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My civilization on the world of Odien Three, where my father ruled, was one of the first to be overcome by the Necromonger fleet, forced to follow a faith not my own and be Changed. The process had been painful, but it was that pain that allowed me to do what none of my world had accomplished. After the conversion I quickly realized that my will was my own, that my thoughts revolted against this new life and, with the exception of my new scars, I was unchanged. The Cleansing had not affected me like it had my companions. I was still free.

But to remain such came at a price. My survival depended on learning the behavior of the Cleansed, learning their thought patterns, beliefs and actions. I learned to perfectly imitate even the strongest of believers with a false conviction even the Lord Marshal himself could not duplicate. The initial status given to me, a mere slave, allowed me to stay unnoticed among those I served and, even when I became a servant to the bastard that ruled us, my secret stayed undiscovered.

From the background, I witnessed the fateful day when our world changed. I watched as this stranger my 'master' feared sent him to the Underverse, the after-life our people coveted so, and felt a joy I had not experienced in years. This new Lord Marshal became my beacon of hope but I still feared what his rule could bring. He was the monster under the bed of men and mercs alike, with more kills to his name than any before him and known for his anmialistic side. His eyes shined a silver emptiness as he'd scanned the crowd surrounding him and his name was whispered through the crowed like a plague. Riddick.

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