to the window, but before jumping out, he turned back and said, "Oh, and Frida, you'll have to convince your parents to let you come."

"Yikes!" they both said. If there was one thing her dad would never let her do, it'd be go to a camp with Manny.

"I wish you the best of luck with that." Manny said.

Frida sighed. "I'm doomed!" she hopped off the bed. "Well, I'd better head home to think up a story to convince my dad with."

Manny walked her to the door. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll come up with something!" He said cheerfully. "You always do."

"Thanks, Manny." She said. She then leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. He froze, his eyes growing wide and the color raising in his cheeks. Frida noticed his reaction, but chose to ignore it, not wanting to have to deal with any awkwardness. "I'll call you with my dad's response. Bye." And she left.

Manny went to his room and flopped down on his bed. Okay, now the discovery he had about his friend had just gone from a realization to a dilemma. He wasn't quite sure about it before, but that kiss made it all clear to him.

He was falling for his best friend.

There was no point denying it anymore. He had to admit it to himself. He was falling head over heels, crazy in love with Frida. He was falling for Frida. He was falling for Frida. He was falling for Frida. It sounded strange no matter how he said it. But now it was a 100 fact. He had just started considering the possibility when he noticed for the first time how cute she was with her goggles and her blue hair and her little boots.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the ringing of his cell phone. He drew it out of his pocket and saw the picture of the gorgeous senorita on the screen. "Hey, what'd you tell your dad? What'd he say?!" He asked.

"Manny, it's been like 5 minutes. I'm not home yet. But I thought of the perfect lie! Police cadet-training camp! My dad's been trying to convince me to go to that for that past…my life!" she squealed.

"Brilliant!" Manny said. "See? I told you you'd come up with something!"

"Okay, I'll call you have his reaction."

"'Kay, and Frida? You should probably put some thought into a super villain costume."

"Aye! That's right1 Thanks. Anywho, I'll call ya later. Chao."

"Bye!" And with a click, she was gone. Manny sighed, slipped the phone back in his pocket, and got up. He'd better start packing then. What would you need for a super villain camp anyway? You'd probably spend most of your time in your villain outfit, right? He grabbed his suitcase from his closet and laid it open on his bed. He stood there staring at it for quite some time, hoping something would come to him, so he jumped when his phone rang again. He quickly answered it.

"What'd he say, what'd he say, what'd he say?" he asked anxiously.

"We are going to super villain camp!"