This didn't happen. It sure as hell didn't happen to her. At least not again. Not again. Expressly not with him. She thought he was true. Guess she was wrong. Again.

She didn't know but with in a day of the news she was back. This couldn't be happening to her. She kept telling herself this. Before she knew what she was doing she was at his door.

'Charles.' She states with no emotion in her voice.

She doesn't have any emotions not since she checked the latest post. The latest post of fucking Gossip Girl. The one with the picture of him in bed with a ditzy blonde.

Déjàvu anyone?

She let out a chuckle at the irony when she first saw it. A guy she loved with a blonde. It was quite comical if you looked at it with humor.

'Waldorf.' He said as a look of surprise as she walked past him into his suite.

He quickly put the emotion back in check. His face showed no emotion, a mirror to hers.

'Name.' She asked slipping on the couch.

'Blair.' He says as she gives him a quick glance over.

'No.' She says with a quick roll of her eyes to show him that this hasn't effected her. 'Hers' She says blankly.

'Amelia.' He states knowing that Blair has a need to know. He knows he's blown it.

'Blonde?' She asks knowing that he knows as well as she that Blair Waldorf already knows.

'Don't worry she wasn't as good as you.' He says going to pour himself a scotch with a perfectly fake smirk on his face.

It's not that he wants to hurt Blair, it's just easier that she hates him. That she thinks he doesn't care. Though it's tearing him apart inside.

'As you in comparison to Nate.' She smirks back seeing the flicker of hurt in his eyes. A small victory in itself.

Two can play that game Chuck. And you two are our favorite players.

'Cut the act, Waldorf.' He growls advancing towards her. 'What do you want?' he snarls.

'Let's take it slow, do it right.´ She repeats his words from the wedding circling him slowly. 'We sure got over fast didn't we?' She says not looking for a reply.

Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow

'So Chuck.' She smirks. 'What the right part about this?' She says crossing her arms.

'Blair.' He tries before she brushes him off.

'No.' She says finally locking eyes with his. 'Tell me.'

'I'm sorry.' She hears him breathe silently but load enough so that she can hear him. A small chuckle leaves her lips making him hang his head in shame.

Another victory for our Queen B.

'You're sorry?' She says letting another chuckle escape her lips. 'What are you sorry for Chuck?' She says like a predator.

'Blair.' He says picking up some of his dignity as he picks up his gaze from the floor.

Looks like C isn't going down without a fight. Watch out B.

'It's not like I'm going to apologize for being Chuck Bass.' He says gaze locked with hers.

Ow. Looks like we finally found what it takes to break the Ice Queen. Who ever knew it would be Chuck Bass?

'Why?' She says not realising the emotions that are tearing at her insides. 'What did she have that I don't?' She says with a crack in her voice.

His eyes flutter shut for a second. The pain in her voice enough to destroy him.

Why looking so glum C? You just won the war.

'It's not about you Blair.' He says hating that it is him that is making her feel this insecure.

'No.' She says the tears filling her eyes. 'What is it? What's wrong with me?' She says the emotion clearly filling her voice.

'Not every thing is fucking about you Blair.' Chuck says. 'Stop being so fucking full of your self.' He says hitting home. He sees the emotion and hurt quickly disapeer from her eyes. The eyes now filled with no emotion showing.

Looks like the ice queen is back

'Consider this goodbye.' She says before leaving the suite with a Chuck Bass who didn't seem nearly drunk enough for this.

She swears that there's no difference between the lies and compliment. It's all the same if everbody leaves her.

It's not that Serena didn't want to go see her best friend.

She's read the Gossip Girl. Her lip curls up in disgust and she thinks of telling Nate. Just so she won't be the only to hurt Chuck.

But she'll wait. She'll wait till she gets back to the Hamptons before going to see Blair andd the bastard that broke her heart.

She knows she should go see her now. Quickly rush back.

She just didn't want to go see her in pain.

She doesn't know what to expect. Blair does a good job of hiding her pain.

Serena was never around after Blair 'broke up' with Nate, since she was mostly the person the fights were about.

Well looks like you're in for a surprise S. Our Queen B isn't always icy.

Blair Waldorf isn't called the Ice Queen for no reason.

She knows how people expect her to be.

An emotionless bitch with no heart.

She had worked hard to get that image. Thrived from it.

Closing off her self from the outside. Only letting what she wanted out.

Not letting anyone in.

She had learnt her lesson after the Nate and Serena fiasco


She had let Chuck in before that.

Her and Chuck had been on the same team since the beginning.

Not only had she lost her boyfriend, lover whatever you wanted to call it

She had also lost her best friend.

And that hurt all more.

And every magazine tells her she's not good enough the pictures that she sees make her cry.

She returns home to eerie silence.

Her mothers off god knows where. It doesn't matter though. All that matters is that little perfect bathroom adjoined to her room.

Her curls fall against her face as she moves to her knees in front of that perfectly white toliet bowl.

She turns on the faucet allowing it to run. She lets out a sad laugh. Knowing it probably doesn't matter anyway.

Nobody is caring. That's the thought that throws her over the bowl.

Sticking her perfectly manicured fingers down her throat.

The one person she relied on doesn't care.

Nobody ever cared.

This is how she'll survive.

Don't go and leave me. And Please don't drive me blind. I know you're broken. I know you broken.

Maybe Chuck shouldn't have gone to the Waldorf house.

He just couldn't get her out of her head.

She was so broken.

And he was the one that broke her.

So he need to fix her.

Once and for all.

He's not shocked when he enters her bedroom only to hear the water running.

Not shocked.

He shouldn't have this much power over her.

She shouldn't have that much power over him.

But they do and they can't do anything about it.

Not even sleeping with other people.

He turns the knob to the bathroom door quietly.

It's an ironic sight.

Blair Waldorf.

Queen B.

Ice Queen.

Always perfect.

Surrounded in her perfect bathroom.

Drowning in her imperfections.

He doesn't think he's ever loved her more

Perfect only in her imperfections.


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