A.N.: This is just a little Story that I wrote up at Midnight. I thought up the idea while watching "Wake up Spencer" for the first time lol. Just so you know Carly, Freddie and Sam are about 21 in the fic. lol hope you enjoy :)

Disclaimer: Sigh I do not own iCarly, all I own are the words.

Carly and Freddie quietly walk into her apartment at four in the morning, trying their hardest not to make a sound.


"Shhh, Freddie! Watch where you're going!" she whispers angrily to him thwacking him lightly on the head.

"Sorry, I thought the door was open wider that it was" he rebuttals. The two continue creeping through the house. Looking around he saw the couch that was usually occupied with Sam was unusually empty "Doesn't Sam usually stay the night here on Saturdays?"

"Usually," she shrugs, "but I guess that she just decided to stay at her own house tonight." In the last couple months Sam had been spending more and more time at Carly's house; it seemed weird that she wasn't there. He just shrugs it off and continued walking.

Freddie stops halfway on the stairs and looks on to Spencer's door where he gets an idea. "Hey Carly" lightly hitting her arm he asks, "Why don't we make another episode of Wake up Spencer you know just for old time sake."

"Are you crazy? You're not even supposed to be here, what do you think Spencer will do if he sees you here?"

"Aww Carly…" he pouts his lips.

"Besides, wasn't that you and Sam's thing?"

"So what, anyways it would be much more fun with you," he waggles his eyebrows. Carly cannot help but giggle under her breath.

"Why can't I say no to you?"

"Because you love me." She lightly shoves him as he walks down the stairs grabbing the portable video camera he always carries with him. The two inch towards Spencer's door hiding back the laughs; sneaking around at all hours of the night made the two feel like kids again.

Upon reaching the door the two hear something that makes them stop in their tracks. A muffled sound emanates from Spencer's room. It stops then continues a couple seconds later. Fixing onto the sound they can hear the faint sound of a woman laughing. It is joined by a more masculine laugh. "Um, Carly…does Spencer have someone over?" Freddie whispers.

She leans her head in closer so her ear is almost resting on the door. "I don't think so…I mean Spencer hasn't had a girlfriend in months… Maybe he just left his T.V. on again."


"Do you still think this is a good idea, Freddie?" She stands upright and folds her arms.

He thinks for a moment, "Sure-I mean yeah; I bet it's nothing. Let's do this." Carly sighs but goes along with it. "Okay so on the count of three we open the door."


"Alright One…Two…Three" The two burst open the door.

"Oh My God" the two yell in unison, "SAM?!"