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Beauty of Uncertainty


"Congratulations graduates! You've worked hard to get here. Now get out into the world and show them what you've got!" the speaker finished his speech with.

With that we all stood and threw our caps into the air. We were official graduates of New York University. I was elated. Not only from finishing school, but also from the graduation present my parents had given my two best girlfriends and me, who were more like sisters. We were going on a two and a half week, all expenses paid luxury cruise around the Caribbean.

"Bella! Bella!" Alice cried as she ran towards me, "We've graduated! Finally!"

A huge smile spread across my face as Alice ran towards me. My best friend had more energy than should be humanly possible. She was always bouncing around and speaking faster then I could understand. For her petite height of 4'11", she always made her presence known. Like when the first day she met me she ran up and hugged me and told me we were going to be best friends. Little did I know she was right. Alice was always right.

Alice's arms around my neck brought me back from my thoughts. We started jumping up and down. Her excitement was contagious.

"Oh my goodness! I can't believe it! We finally did it! I thought this day would never come, but look at us! We did it! We did it! Where's Rose?" That's when she started getting impatient. "I told her to meet us the minute we got done!" Alice said as her eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

"Alice! Calm down." I said as I patted her cropped black hair. "I'm sure Rose is coming." As if on cue the third leg of this triangle showed up.

"Is someone talking about me?" Rose asked with a smile on her face.

"Rose! We did it! We've graduated!" With that Alice pulled Rose to us and started jumping again. When we finished jumping we turned to see each of our parents standing behind us.

"We're so proud of you!" They said in unison and that started a whole new round of hugs and jumping.

Hours later we had somehow managed to make it back to Alice's house. We all lived in Manhattan but had different living arrangements. Plainly put, Alice and Rosalie had more money then me. But our differences only made us better friends.

"I am so tired! Ugh!" Alice groaned as she flopped down on her bed. "I think a little retail therapy is in order girls!" Shopping was like a sport for Alice. It was a good thing her parents made so much money, or they would certainly be out of a house with the way she shopped. She was like a monster when let loose in a store.

"No!" both Rose and I said together.

"Now you know I love shopping too," Rose continued, "but not today Alice."

"Fine," Alice sighed, resigned to the fact she wouldn't get her way with this one. "But I can't believe we leave tomorrow! I have to check my bags!" She said as she jumped of the bed.

"Alice, you've checked your bag for times since yesterday. I think you have everything." I said.

"Bella, you never know what you might need. Two and a half weeks! That is a long time without my full closet!" Alice said as if it were completely logical.

I began to walk around the all too familiar room and sighed when I caught my own reflection in the mirror. I was just plain old Bella Swan. There was nothing special about me. I had chestnut colored hair past my shoulders and boring brown eyes. I wasn't doing too badly in the upper chest area but it wasn't great either.

Not like Rosalie. She was absolutely beautiful. A tall blonde with a magazine perfect body. She was the kind of girl you noticed when she walked into a room. I felt like I blended into the room and I had grown to accept and expect that.

I was no Alice either. Her height aside, she is gorgeous too. With short black hair and another great body she could command a room with just her looks.

"Bella which bikini are you taking?" Alice asked liked she didn't already know the answer.

"A one piece," I responded while spinning around to look at her.

"Bella, Bella," she began, "Why don't you ever want to show what the good Lord above gave you! You have a killer body and you hide behind your clothes! You know I'll have you in a bikini by the end of this trip, don't worry." She threatened as she smirked.

"We'll see about that," I muttered. I knew Alice was right though. She always got her way.


"Edward! Get up man! We have to pack!" Emmett boomed. I knew the voice of my brother without opening my eyes. Granted, he wasn't my actual brother but we were family in every sense of the word.

I opened one eye slowly and the room began to shake. This feeling was all too familiar.

"Emmett, stop jumping on my bed! You are not five!" I growled. I was actually surprised the bed could hold all of his weight. He was often compared to a grizzly bear.

"Dude, we have to pack. We leave tomorrow." Emmett said as he continued to jump.

In one quick movement I was able to knock Emmett's feet out from under him and he landed with a hard thud on the floor. Jasper's laughter came from my doorway.

"That's what you get Emmett," Jasper said.

"Yeah, yeah." Emmett grumbled as he got up. "Just get your bags ready."

"Emmett," I said, "We have plenty of time to get ready."

"I don't want to take any chances. This gift from your parents will not be missed because you your laziness!" Emmett said. He mistook my tiredness for laziness. Little did he know that I was working double shifts at the hospital to be able to take time off.

My parents had surprised Emmett, Jasper and me with a cruise for two and a half weeks around the Caribbean. I was amazed at their generosity and they said it was for being such respectable young men and amazing doctors. I couldn't turn them down after that. Not that I would have any way.

"Alright, alright." I conceded. I got up and smiled as I watched Emmett bounce away like an excited child. I swear he was an eight year old trapped in an adult's body.

Jasper and him were dramatically different. Jasper was always calm and organized, while Emmett was always a mess. Jasper was lean and Emmett was muscle bound. I've always been told that I was a mix between the two physically but I far surpassed Emmett maturity wise.

Later that night, we all sat around the table eating dinner. None of us really cooked so it was take out, again.

"Eddie do you thin-," Emmett began but I cut him off.

"Don't call me that." I said.

"Alright, Edward," he emphasized, "do you think we'll find any hot chicks on this cruise?" He asked as he looked excitedly between Jasper and me.

Jasper chuckled as I replied, "I don't know about 'hot chicks' but maybe some nice ladies."

Emmett just rolled his eyes at me. "Whatever man. I say we each find at least one chick on this trip. What happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean!" He said with a gleam in his eyes.

This time I rolled my eyes. This would be one interesting trip.

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