Fading Fast
by pari106


Disclaimer: FOX…Cameron…Eglee…

Rating: PG

Code: M/Z Drabble, of exactly 100 words (?)

Summary: Max's thoughts (M/Z) during "Bag 'Em", when she reveals her scar.

A/N: This is the first time I've ever written a drabble…did I do it right? Tell me what you think.

"That's a big…scar."

"Better take a good look, 'cause it's fading fast."

Fading fast…just like me. Like the part of me that used to hope. That used to think we could really make
it out here…a bunch of messed-up Manticore rejects…my brothers and sisters…me … Zack.

Fading fast without Zack in my life. He was always there, but now he's gone. I feel like I went with him.
I wish I had.

"…fading fast…"

One day the scar on my chest will be gone, but the scar on my soul will never heal.

Never fade.