It has been a month now since Naruto first began training under Anko and true to her word she worked on Naruto chakra control and he has learned tree climbing, leaf balancing, water walking, kunai balancing, senbon balancing, and snake balancing...wait what, you heard me, snake balancing. Its where Naruto had to use chaka to stand with his hands on a 2 seperate snakes as they slithered across the ground with his feet in the air while the snakes tried to shake him and if they did then he would have the cobra snake that was following him bite him in the ass.

Naruto sighed as he kept his balance and said "So sensei, how much longer do I need to do this. I started at sunrise and now it is noon so that is nearly 6 hours."

Anko who was eating Dango said "Well you already mastered it but I was waiting to see how long you would do it before asking to stop."

Naruto flipped off the snakes and glared at her and said "You mean to tell me that I could have stopped that at any time."

Anko said "Yeap." as she threw her dango stick.

Naruto glared at her and said "Fine, so what now. I mean you already taught me all the chakra control exercises that you know and you forced me to do up my own weight training to 200 lbs on each limb and 300 on my chest which wasn't much of an increase. You also have taught me a couple of jutsu and the basic of your taijustu."

Anko said "Well, I was thinking about starting missions now. What do you say."

Naruto said "Sure. I wouldn't mind it. I mean the forest of death loses its appeal after the first week." as he looked around the forest he has been training in for a while.

Anko jumps down and Naruto said "Hey Anko, I was wondering if you could answer something for me." as he put back on his shirt that he took off before doing the snake balancing."

Anko said "Maybe gaki, what."

Naruto asked "Do you have a demon sealed in you."

Anko stopped and looked at Naruto and asked "Why do you think that."

Naruto said "Well, I told you about how I do magic and how I was able to find you because of mana right."

Anko nods and Naruto said "Well I notice last week that you have 2 different mana sources and I thought you might have been like I was."

Anko slowly reaches her shoulder and said "No gaki, I don't have a demon."

Naruto looked at her and said "I see, sorry to upset you." as he saw the pained look on her face.

Anko sighed and said "No gaki, its ok. I...just hate being reminded of what happened to me."

Naruto said "This has something to do with why the people treat you bad, huh."

Over the time Naruto and Anko had been training together Anko let her mask slip around him and they have a relationship of honesty.

Anko was silent for several minutes and said "Yeah. My sensei, Orochimaru, when he left me he used me as a test subject for his curse seal. Its the other source of mana you feel for me. I have to be careful because if I use it then there is a chance I could die. Come on gaki, lets go get a mission."

Naruto was quite a moment and he said "I might be able to get rid of it."

Anko froze and slowly turned to him and asked "What."

Naruto said "I might be able to do the same thing that was done to me to get rid of my seal."

Anko looked at him and asked "What happens if it don't work."

Naruto said "nothing, I was just thinking I could do a sending and if it works then it would be gone. I figure since it has its own mana it would be just like a fiend in a way so I could try it if you want."

Anko looked at him for several minutes while deep in thought and said "Alright gaki. What do you need me to do."

Naruto smiled and said "Just sit down and don't say anything. It will take about an hour to do it and I can't stop once I start."

Anko sat down and said "Ok kid. Do your best."

Naruto nods and using his dress sphere to change into his white mage cloths which were a set of white robes with a ruby red staff and he closed his eyes and slowly he started to dance slowly.

Anko watched him move and for about 5 minutes nothing happened when she saw little lights start coming out of the ground and flying in the air and she slowly heard the sound of music playing from the lights.

As Naruto danced the music got louder and louder to her as more and more lights appeared and Naruto was covered in a natural glow as he danced.

Anko was in a trance as she watched the dance and she saw a huge bug that was on the tree slowly beginning to fade away and her eyes got wide as lights came from it.

She then saw something fly by her face and she saw it came from her shoulder and she thought "Please let this work."

Over the next hour Naruto continued to dance around her and the clearing and he finally stopped as he held his staff in front of him and he slowly fell to his knees panting.

Naruto said in gasped breaths "I'm done." as he fell face first to the ground.

Anko ran over to him and picked him up before using shushin to appear in the tower at the center of the forest of death and she put him in one of the room and went to the bathroom and got a couple of wet wash cloths and she glanced in the mirror and walked back to where Naruto was but froze and slowly backed back into the bathroom and looked and she giggled lightly and then started to chuckle before bursting into a full blown laugh. She finally calmed down and went to wiped the sweat and dirt off of Naruto face and set down in a chair beside his bed and said "Thank you."

The next day at dawn Naruto awoke and saw Anko sleeping in a chair beside his bed and he groaned waking Anko up and asked "How long."

Anko looked at her watch and said "About 16 hours. How do you feel." as she looked at him.

Naruto said "Still a little tired but not bad. Did it work."

Anko smiled and said "Yeah."

Naruto said "Good, I can't believe how many unsent spirits were in this forrest."

Anko said "Well its called the forest of death for a reason. A lot of people died here but yeah, I can't believe some of what I say."

Naruto nods and said "Did you hear the hymn of the Faith."

Anko looked confused and asked "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Music, when I was doing the sending did you hear music."

Anko said "Yeah, it was calm and soothing, why."

Naruto smiled and said "Then that means this world has a connection to the farplane. I wondered how I actually went between Spira and this world and thought it was just because of Kyuubi and the others but now I'm not sure. If I am right then I think I just got alot stronger."

Anko looked at him and asked "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Lets get outside. I want to try summoning."

Anko said "You have a contract. With who."

Naruto said "Secret. Come on." as he got up and quickly changed back to warrior and asked "So how do we get out of here."

Anko stood up and put her hand on Naruto shoulder and both left in a swirl of leaves appearing back in the forest.

Naruto said "Stay here." as he walked into a clearing and closed his eyes for a moment and said "Wing Lord of the sky, head my call, take flight and aid me in my time of need, fight by my side and clear the clouds that enshroud me, I call you Valefor."

Anko looked at Naruto as he looked into the sky and Anko went wide eyed as a huge seal appeared in the sky and turned before a glow erupted from it and a bird like creature flew out of the seal ad flew through the trees and landed beside Naruto.

Naruto smiled and scratched Valefor at the shoulder of both its wings and said "Hello my old friend. I returned to my home and wanted to see if I could still call you. Will you still aid me."

Valefor spread its wings and flapped them before lowering its head to look at Naruto who said "Of coarse. Anko sensei, can we have a summon battle. Valefor wishes to test himself here."

Anko said "Sure kid." getting over her shocked and a few moments later a 20 foot brown snake appeared and Naruto said "Now Valefor, Sonic Wings."

Valefor flew into the air and flapped its wings and blades of wind shot out and cut the several times making the snake shreek in pain before it dispelled.

Anko was wide eyed and Naruto said "Thank you my friend. You may rest."

Valefor screeched one time before flying back into the sky and burst into fireflies.

Naruto smiled and said "Now I feel like I can fight again. Good." as he turned to Anko who was gaping.

Anko asked "What was that."

Naruto said "An Aeon."

Anko said "The thing Kyuubi and the others were suppose to be."

Naruto nods and asked "How many can you summon."

Naruto thought a moment and said "10."

Anko shook her head and said "Come on kid, lets get some missions." as she shushined both to the gates of the forest of death.

Half and hour later both Naruto and Anko were standing in the Hokage office and the third said "So Anko, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit."

Anko said "2 things, one look." as she pulled her coat over and showed her now mark free neck.

The third gasped and got up and walked over to inspect the site where the mark had been and asked "How."

Anko said "The kid here. He did the same thing that happened to him to get rid of his curse for me."

The third said "That's good news Anko, so Hynidu, are there any side effects."

Naruto said "Yeah, did you know most of the animals in the forest of death was actually unsent souls. Its a lot quieter there now."

The third sweatdropped and Anko said "Any ways. The reason we are here is we want a mission and if you give me anything below a C I will castrate you."

The third paled and said "Right um..." as he looked over the missions and said "How good is he Anko."

Anko said "He could be ANBU why."

The third said "I have an SS-rank mission I need taken care of but I don't have anyone I can trust with it."

Anko narrowed her eyes and asked "What is the mission."

The third said "About a week ago this message began repeating on several radio frequency. Nobody can translate it but it has been detected all over the elemental country. I want you and Naruto to investigate this and see if you can track down the source of the transmission." as he handed the scroll to Anko.

Anko read the scroll and asked "Are we sure this is even words. I mean what kind of word is Kimmfehkc."

Naruto eyes got wide and grabbed the scroll and began to read

Asankahlo, drec ec dra Kimmfehkc, fa haat ramb. Ev yhouha lyh rana ic bmayca nacbuht. Fa yna linnahdmo mulydat cusa frana mega dra drihtan bmyehc. Fa haat ramb

The third asked "What is it Naruto."

Naruto paled and said "Its Al Bhed, It says 'Emergency, this is the Gullwings, we need help. If anyone can here us please respond. We are currently located some where like the thunder plains. We need help.' They said they are someplace like the thunder plains, Is there any place that has a lot of lightning old man." with worry on his face.

The third said "Yes, lightning country."

Naruto said "I need to go. If the Gullwings are here then its my family from Spira." with worry in his voice.

The third said "How did they get here Hydinu."

Naruto said "I don't know but I need to find them. They need help." raising his voice and getting frustrated.

The third said "Alright Hydinu calm down. Anko, you and Hynidu head toward Cloud country. You both will have to go in under cover. Don't take anything to show you as Konoha shinobi and track down the gullwings. Leave as soon as possible."

Naruto said "Thank you old man." as he turned to Anko and asked "When do we leave."

Anko said "Go get those all the scrolls and supplies you need and meet me at the south gate in an hour. We will head out then."

Naruto nods and takes off out the window running down the side of the building.

After he was gone the third said "Anko, I want you to try and keep things as quite as possible while keeping an eye on Hynidu friends. I don't like the fact he aged 2 years and I don't know how or why those people are here now. If you believe they are a threat I want you to head to the tempest fort and stay there while sending a message back. I will send Ibiki and the black ops."

Anko nods and leaves in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto was running toward his house when he saw Tenten sitting on his steps again and he ran to the door trying to get the key and Tenten asked "Whats the rust Hynidu. You need to calm down."

Naruto looked at her and said "I can't, my sisters might be here and they need help. I got to get ready to help them." as he finally had enough and just stepped back and kicked the hell out of the door breaking it off the henge's.

Tenten sweatdropped as Naruto ran inside grabbing things and she stepped in after him and as he started to run passed her she grabbed his coat and slammed him against the wall holding a kunai to his neck and said "Now stop a moment and calm down. If you go off half cocked like you are right now you might get yourself and them killed if they really are here so calm down."

Naruto closed his eyes and took several breaths and slowly calmed down.

Tenten noticed this and said "now think a moment. Are you sure you got everything you are going to need."

Naruto looked at her for a moment thinking in his head and said "No, I almost forgot my food and medical supplies. If they need help they might need medical help and Anko sensei has taught me basic first aid. Thanks." as he walks over and grabs the scroll that contains food and another that contains medical kits.

Tenten said "Now, when will you be back."

Naruto said "I don't know. We have to head to cloud country."

Tenten frowned and said "Be careful Hynidu. Cloud and Konoha are not on the best of terms."

Naruto nods and looks at his door and rubs the back of his head sheepishly and said "oops."

Tenten giggles and said "Get out of here. I will take care of it for you and watch your place."

Naruto said "Thanks Tenten. I appreciate it."

Tenten said "no problem, you can pay me back by showing me that copycat skill."

Naruto said "Alright." as he starts to leave only to be pulled back and gets a peck on the cheek and Tenten said "Be safe."

Naruto nods and walks out and Tenten looked at the door and sighs as she reaches into her weapon pouch and pull out a scroll and said "hmm, lets see if I can't improve the door." as she unseales her grenade kits, screwdrivers, and other tools.

When Naruto got to the gate Anko was there and asked "You ready."

Naruto nods and they took off into the trees.