"Shussh shush Probie's about to meet the President" Tony wildly hushed everyone as they all sat in the Bullpen around the flat screen television.

"And here we have the famous author Thom E Gemcity who is receiving a Humanitarian Award for his work in creating the Gemcity Foundation. This charity works with Federal Agencies across the country and when computer equipment is upgraded ensures that the older models are relocated to poor inner city schools, libraries and needy community groups. Literally hundreds of thousands of school children now have access to their own computer. The Gemcity Foundation also supports literacy programs for all ages and the model that they have set up will soon be expanding over seas. Mr Gemcity has used his connections in Germany, France and Spain to publicize the program and several Foreign Governments have expressed their interest in duplicating the programs with their own agencies."

Gibbs smiled. So simple, all those computers, monitors and modem thingies upgraded continuously to keep up with the leaps in technology and he had never thought about what happened to the 'old' versions.

Tony grinned as he watched Tim trying to cover his nervousness as he stood in line for the President. Damn the President of the United States. He was getting better at covering his nerves after all this time, but Tony could still tell. Tony glanced around the room at the rest of the department who were all gathered to watch, still beaming in pride at 'his' Probie.

Abby couldn't help but laugh as Tony had insisted to everyone he could possibly find that he had taught McGee everything he needed to know. And in a way it was probably true.

"And waiting just off to the side we have Mr Gemcity's partner the beautiful Natalie Portman. I believe they meet on the movie set of Deep Six where they were introduced by Anne Hathaway who was playing Goth Forensic Scientist Amy Sutton. Natalie Portman is considered one of the smartest woman in Hollywood and completed a degree in Psychology at Harvard while working on the three Star Wars films where she played Padme Armidala. Doesn't she look stunning?"

Yup McGee was dating Luke Skywalker's Mother. Who would have thought it? Still Tony was happy for the Probster. He had worked hard and really done some extraordinary things with the profile he acquired. Tony on the other hand probably would have sat around the pool somewhere and wasted it on pick up lines for pretty girls.

"Hey want to donate to the DiNozzo Charity? There are more than tax benefits to be considered baby."

Tony waited an appropriate amount of time and then leapt on his phone to congratulate Tim.

"Hey there McGee!"

"Tony!" Tim grinned pleased to have a familiar voice on the phone. He was going to have to get an assistant to start screening his calls or something. Entertainment Tonight had been bugging him for an interview.

"Hey I'm sure you're busy but I just wanted to say congratulations. Everything seems to be going great for you. We miss you around the office though. Gibbs assures us he has got the hang of the new email system but I'm not sure if I believe him. I have never received so many post it's in my life"

Tim laughed as he thought of Tony's desk covered in yellow squares.

"Thanks Tony. I miss you guys too. Everything just got so big I wish I could spend more time in Washington. You know have pizza and just sit around in Gibbs basement. I think I'm in Norway next week? Natalie would know, she kind of helps me keep track. Hey how's everything going for you though?"

Tony sighed "Oh you know. I got notice on my apartment so I'm spending all my free time checking out places to live. You would not believe the rat holes that cost a fortune out there, probie."

"Why don't you come stay at my place? In fact that would be great! You can have the guest house on the estate. I'm hardly there and it would be good to know there is someone keeping an eye on it for me while I'm away. That way we can catch up and hang out whenever I'm back and doing my writing."

"Really? Wow I mean your place is amazing. Are you sure?" Tony drooled as he thought of the huge pool and actual cinema Tim's new place had.

"Sure I am. If you don't mind looking after Jethro and the other dogs. They are pretty well trained but if you could take them for a walk and fuss over them occasionally that would be great. I don't like leaving them with strangers all the time and they already love you. Oh you can drive the Porsche if you like and make sure it's looked after. Seems a shame to just have it locked in the garage with the other cars. The battery was flat the last time I came home from not being driven for so long so I couldn't drive it anyway."

"Double Wow. The Porsche too?

"Sure. Come on Tony please? It's a great arrangement that suits everybody. Look rent free. You can spend your money on those awful Hawaiian shirts you like so much and I know that someone is looking out for my stuff while I'm away. It will be great and I might actually get to see you guys. What do you say?"

Tony smiled and replied in his best Godfather accent "Not THAT is an offer I can't refuse."

Tim rolled his eyes at the movie reference "Well great. Just bring your stuff over whenever you want."

"Tonight?" Tony smiled in anticipation as he considered quadrupling Tim's DVD collection with his own impressive collection. It would take a while to alphabetize them again but it would be worth it.

"Sure Tony that would be great. Oh and bring some Pizza over. We can have a swim after we move your stuff into the guest house. In fact why don't you invite the others over as well so I can see them before I head off to… where was it?"


"Yeah Norway."

"Can do Timmy boy. You know I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. You, me, the dogs, the Porsche……. the concrete pool, the Texas T…."

"It's not the Beverly Hillbillies Tony"

"Yeah yeah. Spoil all my fun. Hey Tim?"

"Yeah Tony'


"Anytime Tony"

Tim smiled and flipped his phone shut. It really would be good to see Tony and the others more. Although god knows what trouble Tony would get up to with the entire estate at his disposal while he was away. He would probably come back to find Abby had re formatted all his hard drives and Ziva's hair clogging up the pool filter. Gibbs could be hiding Franks from the CIA in the pool house. He was probably going to have to get it all sorted out every time he came back.

Still another chapter of the grand adventures of Tony and McGee beckoned.

Tim smiled. Maybe he could write about that? An ex Baltimore cop staying with his wealthy intelligent friend... who investigates murders in their spare time?


(ok Now I think it has to be it. I don't think i can make the low profile joke go any further than this. Thanks to all the other reviewers who gave me ideas and kept me thinking and helped expand this one shot into four chapters. Just like the idea of Tim being Higgins to Tonys Magnum. Thanks Precious)