Title: Destiny

Description: Inuyasha flat out lies to Kagome one day and when she finds out the truth she decides to walk away for good, but is there anything that can bring her back, what about a baby?Contains surprises mostly Inu/Kag, a hint of Inu/Kik and Mir/San.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.









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Chapter 1: Calm Village

Inuyasha and the gang sloshed through the rain that gathered on the ground as they walked down the muddy road. Kagome lagged behind, having a hard time pushing her bike through the mud and trying to keep dry with her umbrella. She grunted as she comes to another sinking place in the mud as her bike got stuck.

Inuyasha couldn't take it any longer; he was tired of her lagging behind. He turned around quickly, startling Miroku, Sango and Shippo and headed towards Kagome with that determined angry look. Inuyasha took hold of her bike causing her to let go and put both hands on her umbrella as she stared at him. Inuyasha lifted the bike on his shoulder and continued as leader.

Kagome hurried her way to the group behind him as they marched on to seek warm shelter.

"It sure has been raining a lot," spoke Kagome to relieve any tension within the group, it was just too quiet.

"Well it is the rainy season," Sango replied under her umbrella hat. Kagome sighed, she knew that, but did it have to rain so much?

"I think we found what we're looking for," Inuyasha announced from the front as he stopped and looked out in front of him.

The others stopped as they reached him; there in front of them was a peaceful little village ahead.

'A nice bath,' thought Kagome at the same time Shippo thought, 'Yummy food.' The two looked at each other like they knew what they were thinking and with big smiles both ran towards the village, leaving the Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Kirara behind.

The half demon, monk and demon slayer looked at each other before following.

"What's a little place like this doing with an inn," Sango asked out loud to no one in particular.

"Probably so they could get a little more business, so Sango how about we get a room together to save money?" Miroku asked smiling slyly at her.

Sango looked at him annoyed and simply said, "No."

Miroku sighed; well it was worth a try. When they got there Miroku gave the inn owner money to rent out a few of his rooms. Kagome ran off to soak in the bathhouse tub, Inuyasha and Shippo fought over food in one of the rooms as Kirara watched trying to eat her own food and Miroku and Sango took a walk through the village since the rain had cleared up.

"I'm glad we have alone time Sango," Miroku started.

"Just keep your distance monk and we'll have no problems," Sango told him being serious.

"Well seems like this village has no demons plaguing it, it seems rather peaceful," said Miroku as they looked around.

"Yeah, let's just hope it stays that way," Sango put in, "we don't want any surprises."

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