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Hiya guys! Yeah. I'm back! Amazing, I know. See, I was going through a period of absolute hell recently – my hard drive died a horrible death. Thusly, all of my Word documents went bye bye. All of my half-finished or ready to be posted stories/chapters for my more popular stories all were GONE. I still don't know how I'm going to recover from this one. I'll have to rewrite a lot of stuff and remember the plotlines for some of the events in my stories. With any luck, I'll have more free time, considering that it's summer and all to write the chapters all over again. #sob#

Okay, here's my first shot attempt at a Yu-Gi-Oh gx fic, not to mention my first even slightly… y'know, dirty fic. Oh, boy. Didn't think I watched shows bastardized by 4kids? WRONG. DEAD WRONG. I just can't get enough of the characters. I love them so much. I just skip over the children's card game stuff. Most of the duels get fast-forwarded. Hehehe. Take that, network execs.

I'm kind of nervous about it, actually. I don't write lemons; I just don't. That could be because I embarrass way easy. So please, please keep in mind that this is going to be my first attempt at an M-rated when you review, seeing as you WILL be reviewing.

DISCLAIMER: Them bastards at 4kids. They can take and bastardize all the good stuff, but they can NEVER STOP THE GHEY.




"I'm horny."

Johan's head jerked up from his book, red from ear to ear. "You couldn't find a more delicate way to say it?"

"Delicacy is for society types." Judai pouted, head turning toward the open window in the Slifer red dorm. "I'm not what you'd call delicate to begin with."

Johan rolled his eyes and tried to begin reading his book again. Of course, after a statement like that, it was hard to focus on anything in particular.



Judai looked at Johan with the cutest eyes he could make. "So – what are you going to do about it?"

Johan gave up any pretense at reading his book. "Look, Judai, why don't you…"

An eyebrow was raised, a small smirk accompanying it. "Why don't I…"

The blunette's face turned even redder. Why did Judai have to look like he did? No human should ever be that beautiful. "Just leave me alone. After all, doesn't it go 'all things in moderation'?"

"'All things in moderation' my ass," Judai muttered.

"Literally." Johan received one of those I'll-get-you-later looks.

"Johaaaan. I need you." Johan's face was nearly emptied of blood via his face at the voice alone. Oh, God. That had to be the sexiest, neediest voice in the world. His legs and fingers quivered in anticipation. Which should win: his pride and stubbornness or his bodily lusts? Well, both were sins anyway. Fuck it! NO. That shouldn't be how everything was decided in life. Pride won.

"Listen to me Judai." Johan's fingers wrapped around the shorter boy's arms, the joking tone now abandoned. "You need to learn something other than new positions and ways to move your ass. You need to learn a magical, fantastical thing called modesty. I'm not going to spoil you by giving you everything you want."

"But I'm not the only one who wants it!" Protested Judai, pointing. Johan twitched and backed off, wondering if his face could remain at its normal complexion for over thirty seconds around the other boy.

"That's not the point I'm trying to make. I'm saying this: No sex for you."

Judai gasped in terror.

"That's right. Abstinence. Your worst fear, realized."

"Johan, no!"


"But, but, but… why?"

"I've explained it several times now. If you're having trouble remembering it, just look at those paragraphs up there."

"But paragraphs are looooong. And please, Johan, just, please, only once, it doesn't even have to be fancy-"

"Not a chance. It starts now and ends when I decide." Johan got up to leave the room, wondering exactly how much of this declaration would actually be upheld for longer than two days.

Judai's hand shot out and grabbed Johan's arm, pulling him into a deep kiss that left his legs quivering, eyes glazed, and face redder than ever.

"I'll see to it," Judai whispered into Johan's ear, "that you aren't able to keep that promise for long. I'll make your life hell. See if I don't."

Johan ran for it before he lost control completely, another, larger hand grabbing his arm and swinging him around at the last stretch out of the Slifer dorms.


The Australian boy looked at Johan with his good eye, a sarcastic smirk in place, looking like he was about to laugh. "Wotch yeself, mate. If I know Judai like I think I doe, 'e'll 'ave ye kneeling at 'is feet in a week or less. I'll save a 'ospital bed fo' ye. Good luck. I'll sta't talking to the guys about placing bets 'n' such."

Johan made a face. "Placing bets?"

"Don't knock it, mate. There's good money ta be made when comes to thin's like this. I'll be puttin' my money on Judai, jest so's ye know."

"Faithless bastard."


Johan had finally calmed down enough to go back to his own dorm room, a place that he really hadn't seen much since having met Judai. Looking around the room, he realized that he'd left most of his things in Slifer dorm. Oh, well. He'd have to go to bed without brushing his teeth that night and risk the plaque. Better than going back to Slut!Judai.

"You look like hell," O'Brien informed Johan, handing him coffee. Johan, who normally couldn't get past the smell, downed half the contents in one gulp. O'Brien made a face and went back to making bacon and waffles. For a mercenary type, he was a surprisingly good cook.

It had been a whole week since the initial declaration of war between the two lovers and Judai had kept his word. At every opportunity, he had tried to get as close to Johan as physically possible without actually having sex. Judai also was an expert at being able to keep Johan away from any and all bathrooms, which had nearly killed him twice over now. And the dreams. Oh, GAWD, the dreams. Judai had given enough material to fuel dreams for a month. These dreams were what had kept Johan awake and fully alert during strange hours of the morning when he should've been sleeping. This had been meant as a punishment for a spoiled Judai, so why was it so damn hard on Johan? He only took solace in the thought that Judai had to be suffering just as much, a thought that was fleeting at best, considering that the boy must be having a lot of fun teasing his love-starved boyfriend. Johan would suffer in silence, though, if it meant that a) Judai would learn his lesson and b) that shmuck Jim would lose copious amounts of money. Always a plus in any situation.

That ass. That face. That hair. The poses. The posture. The way his hips sort of swayed a bit to make to fabric ride right up into- crap. He was doing it again. Johan really had to stop the random lapses into Judai-ville. Maybe it was time to take up drugs. Or smoking. Or jaywalking. Or something equally risky. Anything was better than thinking thoughts that he was no longer allowed to think. But why? questioned the ever-reasonable part of his mind. Why aren't you allowed to think of your own boyfriend as jailbait? Isn't that a privilege that you get WHEN you become the boyfriend? Why subject yourself to this just to teach him a lesson? The other, less reasonable and decidedly more retarded part of his mind fought back with tooth and nail, never letting his pride waver. Sometimes, Johan wished that his pride could stuff it.

"I take it you've heard the news from Jim?"

O'Brien turned from his waffles for a second. "Sure did. He's getting the whole school involved in the biggest damn betting pool ever. Sorry 'bout this, but personally, I think it's funny."

"You suck," Johan moaned.

"You wish."


O'Brien coughed and put the bacon on the table, setting out silverware. "Thanks, man. You have no idea how much help you've been these past couple of days."

"So how long are you planning to put yourself through hell? 'Till you die of undersexed-ness?"

Johan paled for once. He had really never put any thought into it. How long would he have to put up with this? "So who didja bet on?"

O'Brien turned back to his waffles quickly. Johan threw bacon at the back of his head. "So wasteful," O'Brien muttered, putting the soiled meat in the trashcan.

"Much as I hate to say it, you may win that bet. I hate this. I don't know how long I can hold out. Judai plays dirty. If Judai just acted normal – er, well, you know, how he acts in front of you guys – then I'd be able to cope just fine. But hell. He doesn't make it easy. I wish he didn't know me so well. He knows exactly how to turn me on without having to say a word. He likes watching me suffer, too. I know that look on his face. The little sexy bastard is having fun doing this. I'm starting to think that Jim put him up to it."

"Judai can be a bastard all on his own, I think."

"Amen." Johan lightbulbed. "Hey!"

"Uh-oh. I know a bad idea when I see one."

"It's not a bad idea!" Johan protested, standing up from his seat at the breakfast table. "Can you talk to Judai for me? Just to find out how he's taking it? If I can figure out how long he can last, I can put more effort into outlasting him for just long enough! Thinking that I'll have to do this forever will definitely make me think of giving in, but if I know when it's okay to stop, it'll be so much easier to bear!"

O'Brien looked over at a wall pointedly.

"I'll pay you."




"Johan is about to kill himself."


"He sent me to figure out how long you can keep up your little sexy asshole thing."

"Sounds like something he'd do."

"I'm serious. He needs you. Just admit your loss or something and don't try to seduce him for a little bit and he'll be all over you before the day is done. Admitting a loss would actually just mean that you'd win."

"How much did he pay you to tell me that?"

"…The right amount."

Judai looked up at the sky outside of Slifer dorm. "I think it's just a battle of pride now. I'm going a little crazy myself over here. I mean, he hasn't even come over to get his bags. I've still got his toothbrush and some other stuff. I don't want to know whose toothbrush he's borrowing in the meantime."

O'Brien tried looking thoughtful. "What if you both gave up at the same time? Then you two can go into a nice secluded closet or something and the rest of us can stop having to make breakfast for sex-starved queers who can't take care of their own damn needs."

Judai looked at O'Brien with an odd face. "He's making you make him breakfast?"

"Why? Jealous that he's in my rooms? Every morning?"

Judai blushed and looked at his fingers.

"No matter how much Johan may have paid me, just keep in mind that I actually am a friend to the both of you. Just a shot in the dark here, but did you ever think that maybe I'm concerned?" Judai raised an eyebrow. "He drank half a mug of coffee this morning in one gulp." Judai's eyes widened in shock.

"No way," he breathed.

"See how much he wants you? You've driven him to madness. Most of the time, he can never get past the smell and tells us so at every opportunity."

Judai smiled a little, a strangely alien thing on his face. "I really do love that idiot," he confessed.

"I'd bet you my deck that he's thinking the exact same thing about you. Now let's quit with the fluff scene this silly bitch of a writer came up with and go have a chat with Jim about me withdrawing my bets." Judai laughed a tiny bit and pried himself up from the wooden stairway.

Judai followed O'Brien at a trot like a lost puppy, looking around him. Every day, no matter how long it had been, he would always be looking at the inside of the main building as though it were his first time of seeing it.

Suddenly, O'Brien stopped walking. Judai slammed into his back. Rubbing his nose, Judai tried to peer over the taller boy's shoulders. O'Brien heard the sharp intake of breath from behind his dreds.

Judai walked out from behind the black boy, suddenly like a cat with a favourite toy.

"Hey there, boytoy!"

"Oh, God." Johan's eyes got huge as he looked for something to hide behind. There was no such luck.

Judai twined around the taller boy much like the aforementioned cat. "I get the feeling you've been avoiding me…" Johan shivered. "You hurt my feelings!" Judai's mouth brushed Johan's ear as he gasped out in a shushed moan, "It huuuuurts…!" Johan was visibly shaking now, looking like he was about to break and jump Judai right then and there. O'Brien looked on in admiration. Judai was really good when it came to torture. Maybe he should work for the State or something.

But Judai hadn't finished his version of a greeting. He wrapped his arms around Johan's waist from behind and pressed their lower bodies together. "I really missed you… lemme see your face." Judai spun him around and brought their faces close together. "You left your bags at my room. You left your toothbrush too." Judai tucked an arm around the back of Johan's neck and pulled closer, running his tongue along Johan's lips, then his teeth. He pulled back sharply, winked, then walked away, swinging his hips enough to make the fabric around his crotch look tighter.

O'Brien walked up to the shell-shocked Johan. "You handled that well."

"Are you kidding? The only reason I didn't fuck him right then and there was because I was too scared to move."

"In that case, you sucked."

"I wish," he moaned, real fervor making his voice shake as much as the rest of him.

O'Brien breathed deeply. "Touché. Just remember to breathe when you lose this battle of pride, got it?"

Sho, being as innocent as he was, had no idea what was going on with his best friend and his best friend's best friend. He was concerned, though. For one thing, Judai-aniki seemed to be losing some of his old spark, growing more world-weary as the days progressed. Sho had no idea what could be happening to Johan, for the simple reason that the blunette was starting to become a hermit, staying in his own room most of the time or running to a friend's room for food or the smallest amount of human contact needed to stay sane. To a smarter person, these signs would've been enough to draw conclusions, but Sho, being a bit of a dip when it came to matters of the heart, decided to ask someone else. While it may've been possible to overlook poor Sho's shortcomings in this area, his choice of who to turn to for answers was not so easily forgivable.

"So, Manjoume-kun, what is going on between them? I would say that they're mad at each other, but every time that Aniki sees Johan-san, he's all over him! He can't be that angry if he's being so friendly!" Sho finished, exasperated.

"Well what makes you think I know anything?!" Manjoume yelled. "Those two are the weirdest damn people on the planet and you're asking me to understand their behaviour? I'm not some frickin' psychoanalyst or something!! I don't know!!"

Sho made a sad face. "Actually, I'd kinda hoped you would," he said.

"Don't know, don't care," Manjoume said.

"Oh, okay."


"Then do you know anyone who would know?"

Manjoume slammed his forehead onto the wooden tabletop. "Sho, why do you care about those fags anyway? No, don't answer that," he said, seeing Sho begin to open his mouth. "I don't know who else could tell you specifics. All I know is that Johan has been talking to O'Brien a lot more – almost every morning. Not to mention that Jim has been up to something big for as long as this funk the dumbass duo have been in began. Both of them probably have something to do with it, or they know what's going on. If all else fails, Asuka forever knows more than she tells."

Sho smiled happily. "Thanks so much, Manjoume-kun!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!! AT LEAST CALL ME SEMPAI!!" Manjoume hollered to the back of a blue jacket that was scampering away.

Sho walked around the campus, starting to rethink his life. O'Brien was scary. Frankly, his nose was what terrified Sho the most. Large noses or really curved noses somehow had always scared the living crap out of him. Then there was Jim. God save him. What kind of person carried around a croc on his back and named it Karen? Aussie or no, there were some limits to how weird foreigners were allowed to be. And that animal's teeth! They were bigger than O'Brien's nose and quite a bit sharper. Sho considered himself a pretty tasty-looking morsel to a crocodile, not to be conceited or anything.

All that was left was Asuka.

Sho swallowed and began to walk up the long walkway to the Obelisk Blue dorms. There was no way that this could end well.

O'Brien was talking to Jim.

"So if you're accepting bets from anyone anywhere on the campus, how much is in the pool currently?" O'Brien asked.

"I don't really sea what's in it fo' me, mate. If I tell ye, ye might decide ta get ideas. Dangerous things, them."

"Just a hint?"

"Not a chance, mate," Jim smirked.

"Fine then. Who's got the favour?"

"Ya don't 'ave to ask ta know, I should think."

O'Brien shook his head. "No one has any faith in Johan anymore."

"With that one fer an opponent, I'm quite su'prised that 'e 'asn't just given up by now."

"Good point."

"Any idea when I'll be collectin' on these bets?" Jim asked.

O'Brien glared at the taller man. "The two of them are really fighting with all they've got right now. It's not my place to say who's going to come out on top." The black boy tried hard to ignore the sinister chuckles Jim 'accidentally' let slip.

"Then at least tell meh why the insep'rable two a' fightin'."

"If that's what you want to call it." O'Brien sighed, his eyebrows furrowed. "Apparently Johan thinks that Judai just wants him for his butt."

"An' Judai?"

"Wouldn't mind a bit of butt."

"Unde'statement of the century," Jim said. "But if'in they love each other so much, shouldn't they know each other well 'nuff ta tell what the other is really thinkin'? Understand each other or somethin'?"

"I thought that too at one point. However, I came to the realization that the iron rules of love aren't always true when both parties are complete and utter dolts," O'Brien observed. Jim just nodded, munching on a Poptart.

"Y'know, mate, I used ta think these things were gross. But then I figu'ed out that you're supposed ta toast them. They look so no'mal on the outside, but have somethin' special on the inside. It could be compa'ed to the relationship that your dolts 'ave. They need to be exposed ta the right conditions befo'e we can see jest 'ow deep their 'earts run. We may think that this a'gument is stupid now, and mayhap it is, but p'rhaps there's more to it than what we see on the su'face. "

O'Brien shook his head. "I think you're the only one in the world who could compare a love relationship to a Poptart. Kenzan was right about you."

"Now, what's that s'posed ta mean, mate? What is Dino Boy sayin' about me b'hind my back?" O'Brien just smirked and began to walk away.

Judai had followed Johan back to the Obelisk Blue dorms. It had been days since Johan had ventured outdoors, and that one little tease in the Main Building hadn't even begun to improve Judai's condition. In fact, he was positive that it had made it worse, because now he remembered what it was like to touch and kiss his lover. It made him remember, vividly, exactly what he was missing. He was missing Johan.

"Johaaaaaaan!" The blunette turned around as if heckled by the demons of Hell. "Oh, now what's that face for? I'd hoped you'd be a little…" Judai wrapped his hands around Johan's lower back, "happier… to see me!"

"Ju-Ju-Judai, maybe we sh-shouldn't, ah…"

"Hm?" Judai was at least a little happy that he had such a startling affect on his boyfriend. If he would ever think to doubt Johan's affections, all he would have to do was think back to Johan's behaviour now.

"Maybe we shouldn't be fighting right now!" Johan finally choked out.

"Then what do you want from me? I love you and I thought that was all we needed…" Judai wasn't teasing anymore, but he still had to fight hard not to show how hurt he really was.

"I don't know, I don't… But Judai, I just got to thinking that…" Johan turned away, eyes darkening.

"Please, what? What did I do wrong?" Judai said.

"I got to thinking that you only wanted me for-"


Johan's eyes widened. His head jerked up, his face a mask of surprise.

"How could you think that of me?! I know what you were about to say, and I just want you to know that if you finished that sentence, I'll kill you personally!! Is that the sort of person you think I am?" Judai could feel his face growing hotter, his hands shaking as he gripped his lover's shoulders. It getting harder to see through the held-back tears and his tongue felt thicker and more clumsy than normal. He buried his face in Johan's jacket, expressly forbidding his eyes to water more than they were doing already.

Johan was speechless. He had never seen Judai quite so upset. His voice had cracked at least twice during his speech, breaking Johan's heart open a little more with each word. Strong arms wrapped around Judai, gripping as though to never let him go.

"Can I… get my toothbrush back?"

Judai's head jerked up, a big, if somewhat awkward smile on his face, happiness radiating from his form. A red sleeve was brought up to wipe his eyes and the other hand went straight to Johan's, curling around it gently. Johan took the lead, smiling softly.

"So, boss, is he the right one? I mean, he sounds just like you described him. He's wearing blue, he's got good looks, and he's got a boyfriend who fits the other descriptions. Can we get him now?" the darkly dressed man muttered into his walkie-talkie, clearly impatient and cramped.

"Let me check out this kid. Keep tabs on him. If he really is the guy we're looking for, then you get a bigger cut of the profits. If those around him will be problems, do as you please." The crackly voice shut off with a click. The man in the bushes grinned, showing sharpened teeth that were a dazzling white.

"Nice," he said, and moved from his position.

"Anikiiii! Aniki!" Sho yelled.

"Sho? What's wrong; calm down!" Judai said.

"Aniki, something terrible has happened!"

Johan looked back and forth between the two of them, confused as ever. Sho was too hysterical to be clearly heard, but at least Judai seemed to have a vague idea what he was saying.

"What happened? Has the cafeteria run out of fried shrimp?!"

"Aniki, I'm serious!"

"So am I," Judai muttered. "But if that's not the problem, then what is?"

"I think…" Sho swallowed hard. "I think that Asuka-chan has been kidnapped!"

"Say what?!" both Judai and Johan yelled as one.

"It's true! I was going to ask her about… um, stuff which doesn't seem relevant anymore… and when she wasn't in her room, I started getting worried, so I looked around a little and I found this!" Sho reached into his shirt (why there, of all places, I ask you, do anime people keep all of their little knick-knacks??) and pulled out a much-rumpled paper with strange writing on it. Johan snatched it before Judai had the chance to do so, being the faster reader of the two.

"It says,

'This young girl will be gone by the time anyone

notices anything. We know that she has those

who care for her, so be warned: should no one

meet our demands, she will suffer the consequences.

We ask for very little: only 2 million dollars, American

currency, cash only, to be delivered per specifications

given upon your acceptance of our demands. Said

acceptance can be posted at the underside of the

docks on the West side of the island. In addition,

the student who delivers the notice must fit this

description: a third-year boy from Obelisk Blue

Dorm with blue or teal hair, bright green eyes,

black pants, and brown boots. If you wish to

decline the offer we have made, then send a

third-year boy from Slifer Red dormitories

with chocolate hair and eyes and jeans.

should you accept, further information

will be given to the messenger.'"

"Poor Asuka," Judai whispered. "They're going to kill her unless they get the money?"

"Seems like it. But what has me worried…"


"Asuka can take care of herself, and as long as the culprits think that she can get them a payday, they won't harm her if they know what's good for them. I'm not too worried about her safety. What I'm worried about is the conditions for communications between the kidnappers and the school…" Johan's eyebrows drew together in worry.

"What about them? All it talks about is what the people should look like and…" Judai stopped short, his own eyes growing wide.

"You realized it, then."

"But… why on earth…?"

"Beats me."

"Pardon me, but I'm getting the feeling that I missed something important to the plot of this story," Sho said.

"You did," Johan said. "The note… is saying that either Judai or I must be the ones to deliver the notice of acceptance or declination. See? The descriptions, they match our appearances perfectly. There's no way that that's a coincidence, not to mention that they even mentioned my boots. I wear my boots from home; Duel Academy doesn't supply their students with shoes this colour or style. The description is specific to me. Also, Judai is one of the few people around campus that wears jeans, and he's definitely the only one who fits the rest of the description who does so. If this is a coincidence, I'm a dancing bear. Not to mention that since the physical appearance of the person means that there'd be no way to fool them into thinking that we are going to accept their terms and then turn on them. It's harder to fool a person when all they need to rely on is your appearance."

Sho looked at his feet. "Then what can we do…?"

"First off, we need to inform the principle, no matter what transpires. Plus, there's no way in hell that just us students can rustle up 2 million in so little time. The office can contact her parents, or something like that," Johan said.

"Shouldn't we try to save her or something?" Judai asked, eyes painful.

"No," Johan said curtly. "If we try… we may put her in more danger than she needs to be in. We're not dealing with people who care at all about the world, or world powers for which we would have to duel. If that were the case, I'd say, go ahead and charge right in. But we're not. We're dealing with people who only care about money and won't care one bit about cards. They may just kill us if we try anything, or worse… they could decide to kill Asuka if things get too bad. They may not be able to afford lugging her around if she isn't the most cooperative of captives." Judai looked miserable, but his eyes showed grudging comprehension. "Let's go to the main building."

The three of them ran as fast as their legs could humanly carry them.

"Chancellor! Chancellor, please let us in, this is urgent!" Judai yelled.

"Can't you see that I'm in a meeting? Can't it wait?"

"Chancellor, if Judai wasn't fazed when psychos were trying to kill you all and take over the world and is clearly fazed now, then DUH it's serious enough to not be put off!" Johan growled. He had heard about the various incidents from Judai, with commentary from others thrown in. Either way, that decided the Chancellor.

"Please step out for a moment. I need to speak to these students," he said, motioning for the person in the other chair to leave the room politely. "Now what on earth is the problem?"

"Asuka is the problem. She vanished and all we got is this," Johan said, shoving the letter into Chancellor Samejima's hands. He read quickly, his eyebrows furrowing. By the time he finished, he was quite pale.

"About how long ago did this happen?"

Sho spoke up. "I was going to pay her a visit about fifteen minutes ago, and when I was asking around, people hadn't seen her for maybe a half an hour."

"Judai, Johan," he said, turning to the two taller of his informants, "do you have any idea why they want you two in particular to deliver the messages between our parties?"

Both shook their heads. "Wish we knew."

Samejima's lips tightened. "I… have never had an incident like this occur," he admitted. "Either way, contacting the parents is vital. I'm not looking forward to how they take the news."

"Chancellor!" Sho burst out.


"What… what if Asuka's parents… don't want to or can't pay the money it takes to get her back? Is there anything we can do?"

"The school, in such in eventuality, does take some responsibility, so we can help pay. But we are not rich. We can't afford to pay all of it and not be in the poorhouse directly afterward. It may become necessary to stage a rescue. Either way this goes, you two are going to play a key role. After all, you are the messengers they specified. And thank you Sho, for alerting someone as soon as possible. Now, please, leave my office. I'll call one or both of you down if something changes."(1)

Minds laden down with new worries, the three of them left. Judai was wishing that Sho had never thought to ask about where the money was coming from. It was a scary thought, if Asuka's own parents couldn't save her.

"We need to tell the others," Judai said quietly.

"Yeah. Who do you think is going to take it the hardest?"

"…Ryo will, but he'll try not to appear worried to the best of his ability, which means that he's going to look like a totally heartless bastard when we tell him."

"Let's find out, then. Yellow dorms first; they're closer."

"…Okay. Sho, c'mon."

Everyone had been told.

There had been crying, hugging, shocked faces, people dropping whatever they were holding, and quite a few "WHAT??"s. It got worse with each person they told. Sho had retired to his room, unable to take the barrage of emotions that came with giving bad news to people he considered his own family. Speaking of Sho's family, Judai had been dead-on in his prediction of Ryo's behaviour. It had been a bit creepy in its accuracy.

Kenzan and O'Brien had wanted to stage a rescue mission straightaway, even if O'Brien was more subtle about it. Kenzan had picked up torches and pitchforks; O'Brien went for topo-maps(2) in order to plan the invasion of enemy territory.

Judai and Johan were sitting at the ledge of the cliff at the edge of the island, not sure that they could deal with more human interaction. It was the first time that they had been this close since the whole 'no touching' thing had been instigated. It was very nice just be near the other, even if neither was speaking or moving.

Judai leaned his head against Johan's shoulder, sighing as the sun began to disappear over the horizon.

"We… are the biggest idiots in the history of stupid people, aren't we?"


Nothing else needed saying.

(1) Yeah. In case you hadn't noticed, he'll call both Judai and Johan down to the office if her parents reject the money-providing thing. He'll only need to call Johan if her parents agree, seeing as he is the consensual messenger and would be needed to complete the transaction.

(2) If you have never heard of a topo-map, then you'll need to know that topo is short for topographic. Topo-maps have lines that connect in order to connect all of the spots on the land that have the same elevation. Between each line, there is usually an interval of an amount, usually specified in feet somewhere on the map. Topo-maps show the landscape of an area and are incredibly useful in war, battles, etc. Naturally, as one who grew up in the mountains, a very rugged place, knowing how to read and knowing the benefits of a topo-map would be basic knowledge for O'Brien. Kenzan, being kind of an idiot, would never think to consult one if he knew about them at all. Sorry if this confused anyone.

So? What did you think? TELL ME.

I really would like to know if should consider continuing this. I mean, I'll probably finish it anyway because I love the characters, but I'd like to know if I should post the ending when it comes about.