Heya, folks. It's me. See, this chapter isn't really a chapter. It's more of a notification, if you will. I started writing a sequel to this story, just in case you wanted to know. This notice is for those of you who don't have me on their Author Alerts but would still like to know about this particular new story.

Well, I think that's all. Is it?

Well, anyway, the new story goes by the name of "My Worst Fears, Realized". I couldn't think of a better one. If you've got an idea for a better title, by all means, tell me what it is. The one I've got now kind of sucks.

I smell Canadian bacon. No one is cooking Canadian bacon. I think I need to go have a lie-down.

Enjoy the new story – the first chapter ended up being nine pages instead of the normal 6-7 pages.

Besides the sequel one, there are a few other ideas I have for YGO stories. Unfortunately, the other story ideas I've got are either kind of dark or somewhat directionless. The directionless one, while somewhat fun to write, revolves mostly around Johan. #le sigh# For that one, I've already got ten pages written. It's a crossover with xxxHolic with an OC thrown in, actually. If people think I should post it, I will, but I really have no clue where I would go from there. Opinions are appreciated.

Bye-bye, loves.