Author: TheSiner

Title: Could you love me?

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama and some attempted humour :)

Pairings: Harry/Lucius; Draco/?; Severus/?(mentioned)

Word Count: 155,000

Summary: HP/LM, slash, mpreg. Lucius forces Harry to marry him. Things get bad and then they get better. This is a story about two different people from different worlds trying to make it work. Complete.

Rating: For some sex, but there's not that much of it.

Disclaimer: These characters are not my own and belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliates. I am not making any money.

Warnings: slash, mpreg - a boy having a baby, OOC (kind of), non-canon, not betaedited, dubious consent, A/U – it is the same old Wizarding world though. And there is angst and emotional suffering.

Setting:– after Harry's fifth year. Lucius doesn't get caught at the Ministry.

There are 13 very long parts.

About 150 thousand words.

Extensive author notes in the end of each part, to make some things clearer, which you can skip.

The story is complete.

One part will be posted every week (aprox.)

A/N: (About the story): I started this story long, long time ago when I was young and stupid to start posting something before finishing it.

I put it on Forever Fandom and it was taking me ages, I just couldn't finish it. But now I am finally done, I have not only completed the story, but also revised it and if you started reading it some time ago, then I must warn you that I have changed some things that didn't satisfy me anymore.

I am posting the same story on the Forever Fandom, ffnet and adult ffnet to make it more available to HP/LM hungry people.

If you like it, be so kind and review.