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"...It was never suspose to be like this...at least that is what I told myself. Laying here on this bed I look out the window and notice the sun was slowly starting to rise. Why did this have to happen, how did it happen in the first place. All these questions I think as I lay here and I can only think of one conclusion...Kyuubi. Closing my eyes I slowly set up and I look around my room. It couldn't be real but it was. I see the mark he put on my arm. Its a seal. If its real then they were real and if they were real what does that leave me as. Am I here or...am I there...or am I a dream. Did all of this happen because of something I wanted. Its the Faiths. They did it but it couldn't be true could it. Sigh, why the hell did my life have to be so fucked up. Lulu right, Tidus was right, Auron was right, Hell even Wakka was right and that bastards never right so how could he be right this time. I guess this is where I say this is my story..."


Naruto had just laid down tired from all the events that happened today. It was time for the gennin test. Naruto had failed them and then was tricked into stealing the forbidden scroll from Mizuki. He then learned the Kagebunshin, learned about his prisoner, became a gennin and was treated to ramen. So with everything else that happened today finding yourself waking up in a great abyss with fireflies all around you and calming music playing would of coarse be on the list of normal things you would see.

Naruto blinked and blinked again and said "O...k, what the hell is going on here and where am I.

A voice said "You are in the Farplane." causing Naruto to turn and look and see what appears to be a boy a little younger then him with a purple hood over the top of his head and a cloak covering his back.

Naruto asked "Who are you."

The boy said "Im a Faith."

Naruto said "Ok, whats a Faith."

The boy said "You will no in time. Your story is just begining."

Naruto said "Wait, what do you mean my story is just begining."

The boy said "You will understand in time. For now you must begin your journey. Your mother and father are dreaming for you. They want to dream a happier dream for you where you become strong and happy." as he began to fade as the fireflies came out of his body.

Naruto felt his eyes grow heavy and then he found himself waking up on a beach with the waves crashing into his pants and legs.

A seagull was on his back pecking at his orange jumpsuit.

Naruto groaned and rolled over causing the bird to fly.

Naruto layed his head back and saw the sun high in the sky and thought "ok, where the hell am I now."

A voice in his head said "Spira, your in the world of Spira."

Naruto went wide eyed and asked "Who said that." as he looked around.

The voice said "Idiot, who else would be talking in your head besides you. How many people live in you."

Naruto paled and said "Kyuubi."

Kyuubi said "Correct though from now on just think your thoughts. I can hear them and you can hear me."

Naruto thought "ok...um Kyuubi, whats going on."

Kyuubi sighed and said "Listen kid, I know a little about whats going on but not much. For now I think you should use your ninja skills to find some food and fresh water. The water your sitting in is saltwater and it will make you thirsty because of all the salt. I will try to figure out whats going on and why later. For now were going to have to work as a team."

Naruto asked "Why are you helping me and why should I trust you."

Kyuubi said "Well besides the fact there are monsters here stronger then me who would like to kill you and if you die I die, I don't see a reason for me to lie to you when we could be attacked any moment. Now try and find food, water, and shelter for now while I see if I can't figure something out."

Naruto frowned and got up feeling sand in his cloths and he took off his orange jacket and saw it was covered in holes and was pretty much useless. He sighed and started to the shore when suddenly a 3 foot tall crab came out of the sand in front of him.

Kyuubi said "Oh shit. A fiend. Listen kid, this is a weak monster called a fiend. I will tell you more about them later. If you want to live your going to have to kill it. Do you have any weapons."

Naruto looked and said "I got a couple of old worn out kunais." as he pulled 2 out and put them in his hands.

Kyuubi smacked its head and said "Just think your thoughts kid. Now be careful and kill that thing. Don't attack its shell, watch out for its pincers . Try to stab it in the face or flipping it onto its back and then stab it in the face. Its the only place your weak weapons might kill it and try not to lose your weapons."

Naruto frowned and put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no Jutsu." and 20 clones appeared and Naruto said "take out the face or flip it over to kill it.

The Crab started to glow as all 20 plus the original charged at the crab.

As they were about to kill the crab the crab shot out water hitting each of the clones and Naruto destroying the clones.

Naruto winced as he got up and saw he lost one of his kunais. Naruto threw his remaining kunai at the crab but since his aim sucked he only hit the shell and it bounced off.

Kyuubi growled "You idiot. I told you to try not to waste your weapons. Listen. Do that Kagebunshin thing again but have them attack from the back while you charge from the front. Maybe while you distract it they could flip it and you can kill it."

Naruto quickly created 40 Kagebunshins and they all charged. The crab started to glow again so several of the Kagebunshin jumped into the air while the real Naruto and the others kept charging. The crab shot out water again and hit the real Naruto and all of the clones on the ground but the ones that jumped tried to kick the crab in the shell so they could flip it. The crab went to back away from the attack when its feet hit Naruto discarded jacket and slipped. Suddenly the crab stopped moving and fireflies started to come out of it.

Naruto sweatdropped and asked "What just happened." as the crabs body disappeared and a treasure chest appeared in its place on his jacket.

Kyuubi sweatdropped and said "I...don't know. Somehow your jacket killed the crab. I guess it really does scream kill me."

Naruto said "Hey, don't insult the jacket." as he walked over to the jacket and the treasure chest and he pushed the treasure chest off of his jacket and said "oops. So thats whaty happened." as he looked at his lost kunai from earlier sticking in the sand where the jacket was pointing up.

Kyuubi said "For all the...your either the luckiest kid or the stupidest."

Naruto chose to ignore Kyuubi and asked "So whats with the treasure chest."

Kyuubi said "Ok kid, I will tell you. Fiends are unsent souls. Now fiends live to kill but after a fiend gets so strong they start to collect objects they took from people or things they killed. Sometimes its money, sometimes its weapons, and sometimes its other things. They usually take the treasure chest from people they kill also. Just kick the chest and it should open."

Naruto walked over to it and kicked it and the lid popped open and Naruto saw a few gold coins, a small red sphere, and a foot long dagger.

Naruto asked "Ok, what do I do."

Kyuubi shook its head and said "Kid, take the items, the coins are money here, the red sphere is a power sphere but I don't remember how to use them and the dagger is a weapon. It should be a little better then those weapons you had. Now find food, shelter, and water and hurry, some fiends hunt at night for things to kill. Now start thinking for a change and let me try to figure out how to get us out of here before you kill us."

Naruto started to walk in the woods for a little while when he came across a path. He looked and saw it was used alot heading in both directions so he shrugged and started to walk toward one way.

He walked for about an hour when he came upon a shrine of sorts and Naruto heard music comming from inside and he thought "wait, I heard this before." as he ran toward the music. He opened the doors and saw a torch lighted room and he slowly walked in and said "Hello, anyone there." as he looked around as his voice echoed down the empty choridors.

Seeing and hearing no one but still hearing the music he started to follow it. As he got closer to it he thought "what is this place and where are the people playing that music." as he found a set of stairs going up a walkway.

He climbed the stairs and came across a room with what looked like some strange symbol on the floor. Naruto walked onto the symbol looking for the source of the music and anyone when it glowed. Naruto looked down and a voice said "Strange, nobody should be able to awaken those seals any longer." scarring the shit out of Naruto as he jumped and looked around and saw a man with a red coat drinking a bottle while he rested his other arm on the handle of a sword.

Naruto asked "Who are you."

The man looked at Naruto behind his sunglasses and said "My name is Auron. Who are you."

Naruto said "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and Im going to be Hokage, believe it."

Auron stared at Naruto for several minutes and Naruto began to feel scared and vulnerable and asked "What." as he fidgeted.

Auron said "Where are you from Naruto. Why have the Faiths sent you here." as a firefly came out of Auron body.

Naruto said "Konoha, I came from Konoha."

Kyuubi said "Ask him if he is an unsent."

Naruto blinked and said "Are...are you and unsent."

Auron said "No, I was finally sent but for some reason I am here again. Tell me everything about you and don't lie. Its important."

Naruto gulped and said "Well..." and over the next several hours Naruto bored the hell out of Auron telling about his life for the most part but after a few question and forbidding the word Ramen he learned the truth about Naruto past with the Kyuubi inside of him, the hatred, the abuse, the loneliness, then meeting the Faiths and finally ending up here.

Auron said "I see. So that is what has happened."

Naruto asked "Do you know what is going on. Can you help me get home."

Auron said "I don't know, this is your story. To answer your question about what is going on then yes I know. If what I believe is real then Kyuubi also has an idea from what you told me."

Naruto asked "Well what is it."

Auron said "You were sent here to be trained. That is what is going on. The Faiths must for some reason said your parents were dreaming. If they are dreaming for you then the Faiths themselves must be dreaming for you. They want you to become strong and happy. I will help you become strong, come." as he slipped his sword on his back and began to leave.

Naruto started to follow him and ask "Where are we going Auron."

Auron said "Besaid Island. I'm taking you to meet another dream."

Naruto followed Auron for the next several hours in total silence even when they were attacked by fiends in which Auron mostly let Naruto attack with his dagger observing him until they came to a small village. Auron walked through ignoring the looks that he was recieving but Naruto saw them and asked "Why are these people staring at you."

Auron said "Because I am now a dream. There is where we are going." pointing toward a ship.

After paying with the money they got from the fiends and having the captian of the ship get over being white seeing Auron the ship left with around 30 people on it when 200 could be on it easily.

As they were out to see Auron said "Alright kid, training begins now. You see that ball on the square circle over there."

Naruto looked where Auron was pointing and nods and Auron said "Thats a Blitzball. I want you to go and pick it up and come back here and I want you to start hitting it agianst the wall here. I want you to punch it 1000 time without letting it touch the ground alternating with each arm. After you do that I want the same thing with both legs without it leaving the ground. If it touches the ground when your punching it then you have to start all over and if it leaves the ground then you have to start over with the kicking. Begin."

Naruto picked up the ball and asked "How much does this thing weigh."

Auron said "Around 20 pounds. Now get to work. If you don't I will stab you." as he pointed toward his sword.

Naruto paled and quickly began to work.

Over the next 2 weeks Naruto did this training. Every 2 days Auron would take some weight squares out of his clothing and put it on Naruto's making it harder for Naruto to do. Every time Naruto stopped or questioned why he had to do this he was made to start all over. Every time he was loud he would have to start all over. He also was not allowed to eat until he did the excersice then after eating he had to start all over again from 6 am to 9 pm.

Finally the island of Besaid came into view. Naruto was standing on the front of the ship and Auron said "Ah Besaid. I hope he is still here."

Naruto turned and asked "What do you mean you hope."

Auron said "I have been gone for a long time. We will find out soon though."

Naruto nods and turns back. His orange pants now had the legs cut out of them turning them into shorts and his shirt had the sleaves cut off as well to make it cooler for him.

When the ship docked Auron began leading Naruto up the hills away from the dock and asked "Do you know how to swim."

Naruto looked at him and said "Yes, why."

Auron shoved him off the cliff path they were walking on and Naruto screamed as he fell down toward the water below.

Naruto hit and he quickly surfaced and Auron who was still on the cliff said "Your next training, swim your way there." pointing toward the other side of the large lagoon and Naruto could barely see a village.

When Naruto turned back to look at Auron he was gone.

Naruto said "Sadistic bastard."

Kyuubi voice said "True but his training is making you strong."

Naruto asked as he began to swim "Kyuubi, where have you been."

Kyuubi said "I have been thinking and meditating trying to figure out why we are here."

Naruto swam for a while and thought "Hey Kyuubi, you seem to know alot about this place, can you tell me how."

Kyuubi was quite for several minutes and said "A long time ago me and the other Bijuu once lived here as humans. War broke out and 2 sides were made. One side lived in a city called Zanarkand, the other was their enemy named Disaind. In a last ditch effort to save themselves Zanarkand had some of thier people under go a ritual that turned some of them from humans into something else called Aeons. That swung the balance of power in the war in favor of Zanarkand and soon Disaind was nearly destroy but at the cost of Zanarkand itself being destroyed by its own creation later. When Daisaind was nearly destroyed they tried to do the ritual as well however the 9 of us who volunteered to do it were changed into the Bijuus instead of Aeons and somehow went to your world."

Naruto frowned and thought "so why did you turn all evil and attack my village.

Kyuubi said "In order to gain that power we had to sacrafice a part of our minds. The Aeons are basically summons that aid and follow the command of those who summon them. The Bijuu were suspose to be the same thing but when we came to your world we were lost and confused and so we did not have anyone to command us we did what we pleased but people always would get in our way and we would destroy them. I however was soon put under the command by someone who called himself Madara. He order me to destroy Konoha so I did and there you have it."

Naruto asked "How did Madara get control of you."

Kyuubi said "I don't know...hey kid, I scence a fiend."

Naruto immediately reached for his dagger and looked around when a 5 foot long fish jumped out of the water trying to eat him in one gulp.

Naruto dived under the water and started to swim as fast as he could away from the fish. He felt a sting in his back as the fish swam past him. Naruto immediately got ready to attack the fish when it was hit by a ball in the back and started to fall apart as fireflies came out of it. Naruto looked where the ball had came from and was returning and he saw an orange hair man swiming in the water and he caught the ball and Naruto notice it was a blitzball with spikes on it.

The man motioned with his hand toward the surface and Naruto nods as he swam to the surface.

A few moments later he heard a voice said "Damn fiends nearly had you, ya."

Naruto turned and said "Nah, I could handle it." as he turned to look at the man who was swimming a few feet away.

The man looked at Naruto and said "Ya, sure but who are you. I don't recognise you and what you doing here on Besaid Island."

Naruto sighed and said "My name is Naruto. Auron and..."

The man cut him off and screamed "AURON, WHAT ABOUT AURON."

Naruto was taken back by this and said "Um Auron brought me here. Him and somebody called a Faith. I don't really understand any of this stuff really though. He keeps talking about dreams and saying this is my story and things like that. He shoved me off the cliff back that way and told me to head toward the village as training. Thats all I swear." as he looked at the man who was pale.

Naruto asked "What."

The man said "Nothing...lets head to the village ya." as he started to swim away.

Naruto started to follow and asked "Hey, where did you get suck a cool looking Blitzball."

The man stopped and said "You play."

Naruto asked "Play what. Auron made me train with weights using one of them on the ship ride here. I got pretty good at hitting it though."

The man looked intrigued and said "Perhaps I can teach you to play Blitzball ya."

Naruto said "Sure, maybe. Hey, you wouldn't happen to know anyone who is a dream do you. I mean Auron said the guy I was suspose to meet was a dream like him and me."

The man said "Ya, I know who you talk about. So where you from Zanarkand."

Naruto said "No, Konoha. So who are you anyways." as they continue to swim.

The man said "Names Wakka."

Naruto said "Hey, I thought Zanarkand was destroyed by the Aeons when Zanarkand and Disaind were at war with each other."

Wakka said "In a way it was. How you know that."

Naruto said "Um...I sort of have one of Disainds version of a Aeon sealed inside of me."

Wakka froze and said "You have an Aeon in you."

Naruto sighed and said "No, I have a Bijuu. Its called Kyuubi. He said that when Disaind was losing against the Aeons they tried turning 9 humans into Aeons but something went wrong and they turned into what my world calls Bijuus or tailed demons. They were also sent to my world."

Wakka sighed and said "I got the feeling the rest of your story is going to be interesting ya."

Naruto sighed and said "I just wish I knew whats going on. I went to bed one night in my bed back home. I wake up in this place with really soothing music and fireflies called the Farplane and this little kid with a purple cloak told me my parents were dreaming and they wanted me to have a happier and stronger dream and it was time to begin my story. I then wake up on some beach, got attacked by a fiend, got this dagger after I accidently killed it. Found a path and walked into some really strange looking building where the same music was playing. I then step on some circle that glowed and then Auron appeared."

Wakka said "So the chambers of the faith have awakened. That might me bad. I hope SIN does not return."

Naruto asked "Whats SIN."

Wakka sighed and said "I will explain later, Lulu going to kill me for taking so long as it is." as he began to swim faster.

Around 20 minutes later Naruto and Wakka stepped out of the water and a black haired woman holding a little 3 year old in her arms was glaring at Wakka and said "Where have you been and who is this."

Wakka said "This is Naruto, Auron sent him Lulu."

The woman now identified as Lulu went wide eyed a moment and said "I see, its nice to meet you Naruto, I'm Lulu, may I ask why you are here."

A voice said "He's here to train." making everyone turn and Wakka and Lulu gasped and Naruto said "HEY YOU BASTARD, WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO, GET ME KILLED SHOVING ME OFF THAT FUCKING CLIFF."

Naruto felt a hand slap him upside the head and he turned and saw Lulu hand retreating and she said "Don't speak like that in front of my son."

Naruto looked sheepish and said "Sorry."

Wakka stuttered "Sir Auron, is it really you."

Auron said "Yes Wakka, I am looking for Tidus."

A scream of "AURON." was heard as a blond hair man ran up to Auron and pulled him into a hug.

Auron said "Its good to see you again Tidus, how are you."

Tidus said "Good and you."

Auron looked at Naruto and said "Alive."

Tidus followed Aurons look and asked "So whats with the kid."

Naruto glared and said "Im a ninja, not a kid."

Auron said "The Faiths sent him. They dream again."

Tidus said "I see, we should see Yuna."

Auron nods and said "Come." and Naruto grumbled "Sadistic, slave driving bastard." only to be hit upside the head again by Lulu who was following with Wakka.

Around 2 hours later Naruto was sitting at a table looking at a woman with brown hair and finished explaining his entire life with Auron telling what he knew along with Wakka, Tidus, Lulu and Wakka and Lulu son Vidina.

When he finished everyone were looking at him and Tidus said "So you met him huh, the Faith I mean. He seems like a kid but hes older then me."

Naruto said "Yeah, I met him. I don't really understand why you all want to know my story. I mean what good does knowing about how I was hated in my home deal with this mess. I bet the old man is missing me right now."

Tidus looked around and said "What do you all think."

Yuna frowned and said "If the Faiths are dreaming again we need to goto Zanarkand."

Lulu asked "The trials."

Yuna nods and Lulu said "I can't go, I need to stay with my our son."

Tidus said "I don't think the kid is ready for that either. I mean he would need to train alot because from what Auron said he does not have any real skills in battling Fiends and if theres a chance we have to fight SIN again I don't want to have to worry about his back while watching mine as well."

Auron nods and said "I agree but he needs weapons and learn how to use them as we..." he stopped as Naruto passed out.

Naruto awoke to find himself in front of a cage and saw Kyuubi who was looking away from Naruto toward the opposite wall and he asked "Oi, what am I doing here fox and where are we."

A voice said "We are in your mind and as for why you are here is because I called you."

Naruto turned and saw the same boy from before and asked "What do you want Faith."

Faith said "I came to tell you why you are here. Your world is fixing to make the same mistake our world did. You will have 2 years to train and to complete the Trials of the Faith in this world. You must learn everything from the ones who saved this world if you are to save your world. Have the priestess do a sending on you. It will take Kyuubi from you. You must become strong for yourself or your world will suffer in and endless spiral of death as ours once did. Good luck on your story." as he faded away.

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes and saw a black haired girl with a sword on her back with leather pants stairing at him and said "Your awake."

Naruto said "Yeah, how long was I out."

The girl said "2 days."

Naruto blinked and said "Damn, I need to speak with Yuna."

Yuna who was at the table across from where Naruto was laying said "What is it Naruto and why did you pass out."

Naruto sighed and said "The Faiths just talked to me again. They said they want you to do a sending on me. He said that it would send Kyuubi and give him something called a calm."

Tidus said "So did he say anything else." as he walked over to Naruto.

Naruto blinked and said "Yeah, he said I have 2 years to train and complete the Trials of the Faith. He said I have to get stronger or my world is going to suffer the same endless spiral of death this world had. Do you know what he meant." as he looked at everyone and notice a blond hair girl now standing by the black hair girl.

Tidus followed Naruto eyes and said "The blond is Rikku and the black hair girl is Paine."

Naruto looked at her a moment and said "Let me guess, shes a female version of Auron."

Rikku laughed at that and said "E dumt oui cu. I told you so" as she held her side.

Paine had a tickmark on her eyebrow and Naruto asked "What did she say."

Rikku stopped laughing and said "Sorry about that. I sometimes speak in Al Bhed."

Naruto asked "Whats Al Bhed."

Tidus slapped his head and said "I swear I am having Dejavu. Hes like me when I first got here."

Auron said "Enough, we need to begin his training. If his world is going to make the same mistake our world did then that means that his world is going to create SIN."

That stopped everyone talking and Tidus said "We can't let that happen. Come with me kid."

Naruto had a vein on his head and said "Quit calling me kid. My name is Naruto."

Tidus walked over to a closet and opened it up and took out a chest and said "Well if your going to need training you need some new cloths. Those rags you have on won't do. Here, try my old ones on." as he opened the chest.

Naruto walked over and started to look through them and said "You don't have any orange."

Paine said "Orange is not a good color. It makes it where anything can see you easier."

Naruto sighed and went through the cloths and found a pair of black shorts and a white shirt and a black vest. He went to where the bathroom was and changed before coming out and the cloths were a little baggy but Naruto had cut some of his Orange pants to make a belt to hold the pants on.

Yuna giggled and said "He looks like brother."

Rikku said "Yeah he does." also also laughing.

Tidus said "catch." as he threw Naruto a sword.

Wakka got wide eyed and Tidus said "Its a good sword. He needs one and if hes going to save the world might as well have your brothers sword to do it with."

Wakka sighs and said "Alright. Your right. He needs it now since you have yours."

Naruto said "Man, this things heavy."

Paine said "Then that is the first thing you need to train in. Follow me." as she lead him outside.

Naruto followed her and she lead him to a tree and said "Use that sword to strike from left to right, right to left, upper left to lower right, upper right to lower left, then lower right to upper left and lastly lower left to upper right 1000 times each. If you stop you have to start all over."

Naruto had tears in his eyes and said "I was right, you are a female Auron." only to get a cut on his back from Paine who said "Now begin."

Naruto immediately got to work and so began the journey for Naruto and the next 2 years. He learned the Al Bhed Language both written and speaking from Yuna as well as how to make grenades, he learned to play blitzball from Wakka and Tidus, He learned black magic from Lulu, He learned what it meant to be a summoner from Yuna. He learned also about the dress spheres and each of thier abilities but he only mastered Gunner. He learned 4 different sword skills from Tidus, Auron, Paine, and Rikku. After it was learned about the special ability of Kagebunshin durring a prank on Wakka each began hammering his or her skills into Naruto.

He made friends with them and he learned manners, cooking, hunting, camping, and other things no body ever taught him and that includes the birds and the bees from Rikku, Paine, Yuna, and Lulu. Poor Naruto even got to be there when Lulu had her second child. They named her Naruka after Naruto sexy no jutsu which he was forever banned from using.

Yuna did do the sending and taught it to Naruto. Naruto whisker marks disappeared over the next month.

He then began his trials and exactly 2 years after he arrived he was standing in front of the Faith Wall in Zanarkand and he felt himself fading away along with Auron.

Naruto blinked as he felt himself fade completely away and found himself on the Farplane again.

Naruto sighed and said "So where are you this time."

A voice said "Where is who Naruto." making Naruto turn and go wide eyed as he sees a red headed woman and a blon hair man he instantly knew as the Yondaime Hokage."

Naruto asked "How are you here. I mean your the Yondaime Hokage, your the one who sealed Kyuubi in me. Your the one who died doing it." as he was gaping.

The Yondaime chuckled and the woman said "I see our son has your million word a minute mouth dear."

The Yondaime said "Yes he does." with a smile on his face.

Naruto froze at those words and his mouth was moving but no words came out.

The woman stepped forward and put her arms around Naruto pulling him into a hug and said "I'm sorry for not being there for you son. I died shortly after I gave birth to you. My name is Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze."

Naruto had tears coming out of his eyes and screamed and anguish filled cry of "MOM." as he pulled her into a hug and prayed to never let go.

After several minutes of him crying he finally let her go and she stepped back and the Yondaime stepped forward and said "I am so sorry Naruto for what has happened to you. I never meant for any of that to happen.

Naruto asked "Why did you chose me."

The Yondaime said "Its because I could not ask anyone to give up their own child if I was not willing to do it and also because your mother had already passed away and I knew I would be dying as well so to try and give you some way to protect yourself so that was why I chose you."

Naruto thought for several moments and said "Alright, I can understand that. You chose the needs of the many over the needs of the few. My friends taught me that when I met Kimahri. He wanted to stay with his friends but as leader of the Ronso people he had to stay with them and ensure their protection."

Yondaime nods and said "So can you forgive me son."

Naruto said "Sure Yondaime."

The Yondaime frowned and said "My name is Minato Namikaze son and you can call me dad."

Naruto closed his eyes and sat down for a moment and asked "Why is it nobody told me I was your son. Why is my name Uzumaki and not Namikaze."

Minato said "I had alot of enemies. If they would have found out about you they would have killed you so I had the Sandiame keep you from finding out until you were strong enough to defend yourself."

Naruto sighed and said "Alright, I believe you dad."

Minato hugged Naruto and a few moments later Naruto asked "Now what."

A voice said "Now you prepare to go back to your world. It time for you to continue your story."

Naruto saw the Faith and asked "What about all the time I was gone. I mean I am older now and all the time I was gone."

Minato said "Naruto, hand me your weapon and weapons and dress sphere."

Naruto handed it to him and Minato cut Naruto arm and began drawing a seal and quickly sealed his sword and dress sphere in it.

The faith said "You have aged 2 years but to everyone in your world it has been only a few hours. You will wake up in your bed the day after you learned of Kyuubi. You no longer have Kyuubi but you have everything you learned in Spira. Your journey begins a new..."

End flashback

Naruto sighed as he looked at himself in his mirror. He was now 2 years older, leaner, stronger, more mature. He is now dressed in his cloths he got from Tidus. I pair of black shorts with a white shirt and a black vest. He frowned and slipped the dress sphere over to gunner and activated the change and his cloths were replaced with a pair of low ridding black pants with a black belt with his gun holster on his left hip. Naruto took the gun holster and the belt off and then changed back to his regular cloths and slipped the belt and holster on. He then switched through it again and set if for black mage and changed cloths again but this time he took his black stetson hat and set it down before changing back to his normal cloths and slipped it on.

Naruto thought "ok, now the hat will cover my hair, I need something to hides my guns and sword."

He then switch to gun mage and took off a black cloak from the out fit and thought "Ok, that will hide my sword on my back, my guns, my hair, anything else. My eyes."

Naruto then switch to lady luck and took the shades before changing back. Naruto put all the accesseries to his normal warrior sphere and he thought "Now lets see, no one will be able to recognise me. I need to see the old man but I need a new name to get away from the hate. Hmm, I got it. Hynidu Naruto Namikaze. Now to go see the Hokage." as he left his appartment.