bAuthor: /bTheSiner

Author: TheSiner

Title: Could you love me?

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama and some attempted humour :)

Pairings: Harry/Lucius; Draco/?; Severus/?(mentioned)

Word Count: 155,000

Summary: HP/LM, slash, mpreg. Lucius forces Harry to marry him. Things get bad and then they get better. This is a story about two different people from different worlds trying to make it work. Complete.

Rating: For some sex, but there's not that much of it.

Disclaimer: These characters are not my own and belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliates. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warnings: slash, mpreg - a boy having a baby, OOC (kind of), non-canon, not betaedited, dubious consent, A/U – it is the same old Wizarding world though. And there is angst and emotional suffering.

Setting:– after Harry's fifth year. Lucius doesn't get caught at the Ministry.

Thirteenth Part – HOME SWEET HOME

54. Return

The Portkey brought them to the one of the parlours on the first floor of Malfoy Manor. Feeling of being squeezed through a tube three times narrower than his body had certainly been woken Harry up. However, the effect didn't last long and just mere seconds after their arrival the boy was as knackered as he had been right before leaving Russia and didn't even think of raising any objections when Lucius scooped him up in his arms.

Instead, Harry obediently wrapped his arms around the man's neck and rested his head on Lucius' strong shoulder inhaling the familiar, soothing scent of his husband's cologne. It was good to be home.

"Why can I use a portkey, but can't be apparated sidealong?" The boy asked, not that it was something he really had to know right now, but for some strange reason he wanted to keep talking to the other man. It didn't matter about what.

"Because a portkey, if correctly made, is… very accurate and through, there is no possibility of any body parts being left behind. The human factor is absent. People are not accurate, they splinch themselves and even more often others. It is actually forbidden by the law, to apparate sidelong anyone who is younger than eleven for that reason."

"Why eleven?" Harry asked yawning.

"Because, when children turn eleven and receive their Hogwarts letters, there is no doubt left, that they are magical. One can't apparate someone who doesn't have magic. Wizard's body is affected by magic, it can endure more. If a squib or a muggle got splinched… well, it wouldn't be a pretty sight," Lucius explained and instantly regretted mentioning it, when he heard Harry's next question.

"And what if Lucas is a squib?"

"Lucas?" Lucius raised an eyebrow.

"Would you mind?" Harry asked sheepishly.

Lucius shook his head.

Harry opened his eyes; they had reached the door to his rooms. He wanted to see Lucius face as he answered the question: "So?"

The pure-blood groaned inwardly, but then he looked the boy in the eye and sighed: "Harry. I know what you are asking. What you are really asking, you are not being very subtle. I am not sure, what is that you want to hear though."

"The truth," the young wizard sounded a bit petulant.

"Oh really?" Lucius raised an eyebrow, pushing open the bedroom door with his shoulder. Then he put Harry down next to the bed, cupped his cheek in his palm and looked at the boy with a half smile: "Our son is not going to be a squib. Let's leave it at that."

Then Lucius started unfastening Harry's robe and was amused to discover that the boy was already wearing pyjamas under them.

"We were in hurry," the boy explained, cheeks reddening. Then he remembered something: "Hey! But how come you arrived so soon? It was like five or ten minutes, after we sent the owl!"

Lucius pulled back the duvet and helped Harry into the bed: "We were there, in the woods, looking for the village…" then he became thoughtful. "Hm, it seems that you are very lucky after all, mister Potter."

The boy made a face: "Don't call me that, you sound like a teacher."

"Really? And what would you like me to call you? Mister Malfoy?" Lucius teased. Then he leaned down and brushed his lips against Harry's forehead.

"Well, if you want me to think of Snape…" Harry grumbled.

"No, that would be… unpleasant," Lucius made a wry face and Harry snickered.

"Then cut the mister business,"

"Alright, Harry. Goodnight, sleep tight," he said softly. But as soon as the man made a move to leave, a small hand shot out from under the covers and Harry's palm closed around one of the silver buttons of Lucius' robe. Had to be the famous seeker reflexes…

"Don't go… I want you to stay with me tonight."

Relief washed over Lucius like a tidal wave, followed by indescribable tenderness.

"Oh, Harry, I don't think I could stand letting you out of my sight right now."

The man turned his back towards the bed and started puling off his clothes and piling them over one of the chairs until he had on only green silk boxers. Tight green silk boxers stretching over his backside. Were men supposed to have such round, firm buttocks?

Harry simply couldn't take his eyes off the man. He had never seen Lucius in his underwear, not that he didn't look hot in those pyjama pants of his, but this was just… wow…

Lucius turned around and Harry hurried to look at the cover, trying not to blush too furiously.

The blond wizard slid smoothly under the covers next to his young husband. Without much fuss, he scooted closer, found the boy's hand under the duvet, and turned to look at Harry.

They eyes met.

Lucius took a deep breath: "Harry, my beautiful, Harry… I am so relieved, so glad that you are back. Here with me. I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you or to… Lucas. Lucas, Harry?"

"I guess I was thinking about you a lot," the boy explained the name that sounded too much similar to the name of his child's father.

"I understand, it's an acceptable name," Lucius other hand reached to brush a lock of Harry's unruly hair behind his ear. "Can I kiss you?"

"Sure," the man had made a show of undressing in front of him and still thought Harry might refuse him a kiss? Apparently, Lucius was not as confident as he pretended to be.

Soft lips brushed his. Harry closed his eyes, opened his mouth to accept whatever he was being given and melted into the mattress allowing the older man to explore him. the kiss was slow and reassuring, it was as if Lucius was making sure that Harry was really there, back with him.

When Lucius broke the kiss, the boy caught himself following the withdrawing lips. Then he remembered himself and sunk back into the soft bed.

"I think…" Harry took a deep breath summoning up his courage. "I think I would like for you to… to make love to me very much… God, I missed you so much… it's just that," the boy giggled, for some reason all of this seemed very amusing. "It's just that I am feeling too tired and pregnant right now. Sorry."

Lucius grinned back indulgently: "Well, as they say, it's the thought that counts. And we have the rest of our lives before us. Rest Harry." He pressed a kiss against the boy's forehead and said 'Nox'.

Despite being almost giddy with happiness, they fell asleep almost instantly.

Harry woke up surrounded by warmth and scent that he recognised too well. The boy was lying with his back pressed against someone else's warm body and one of Lucius' hands was lazily drawing circles over his tummy. Lucius was certainly doing good job keeping the little one calm, because for once he had not kicked Harry's bladder yet.

"Morning, Harry," the man's voice was husky and his lips were touching the shell of Harry's ear. Merlin, but Lucius' voice went straight down to Harry's cock, which had already been half-hard; he had to bit his lip to keep from making some indecent sound.

The older wizard felt his husband stiffening. Was the boy uncomfortable? Lucius started pulling his hand out from under Harry's pyjama top when it brushed against something else.

"Ah!" Harry let out a whine like sound and arched his back. When the boy realised, what he was doing, he was really mortified. "Oh, God! I'm sorry!"

Lucius wanted to laugh at the boy's naiveté.

"Don't be silly, Harry," he didn't remove his hand, but pressed his palm against the boy's groin lightly. "Would you mind if I helped you with this," Lucius offered, but didn't wait for an answer and simply shoved his hand into Harry's pants.

After all he didn't want to give his bashful, little husband a chance to deny them both what they wanted just because… well, he personally really couldn't see any reason for denying themselves a bit of pleasure, but suspected that Harry could possibly think of something, if he was given time to think too much. It was obviously not that the young man didn't want to be intimate, quite the opposite (Lucius could tell), but he was too shy to take the initiative. It was all right, Harry didn't have to worry if it was alright or not to let himself go.

So, Lucius decided to keep all the coherent thoughts out of Harry's pretty, little head and wrapped his fingers around boy's slim cock and started applying slow, teasing strokes. Harry whimpered and threw his head back, resting it against Lucius shoulder, that gave the other man access to all the satiny skin of the boy's neck.

It wasn't hard to turn Harry into a moaning, whining mess, the boy would have begged if he was able to form a sensible word, and Lucius realised that he had never enjoyed a lover as much as he was enjoying Harry right then. It didn't matter that it was just a hand job, what mattered was that it was Harry. So beautiful, so forgiving, so innocent, so responsive, so ripe with his child.

So carried away and wanton in his own, unique way, reaching back for Lucius, hungry for his mouth. Without hesitation Lucius obliged, he couldn't care less about the morning breath as long as Harry wanted his kisses. One of Lucius' hands was stroking the boy's cock, the other gripping one of his hip and the boy didn't even notice that the blonde was rubbing his own erection against his backside or simply didn't mind.

It was good. So good for Harry that he even stopped the frantic kissing as the orgasm was ripped out f him by Lucius' long, skilful fingers.

It was such a thrill for the older wizard that he had been the one, who had done this to the beautiful creature that he was holding in his arms. Lucius own release followed Harry's almost instantly.

They just stayed there together, sated, lazy and warm. Lucius' fingers carding through Harry's hair. The boy couldn't believe that he was finally home. He wondered what had happened to professor Rasputin… he felt sorry for Vera and the ex-Defence Professor hadn't really meant to hurt him and… but, no. No. He had to stop right there.

Of course, he was going to owl Vera and help her with everything she needed, but he was not going to do anything to help her brother to get away unpunished for what he had done.

Harry had never provoked Rasputin into kidnapping him. he had a penchant for blaming himself for things that happened. However, this time Harry was sure that it had not been his fault. Rasputin had to take responsibility for his actions and Harry had a baby to care for. He might have forgiven his own kidnapping and imprisonment, but the man had wanted to give his baby away to some strangers, that had been too much to forgive even for him.

"As much as I am enjoying this," Lucius sighed nuzzling his young husband's neck. "You need to eat something. And then, I am afraid that there are way too many people who will want to see you," it was easy to tell by the tone of Lucius' voice, what he thought about that.

Harry chuckled. He could imagine.

"Of course, everyone else only after doctor Tanabe. Mhm, perhaps you should stay in the bed today…"

"No! No way!" Harry protested vehemently.


"No. I am not sick, I haven't been physically hurt. I will not lie in the bed like some invalid! I am sick of people telling me what to do!" The boy untangled himself from his husband's arms and crawled-rolled off the bed. It actually looked pretty hilarious combined with Harry's ranting, but Lucius wouldn't have dared to laugh.

"Everyone thinks they know what is good or bad for me better than myself! Screw you all!" And with that Harry stormed in to the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

Lucius assumed, that meant he would have to return to his own rooms, if he wanted to have a shower unhexed. But he hoped, this didn't mean he wouldn't be allowed to return into Harry's bed tonight. There were downsides of having a spose with such fiery temper.

About two hours later incredibly smug Harry had an opportunity to rub it in – Doctor Tanabe had confirmed that he was perfectly healthy. The smirk he turned towards Lucius was positively devilish. Ha!

In addition, he was relieved to find out that now, when his pregnancy had progressed this far (a week over seven months) very little could go wrong. Toto Tanabe assured Harry that if necessary, the baby could be removed and able to survive on its own from this point on.

Not that they were going to hurry, but still, it was reassuring.

After the mediwizard had left, Harry was ready to meet his friends and other well-wishers. Lucius had floo-called Hogwarts before breakfast and informed Albus Dumbledore that he would open his fireplace for visitors in three hours and asked the Headmaster to contact Draco as well. He had also insinuated that only his husband's closest friends would be welcome, but there was no telling, whom the kneazle would drag in.

But Lucius found that he didn't mind s much as usually; he was still in a very good mood.

The man had even owled the Weasleys, since it was apparent that Harry would want to see them, no matter how much it pained Lucius. Really, he had contemplated the situation, or rather the ways of getting rid of his husband's undesirable friends, who fancied themselves the boy's foster family. If he did something, it had to be subtle. And there lay the problem. It couldn't be done subtly enough and without hurting Harry.

In the end Lucius decided, that it wasn't worth it, to risk everything just because he was annoyed, but, Salazar, he hoped that at least the Half-Giant wasn't coming. Surely, the oaf would understand, that the Malfoy Manor was not a place for his kind? Werewolves, half-breeds, Weasleys, mudbloods… his husband had the worst acquaintances one could imagine and was painfully loyal to them.

Lucius was aware that he couldn't express his opinion on Harry's friends though if he didn't want to cause a rift between them. And he didn't. The man had invested too much in this relationship. Sometimes Lucius wondered, if he wasn't giving too much, allowing Harry too much. Bet then again, Harry had given Lucius his forgiveness and another heir and, yes, Lucius was absolutely smitten with the boy and wanted to have him willing and in his bed and they were finally getting there.

The man hadn't even thought of finding a mistress or visiting the establishment in France, which he used to frequent while he had been married to Narcissa. With a bit of amusement Lucius decided that he wouldn't have had time for such escapades anyway, not with Harry around. The boy definitely was a bit much, enough, to keep Lucius Malfoy busy and on his toes. Which maybe wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Everyone had been there. Not only the Weasleys and Remus, but also Hagrid and Dumbledore and McGonagall and Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt and even Fleur and her little sister had come with Bill. Harry tried not to contemplate, how annoyed Lucius must had been. But this was his home too, right?

That was why he had invited Ron and Hermione stay for the night and had not listened to any of their objections. He was quite sure that a night in Malfoy Manor would not kill Ron, besides he and Hermione could share a bedroom, since Mrs. Weasley was not around and Lucius did not care for middle-class prudishness. His own words – Harry had asked.

Harry was not sure, if he was going to return to the school, so he wanted to spend some quality time with his best friends and it had been impossible to really have a meaningful conversation with them, with all the other well-wishers in the room.

"Oh, Harry," Hermione put her small, feminine hand over Harry's. "I am so glad that you are alright, so glad."

The boy smiled at her indulgently; he had heard it so many times today, but Harry understood that she had to say it.

"Yeah, mate, we were worried," Ron joined.

"Oh, you know me," Harry tried to laugh it off. "I always get out on the top. But if honestly, I am glad to be back myself."

"So, when are you returning to Hogwarts?" Ron asked. "Are you still, you know, not feeling well? Wait a minute! Shouldn't you be in the bed or something?"

The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes: "No, I shouldn't. I wasn't injured or something. And I am not sure if I am going back to Hogwarts. I have already missed so much this year and the baby might want out any day from now."

"But Harry!" Hermione's disapproval was obvious. "You can't just throw away your education!"

"I have passed my OWLs, haven't I? I would not be the only one to leave the school after their fifth year. I have other priorities now," he tried not only explained, but to understand himself as well.

"But you are Harry Potter! Think about of example you will set!"

Harry's smile turned a bit tight: "Hermione I don't really care. When I think about all those moving stairs in the castle…" he gestured towards his stomach. "And, honestly, I don't feel safe there. Not after everything that has happened, I'm sorry, but I just can't. This is my life and I can't do, what people expect of me for my whole life, I am going to make my own decisions from now on. I have to grow up, for him," his hand rubbed the baby bump that had grown in a baby-balloon affectionately.

"Blimey, Harry!" Ron exclaimed. "I still can't believe that you and Lucius Malfoy… or are you going to leave him? is that what all the talk about making your own decisions mean?"

The question startled the boy a bit. Most probably if he had asked Lucius, the man would let him go, but… "No," Harry shook his head. "I am not going to leave him."

"But I don't understand," Ron's voice had turned whining. "How can you want to stay married to him after he forced you into it?"

Harry shrugged: "Well, yes, we definitely got off on the wrong foot, but a lot has happened since then and… I don't know, I don't think I can really explain, it's just that I really want to be with him and the other things… well, we can work on them."

Hermione didn't miss the slight blush that coloured Harry's cheeks and raised her eyebrows, giving him a speculative look, but she decided not to ask. Wouldn't want to give poor Ron a heart attack, by discussing his best friend's and Lucius Malfoy's sex life.

"Don't you think, you have forgiven him too easily," she asked instead. Hermione was smart enough to put two and two together. She realised that they were never going to discuss it, but at the time, Harry's child had been conceived he and Lucius Malfoy had not been on good enough terms for Harry to be very willing.

Truly it send chills down her bones, to think that her friend had been forced that way, and that right now he was feeling some kind of affection towards the same man. It could not be healthy, could it? But she hadn't dared and still didn't dare to say anything. She was too afraid to push Harry away.

"I have forgiven Dumbledore," the boy shrugged nonchalantly.

"Dumbledore!" Ron cried out. "You can't compare professor Dumbledore to Lucius Malfoy! What has he ever done to you!"

The green eyes blazed: "What has he done? You are asking me, what has he done? How about eleven years I spent solely with people who hated me? Sleeping in a cupboard, friendless, confused? Alone."

"But that was for your protection…" Ron tried to defend what he believed in.

"Ha! Protection! Alright, I could understand the need to be protected by my mother's wards and somehow accept, that a wizard as powerful as Dumbledore couldn't have found another solution. But what I can't accept is that I was never told that I was a wizard, that my parents had been decent people, that there was another world, a better world. I didn't have hope! That I can't really forget so easily… I have tried to, but I can't. I have forgiven, but sometimes…"

"I'm sorry, Harry," Hermione squeezed the boy's hand.

"Not as much as me," Harry sighed. "But the fact is that Lucius is treating me much better than anyone ever has and I don't care if it's right or wrong anymore. He gives me things I want and I am going to take them."

Of course, it was not that simple, but Harry had had enough of defending his relationship. He decided this had been the last time. Next time he was just telling them to sod off.

55. Alone

Harry was feeling a bit guilty, but he couldn't help feeling relieved, that his friends and Draco had been forced to floo back to Hogwarts early the next day, since they had to attend classes, unlike Harry (Ron had been envious of him out that). He wanted some peace. And with Hermione nagging him about one thing or another, Ron incapable of hiding his feeling of unease and Draco… well, Draco Malfoy was acting creepy, trying to fuss over him. Which didn't mean, he stopped bickering with Ron of course…

In all honestly, Harry had simply gotten tired of them.

Harry and Lucius had a bit reluctantly gotten out of the bed to see three of them off, but it had been apparent, that both of them had been relieved, when the fire had died out and both men had been left alone in the Library.

"Alright, shall we have some breakfast?" Lucius offered Harry his arm and led him to the dining room.

Harry looked around. He had been in the so called 'forma dining room' before, but they had never had a meal there. The room was huge. The ceiling seemed to be incredibly high, the parquet floor blindingly shining and the table itself was long enough to seat at least two dozens of people.

Harry was almost surprised that the house elves hadn't to set out breakfast on the opposite ends of the impressive piece of furniture.

Lucius had noticed the look his husband had given the enormous table and felt compelled to explain: "This table has belonged to the family for about four centuries. I doubt that the family has ever been large enough to fill all the seats, but it has always been a tradition for the family to gather here for breakfast and dinner. What we did – that was departure from tradition."

Harry personally thought that it was nice that the family had meals together, but he didn't care for the huge dining room much. The room was splendid, but not very cosy. Then he thought of something.

"Well, maybe Lucas will have five or seven children one day, and even more grandchildren," he mused wistfully.

"I certainly hope, he will not," Lucius shot his husband an outraged look as he pulled back the chair for him.

Harry snickered slumping down on the chair: "There is nothing wrong with having a large family, it is loads of fun. By the way speaking about large families… I was wondering, why you forbade Charlie to come here. Mrs. Weasley told me that he was in Romania anyway, but still, she was quite surprised."

Lucius' expression turned somewhat pinched.

"Come on. What has Charlie done to you?" Harry really couldn't imagine, as far as he knew, Lucius had hardly met the man.

"He has done enough," Lucius' stated.

"But what?" That had been a bit cryptic and had only spiked Harry's curiosity.

Lucius threw the linen napkin he had just unfolded, to lay it over his lap, back on the table. This was not a conversation he wanted to have right now. Or ever.

"The correct question would be what he has done to my son. Not that I really want to know the sordid details," the man looked as if he had just smelled something rotten.

It still wasn't making any sense to Harry; he really didn't believe that Charlie Wesley could have hurt Draco. For one, the blonde would have certainly done a good, long whining about something like that; however he had not as much as mentioned Charlie's name so far.

Finally, Lucius decided that the sooner he answered Harry's inquiry, the sooner they would be able to change the topic: "Charles Weasley seduced my son."

Harry blinked. That was…

"Oh," well, that was unexpected. "You mean, Charlie and Draco…" he made a vague gesture with his hand, which hopefully insinuated things the Malfoy junior and Charlie Weasley could have done to each other or with each other.

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean," Lucius confirmed tersely.

For a moment there was complete silence, Harry was pushing his scrambled eggs around the plate and Lucius finally got around to putting the napkin where it should be.

"But that's great!" The boy suddenly exclaimed dropping his fork with a clang that made Lucius wince. "I mean, Charlie is a pretty cool guy and he works with dragons… Well, if he can handle a dragon, then he might have a chance at taming Draco," the boy snickered at his own joke. A bit lame, but…

Lucius however was clearly not amused: "I beg to differ."


"He is a Weasley, Harry," Lucius stated the obvious.

"And?" The boy refused to understand.

"No son of mine will consort with a Weasley," Lucius stated coldly. "Eat your breakfast."

"I am not that hungry anymore," Harry dropped the fork once again and Lucius started thinking that maybe he should get his spouse etiquette coach. "Haven't you noticed that the Weasleys are pretty close to me?"

"Unfortunately. But I don't want them any closer," Lucius stated impassively.

"But what if Lucas will want to marry a Weasley one day? It would be possible, you know? They all will get married and have children who will go to the same school with him. They will certainly be close. What if he falls in love with one of them?" Harry demanded.

"I should betroth Lucas already, to make sure that at least one of my sons has an acceptable spouse," Lucius drawled.

"What? Betroth?" Harry exclaimed. "But he is just a baby!"

"Yes, well, we can't marry him, but we can sign a betrothal contract. I have been getting prepositions from the best families not only from Britain, but also from all around Europe as well, since his birth was announced. We just have to decide, what are we looking for in the union – money, power or blood,"

"And you still don't have enough of those!" Harry couldn't believe his ears.

"One can never have too much of those," Lucius returned.

"That is exactly something Voldemort would say! And you want to boost your power at the expense of our son!"

"It will become his power and money one day…"

"And what if he doesn't want any of those? I will never let you to entrap my son that way!"

"I was only considering it,"

"Well, stop considering it then!" Harry said ferociously, got up from the table and marched out of the room.

"Harry!" Lucius called after the boy. Harry hadn't even finished his breakfast.

"Damn it," the wizard swore. He had screwed up again. The boy had been home for how long? Two days? And they were already fighting.

Lucius finished his tea, deciding to give Harry time to cool off a bit. Meanwhile he had work to do. During his husband's absence, the wizard had been neglecting some of his obligations.

First of all, he had about dozen inquiries about public birthing of his son to answer. Some of the most respected members of their society had expressed their interest in 'remarkable event' and now he had to refuse them, but in very polite, inoffensive way.

If he thought about it, Lucius didn't want strangers anywhere near his pregnant husband. The problem was that many people expected the Malfoys to honour traditions. That Harry was a muggle-raised half-blood supplied him with a convenient excuse.

It seemed, his second son was not going to be betrothed in an early age. Lucius wished he hadn't even mentioned the possibility now. He had not expected his husband to go along with such plan.

The man had considered the possibility seriously. Lucius realised that he had tried to annoy Harry intentionally, because he had been annoyed about the whole 'Weasley issue'.

True, he had received prepositions. He had expected them, since most pureblood families tried to betroth their second and third heirs as soon as possible, because the first heir usually inherited all, but all the other children could hope for was a good dowry.

With Lucas the situation was different though. Lucius would have never agreed to split the Malfoy fortune between two children, but together with Harry they had three fortunes. It was absolutely unnecessary to try setting up his second son with a rich spouse.

Lucius made a mental note to call Chirpy and order her to deliver Harry at least some snack in about an hour.

He just hoped the boy wasn't packing his bags.

Marriage to Harry Potter was a truly humbling experience. Lucius wondered if maybe he was letting the boy to wrap him around his little finger. But what else was he could do if not go to Harry and apologize.

The man knocked on the door of Harry's bedroom and went in without waiting for invitation, which was showing as much dominance as he dared.

"Harry," Lucius called out tentatively. The boy was lounging with his back against a pile of pillows, which was the most comfortable place for him these days and reading a book with a smiling infant on the cover. That was another thing for Lucius to ponder; whenever they touched the subject, Harry kept insisting that he was going to care for the baby himself.

Apparently, the boy had really meant it and was getting ready.

The boy's expression looked more pinched than McGonagall's whenever Lucius had the dubious pleasure to meet her.

"Harry, don't be angry with me. I was not going to make that kind of decision and certainly not without your consent. I just mentioned it as an option. It really had more to do with my annoyance with Draco's poor choices, than with Lucas," there. It sounded very reasonable. Lucius was proud of himself.

But seeing how Harry's beautiful face was steadily reddening, the by looked like a tomato that had been put under ripening acceleration spell.

"How can you be so insensitive!" The boy cried out, hurling the book down on the floor. "How can you just sit there and discuss doing to my son, exactly what you did to me?" Harry accused.

Lucius suppressed a wince, yes, if one put it that way…

"You told me that you were sorry! Is this is how you show, how sorry you are?" The boy demanded.

"Yes, I have to admit, it was not very thoughtful of me," the wizard admitted. "But I truly didn't mean it; I was upset and the last weeks have been very stressful and… I guess I just said the first thing that came on my mind…"

Harry arched an eyebrow: "Wait a minute… are you trying to tell me here that you took out your frustration with Draco on me by threatening to marry off my son?"

Lucius winced; that didn't sound so good, but it did sound right: "Yes. I think that's what I am trying to say." Not very dignified to admit to anything like that, but Lucius felt more interested in getting back in his husband's good graces, than in preserving his dignity. It was not that Harry hadn't already seen under most of his Malfoy masks anyway. Seeing that the young man looked a bit more welcoming and ready to forgive, Lucius started walking towards the bed.

"Please, Harry, accept my apologies,"

Suddenly feeling inspired, he sat down on the bed and lifted Harry's feet into his lap. Lucius took off the soft, white socks and started gently kneading the small feet with his fingers.

"Oh…" the boy moaned. "That's so good… yeah, right there…"

Lucius smirked smugly and continued rubbing.

"You don't think that a foot massage will make me forget your awful Slytherin ways?" Harry teased and for once Lucius was actually grateful for boy's abrupt mood changes, since once they had worked in his favour.

"I think might be a pleasant beginning," the blonde said and smiled when the boy sighed contently.

Merlin, but never in his wildest dreams Harry would have expected this man to give him a foot massage! But it really was heavenly and as far as bribes went, more than acceptable. Besides, every time he looked at Lucius' hand and the missing finger, something tightened in Harry's stomach and he felt like there wasn't anything, he wouldn't forgive the man.

They have talked about it, but Harry personally thought, not enough. But then, he had not made up his mind yet and was not sure how he felt about Lucius cutting off his finger just to see him… but it hadn't been just to see him. Lucius had argued that if he hadn't had a chance to make sure that Harry was well, he would have gone mad… That was a bit much to take in.

The things it implied about Lucius and his relationship…

Then suddenly Harry felt one of his legs being lifted up and the next moment there was hot wetness around one of his toes as Lucius leaned down and took it in his mouth and started suckling on it.

"Lu-ucius?" The boy squeaked in surprise.

The older man just gave Harry a look from behind the curtain of long, blonde hair, released the toe and ran his tongue along one side of boy's foot and then nibbled a bit on another toe. And it felt as good as the massage or maybe even better.

"You have very nice feet," Lucius murmured, nuzzling Harry's instep with his nose. "Mmm… And the most delicious toes," Lucius teeth gently scraped the arch and then he switched to peppering Harry's rosy sole with little kisses and nibbling on the softer parts of his foot.

Harry's breath had gotten shallow and – he couldn't quite believe that – but he had gotten so aroused, so fast, that it was starting to get uncomfortable.

"Lucius…" the flustered youth had no idea, what exactly he was begging for, but he wanted Lucius to do something. Anything!

Those little delicious whimpers were exactly what Lucius had wanted to hear. The man let his lips ghost over the boy's ankle and his other hand slid up Harry's calf, caressing it under the leg of the loose trousers.

Lucius climbed on the bed and kneeled between Harry's legs parting them slightly.

"Tell me, Harry, What do you want?"

"You, I want you," the boy whimpered. "But the baby…"

"Don't be silly, I would never hurt our son,"

"But… I… I can't believe you really want to do this. I mean… I look like a seal!" Harry whined.

"You look beautiful," Lucius leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of Harry's stomach, then he pushed boy's sweater and shirt up and repeated it on naked skin.

"Mmm, you can't imagine, how much I am enjoying this," the man proved the truthfulness of his words continuing to explore Harry's round stomach with his lips, dipping his tongue into the boy's bellybutton.

"Oh!" Harry laughed out. "You are tickling me!"

"I plan to do much more than that. Will you let me, Harry?" The man's voice had become so low and sultry that it was giving Harry goose-bumps.

"Ah… yes," the younger wizard's tone had become a bit squeaky as Lucius' lips were nearing his waistband.

"Do you trust me?" Lucius asked.

The man's hand was caressing Harry's lower belly just above his pubis and it felt so good, that the boy almost didn't hear the question.

"Do you trust me?" Lucius repeated ceasing his ministrations for a moment.

"Oh, Merlin, yes, yes I do! And now get back to… you know!" Harry commanded. Honestly, couldn't the man wait with his stupid questions?

This time Lucius was one who chuckled and then put his mouth where his hand already was. All of the pregnancy books he had red so far had agreed on one thing – it was not wise to try denying a pregnant witch (or wizard in this particular case) food or sex.

Not that he would ever deny Harry anything.

56. Six Weeks Later…

"Lucius!" Severus bellowed, because, truly, he was the only one who dared. "If you won't stop pacing and sit down I will stun you! You are giving me a headache."

"You will do no such thing…" Lucius growled in reply.

"Ha! Like Hell I won't! And this will be the last offspring you will ever sire. I know at least two potions just for that," the dark-haired man threatened.

"You won't dare!"

"Try me!"

Lucius reached for his wand, fully intending to hex the Potions Master.

"Accio Lucius' cane!" The wand and its sheath flew straight into Draco's waiting hand. "Father, please sit down and do try to calm yourself. You are making a scene." In front of the Weasleys and other riffraff, remained unsaid, but the younger Malfoy made a gesture with his eyes in the direction of the other side of the room that was dominated by redheads and half-breeds.

"There is no reason to get yourself so worked up. Especially, since nothing much can go wrong,"

"Draco is right, Lucius," Severus voice has taken more patient intonation. "Didn't you hear the mediwizard? It is a very controlled procedure. The possibility that there might be complications is almost nonexistent."

"Almost? That is supposed to be reassuring?"

Draco felt like banging his head against the wall or something. They were having his conversation third time over; he was almost tempted to join the Weasley side of the room. Father was obviously trying to drive them mad.

"So why is it taking so long?"

"Because those things do take time. For magic's sake! Did you want them to do it the muggle way? Cut him open, take the infant out and sew him up again? That would be very fast!" Severus snapped.

The blond wizard's eyes widened in horror.

"Be grateful that the boy doesn't have to squeeze it out the natural way," both Malfoys shuddered and Lucius glared at the dark-haired man.

"You always say the nicest things, Severus," Draco murmured.

After consulting with several other mediwizards from St Mungo's Doctor Tanabe had decided that it would be wise to take out the baby about a week before the term and not wait until it would be ready to be born and like most of the babies might try to push its way out. The procedure equivalent to muggle Caesarean operation was not being performed too often, because mediwizards viewed natural childbirth as better for the child and the mother and it was practiced as the last resort, if something went wrong with the delivery.

In Harry's case, natural childbirth was not an option. The procedure was not terribly risky, it was well-thought-out, with help of runes, potions and spells something akin to a portal was opened on carrier's stomach, baby was removed and then the skin was sealed without leaving any scars.

Most likely, everything was going to go as it was supposed to. The procedure was safe, but it wasn't a surprise that Lucius was worried, because wizard-borns were not used to medical procedures that required opening parts of their bodies, because such practices were rare. Most of the maladies and traumas were treated with potions or spells.

Or maybe Lucius was worried just because he was worried and…

Then suddenly the door that had been stared at for at least half an hour suddenly sprang open and Lucius was the first who was on his feet and standing next to the mediwitch.

"Is it over? Are they alright?"

Draco made a wry face. Who was that and what had he done to his father?

The mediwitch wearing St Mungo's uniform didn't seem fazed; apparently she was used to dealing with overexcited new fathers: "Mister Potter… Potter-Malfoy and the young mister Malfoy are perfectly fine. You may see them, Mister Malfoy."

Lucius strode towards the door.

The woman closed the door behind him: "Other visitors will have to wait. I'm sure you understand."

She was apparently finished and was going to leave, but naturally didn't make it to the fire-place. She was stopped by Molly Weasley and Hermione Granger and surprisingly Draco, who wanted to hear the details and more assurances.

Harry beamed at his husband when Lucius stepped over the threshold. The boy was holding a small light-blue bundle. For some reason he had insisted that their son's things had to be blue, Lucius would have chosen green, naturally, but since Harry was a Gryffindor himself, the man had decided not to say anything in fear that his son might end up wrapped in red and gold. Blue seemed a good compromise.

"Come, look!" Harry exclaimed. "He's so beautiful! I can't believe he's ours! That we… "

The baby was not really that beautiful. It was very pink and kind of wrinkly, but nonetheless Lucius Malfoy felt something swell inside him. He could say nothing and just kept staring at the small screwed up face. He was amazing, he really was…

Power, money, the Dark Arts, politics – Lucius had been a fool thinking that it all mattered. But, then, he had been very young. The wizard almost regretted that he hadn't understood it the first time around, when Draco had been born.

He had been proud and relieved, Lucius had finally had an heir, the baby was healthy and the public birthing ceremony Narcissa had insisted on had gone well. Lucius had felt free to pursue his goals, to achieve his ambitions. He hadn't always been there for his older son and was lucky that the boy didn't hate him.

The man leaned down and placed a kiss on his husband's forehead: "Thank you, Harry. He is beautiful."

Harry's grin widened: "Aren't they all beautiful?"

"No. I don't think so. You should have seen Draco. Sharp features don't make beautiful babies…"

"Excuse me, Mister Malfoy," the other healer from St Mungo's, holding a quill and a parchment interrupted them. "Are you ready to name him? For the documentation, it won't interfere with the naming ceremony."

Lucius straightened his back: "Yes, of course. Lucas James Potter-Black-Malfoy."

The healer's eyes widened: "Are you sure?"

Lucius felt a pang of annoyance, but then realised that he might be relieved that there was someone who didn't know everything about his family, despite the efforts of 'The Daily Prophet'. He even smiled at the healer.

"Yes, I am sure. My husband is the official Head of the both families and has right to pass both names on to whomever he wishes. Ministry must be well aware of it; no one will give you any trouble."

The man nodded and scribbled down the baby's name.

"Would you sign please?"

Lucius did. He signed the birth certificate with flourish. Then came Harry's turn.

"Lucius," he beckoned the older wizard closer. "Here, mind the head, alright?"

And so, without much preamble Lucius was suddenly holding his son.

"Ha-arry?" He was trying very hard not to panic, but the man had never held an infant, who was so small, not even Draco, he had never dared when Draco had been this young.

The boy paid him no mind; he quickly signed the parchment and thanked the healer. Toto Tanabe, the family mediwizard who was gathering his instruments smirked and completely ignored Lucius pointed glances. The longer he new young Harry, the better he liked him. He quietly finished cleaning up and joined the healer, leaving both men alone.

Harry looked at Lucius, who was holding the baby awkwardly. Oh, maybe the man didn't know that yet, but he was going to learn, to hold Lucas, to feed him, to change his nappy and to bathe him. Harry was going to make sure of that. There would be no house-elves and no fancy nurses. The crib had already been placed next to the bed in their bedroom, where it was going to stay for at least a couple of months.

That was another change Harry had instigated. When he and Lucius had started sharing bed, the boy had started wondering, why there were separate suits for the Head of the family and his spouse. Lucius had explained that it was quite simple and for the practical reasons – very often the Masters of the house didn't really want to share their living space after begetting an heir.

Harry had been appalled and after Lucius had assured him that it was not true in this case, the boy had started to rearrange the Malfoy Manor. He had announced that they had to start anew in new re-furnished rooms that had to be right next to their son's rooms that would be connected to theirs at least until the little one would be old enough.

Luckily, since the Manor was a magical house, the changes could be made easily and everything could be rearranged so the new master bedroom would be next to the baby-room, the one that had already been set up.

However Lucius and Draco had been relieved that Harry's nesting had stopped there. There were rooms in the Manor that hadn't been changed since the house had been built and they really wanted them to stay as they were.

"Alright, you can give him back," Harry decided to show his husband some mercy.

Lucius sighed in relief.

Harry, despite the appearances, wasn't as confident as he looked, after all this was his first baby. Besides, Lucas was so small and fragile… but Harry had spent hours discussing the baby matters with Molly Weasley and she had assured him that every young parent went through the same thing, but in the end, they all learned. And babies were not as fragile as they seemed to be.

Lucius thought it might be time to say something instead of standing there and staring at his child and Harry. But he didn't know what to say.

Lucas didn't have much hair, but what he had appeared to be blond. His eyes were quite blue, which was kind of strange, because Malfoy eyes were usually grey, but maybe the trait came from Harry's side of the family…

"Earth to Lucius," Harry waved in front of his husband's face.

"I can't believe it yet,"

"I know. Me neither. It happened so fast and so… Doctor Tanabe explained that it is the real reason why they usually don't just take the babies out, even if they can, because without pain and all that it's not the same, it's like the mother needs to feel it, to go through all that… funny, yes?"

Lucius nodded, even if he did not quite understand. He personally had wanted Harry to suffer as little as possible.

The man laid his hand on his young husband's head, stroking the fine, dark hair. The gentleness he felt when he was looking at Harry was just overwhelming.

"Thank you, Harry," he repeated, leaned down and captured his husband's lips in a fairly innocent, tender kiss.

Both men were smiling when they parted.

"You know what?" Harry laughed out.


"I think I am happy, that I am really, truly happy!" Harry exclaimed as if he himself couldn't yet believe something like that might be true.

Hearing Harry's admission that particular something in Lucius chest felt like it was about to burst.

"I want you to be happy, Harry, you should know that by now,"

"I am happy. Thank you, Lucius."

"You have nothing to thank me for. I should be grateful. You have changed my life Harry…"

A strange expression flittered across Harry's face: "You know, Lucius, I sometimes think that maybe I am asking too much of you, trying to change you all the time…"

"No, Harry, we are adjusting to each other."

"If you say so…"

"I do. I am also glad to have you in my life," with that, Lucius leaned down to capture once again his husband's lips between his.

57. Last Accords

"What possessed me…" Severus Snape groaned when loud pounding on his door waked him up in the middle of the night. Really, what had possessed him to agree to stay in the Manor just in case? In case, what? Lucius' worry over his husband and second son was (Surprise! Surprise!) a bit obsessive. Malfoys were bad enough, but Malfoys-Potters-Blacks…

"I'm coming!" He exclaimed and with a couple of swishes and flicks and muttered password dismantled personal wards.

"What do you want now?" He snarled at dishevelled and pale-faced Lucius who was standing in front of his door. "Where is the fire? And it better be fiend-fire or else…"

"Someone has stolen Lucas!"

That gave Severus a start: "What?"

"Come and see… I couldn't worry Harry… not after everything that has happened, come, quickly," and with that Lucius dragged the Potions Master after himself in the direction of the Southern Wing, where his and Harry's rooms were.

"Just be quiet, don't wake Harry, just look," Lucius whispered warning. If the situation had not been so serious, Severus would have laughed. This was so very strange. "I woke up and decided to check on him, but when I looked into the crib…"

Severus scowled and followed the blond wizard closer to the crib, trying to avoid looking at the enormous bed where Potter was lying still fast asleep, behind gossamer curtains. To imagine Lucius and the boy on that bed together was the last thing he wanted. Sheer size of it was enough to prompt unwanted mental images.

"Look," Lucius urged.

In the place of the little dark-haired Lucas, whom they had become so familiar with, there was a baby of the same size only his hair was not dark, as Harry's, but auburn. Severus blinked a couple of times.

"He's been exchanged for, for… this," Lucius tone was more panicky than Severus had ever had pleasure to hear.

Severus did the only sensible thing he could – he snickered. Not very dignified, but he couldn't help himself. Oh, Salazar! Talk about poetic justice! No, really, he had never witnessed anything more amusing. The man was suddenly very glad that he had stayed in the Manor.

"You think this is a laughing matter!" Lucius raised his voice.

"Oh, yes, indeed, it is," Snape chuckled.

"Severus!" Lucius sounded appalled.

"Lucius, is that you?" Came a sleepy voice from the bed

"Everything is alright, Harry, go back to sleep," Lucius called back.

But it was too late. The boy was already crawling out of the monstrosity of a bed.

"Snape?!" He squeaked, when finally noticed that they were not alone and started frantically looking for something to wear. Lucius, who had a wand, came to his aid, the man accioed a robe and draped it over the boy's slender shoulders.

"Harry, please promise not to worry…"

The speech in progress was unceremoniously interrupted by Snape's chuckles. Harry was getting very worried right then. Not only the Potions Master Severus Snape was in their bedroom in the middle of the night, but also he was laughing! Of course Harry had seen the stern wizard amused or gleeful (mostly when someone else was suffering or a Gryffindor was being humiliated), but to hear him laughing, surely, Harry was still asleep and dreaming.

He discreetly pinched himself, but didn't really wake up…

"Severus! Get a grip!" Lucius exclaimed somewhat exasperated. "Harry, just don't worry, everything is going to be alright…"

The boy gave the both men a suspicious look: "Are you both drunk or something?"

Snape had finally stopped laughing, but hadn't ceased to look amused: "Me, certainly not. But Lucius here might be, you see, he thinks that the fairies had taken your son and exchanged him for… for… a Weasley!" And there the laughing continued.

Harry instantly hurried to the crib… and there he was, his little Lucas, who had apparently been woken up by the commutation and was looking at him with wide grey eyes and scrunching his little face in a way that, as Harry had learned already, meant that he was about to start crying. He quickly reached for the pacifier, which would keep the little menace somewhat content until Mippy brought a bottle.

Then Harry realised that he had to pacify his husband as well: "Lucius, it's alright." He was having hard time holding in his own laughter. "It is Lucas, I guess he has just lost his baby-fur or something. It happens sometimes with magical and even with muggle babies, their hair and eye colour change in a couple of days after birth. It is kind of strange though, since neither you, nor I have red hair."

"Not so strange," Snape put in. "Your Mother's hair was auburn and I will never believe that there hadn't been a Weasley or a Prewett somwhere in your line Lucius."

"We Malfoys are originally from France Severus, of course it's possible. We are in no way related to Weasleys," Lucius protested. "I don't see how it's possible! The hair."

"Ever heard of the recessive gene? Well, doesn't matter, what you have to realise is that sometimes when you mix two substances together, you can get something completely different and unexpected as a result." Severus smirked. Lucius Malfoy, father to a red-haired child. It couldn't get any better.

"Can we die it?"

"Lucius!" Harry exclaimed in indignation. "You are not touching Lucas' hair! There is nothing wrong with red. It's even good, that he doesn't look like you, or, heaven forbid, me. It will be easier for him to be his own person. I never wanted him to be a clone of you or me. Lucas will not have to try to live up to anything."

Hearing that Severus felt a pang of something. Guilt maybe? However, he had never been good with apologies, the wizard preferred to make them with his actions, not words.

"I hope he has inherited not only Lily's hair, but some of her brain as well. In that case this family might still have hope," he looked pointedly at Lucius and then strolled towards the door. He had noticed the large love bite on Potter's neck and was hurrying back to his rooms to obliviate himself, it was much more than he had ever wanted to know. For once Severus was not happy to be so observant.

The man sighed and shook his head as he closed the door behind himself. This family was going to drive him crazy.

He confidently strolled down the hall. Severus could see in the dark better than your average wizard could. Along with talent in the art of potion-brewing it was one of the traits he had inherited from the Prince line. He was eager to get back in his warm bed under the covers as soon as possible and get at least two more hours of sleep… when he bumped into something solid.

"What the…!" The Potions Master staggered back almost falling flat on his butt. All he could see was thin air. Had he been driven crazy already and just hadn't noticed it somehow?

Then the air shimmered and there was worried looking Draco standing right in front of him, next to Charlie Weasley, who on the other hand was perfectly calm.

"Merlin's balls! Severus, I'm sorry! Are you alright," the blonde reached for his Godfather's arm as if trying to steady him.

Severus brushed him off: "I am fine. But I want to know what is going on here!"

Both men had appeared in front of him seemingly out of thin air. He wouldn't have thought that Draco or the Weasley were any good with concealment spells, they were too complicated and if they had used a potion. Severus hoped not, because those were hard on one's liver…

"Shh, Severus," Draco whispered. "Please, don't tell father about this. Please?"

The man had an urge to roll his eyes. As if, he cared about his Godson's dalliances. Actually, he was relieved that judging by what he saw the boy has been with Weasley for at least six months. Severus had not cared for Draco's promiscuity, not only he was more conservative than Lucius, but he could also see dangers of such behaviour.

"I don't care how many Weasleys you have sneaked in the house and of what Lucius thinks about it. Merlin knows, there is always at least one of them around anyway, these days," which was true. "What are you using to become invisible, Draco? Merlin, help you if it's something dangerous!"

"Oh, that," the stupid child breathed out in relief as if his health was much less important than Lucius' wrath. "Harry lent me his Invisibility Cloak. It's just amazing!"

Potter had an Invisibility Cloak? The little, sneaky… Severus dreaded to think how many rules had been broken over the years with its help. He was itching to give someone detentions!

"Professor Snape, are you alright?" Charlie spoke up. "You look a bit flushed."

"Remember you promised not to tell Father," Draco hurried to remind his godfather who looked as if he was about to blow up.

"I promised no such thing, Draco," the man simply felt like being a bit difficult.

"Sev, please, please, please…" the blonde whined. "Father will kill me! Or Charlie. You can borrow the cloak, if you want. I am sure Harry won't mind. I bet cousin Dora would like to visit."

The…. The… gall of the cheeky brat!

"Got lost! Both of you!" He snapped, swirled around and strode away trying to pretend that he wasn't hearing snickering coming from behind his back.

Malfoys, Weasleys, Potters… so many of them and all in the breeding age. He might have to start planning an early retirement in about ten years.

Meanwhile Harry had finished feeding little Lucas and was snuggling next to sullen looking Lucius.

"Come on, it's not so bad," the boy cooed, trying to hide his amusement. The twitching lips were quite the give away though.

"My son looks like a Wesley!" The man exclaimed.

"Well, at least it looks like he doesn't have any freckles," Harry tried.

"Freckles! Who would notice freckles under all the red hair!"

"Merlin, but you Malfoys are the vainest people I have ever known," Harry gave an exasperated sigh. "But you will have to get over it. Don't think for a moment, that I will let you to give our son grief for being born with the wrong hair colour! After all it's your own genes that are responsible for it."

"Of course I wouldn't," Lucius denied the accusation. "It's just that lately nothing goes as it is supposed to. Ridiculous really."

"Control freak," Harry snickered.


"You are a control freak. It's a muggle expression for someone who hates loosing control," Harry explained.

"It sounds undignified; I am not sure if I appreciate such term attached to my name."

"No I guess you would not," Harry smirked.

"Surely you don't expect me to be perfectly fine with the fact that one of my sons suddenly looks like a Weasley and the other is dating one?"

Harry's eyes widened.

This time it was Lucius who smirked: "What? You didn't seriously think that I was not aware of the fact that my son has been carrying on an affair with that Dragon handler of his right under my nose?"

Harry opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something and then closed it again.

"Ah, you did," Lucius drawled. "Harry, Harry, I am disappointed that you think so little of me."

Harry sighed: "I am bloody naïve, am I not?"

"Mm, yes, indeed, love," Lucius agreed amusedly.

The dark-haired boy groaned. Then his expression changed to resigned.

"And you are alright with it?"

"Of course I am not. But I don't see, what I could do about it right now. Draco is very stubborn, besides they obviously have you on their side,"

Harry had a decency to blush.

"My son is fickle. There is a great chance; he would grow out of it. If the worst will happen and he won't, well, my son needs someone who can handle him with a firm hand. A dragon tamer most likely qualifies."




"Come here…"

Couple of days later Harry walked into the baby-room where he had left his son in care of his big brother and… stopped by the door. The sight in front of him was truly unusual.

"Draco? What are you doing?"

"And, what does it look like," the blonde sniffed loudly.

Yes, it was obvious that Draco was crying. Hugging a stuffed dragon and crying.

"Merlin, Draco! What has happened? Is it Charlie? Did Lucius say something? I thought he was alright with you two being together."

"Oh, so he does know…"

"Mhm, yeah…"

"Oh… But, no, he didn't say anything."

"Then, why are you crying?"

"I don't know! I don't! I just… look at him, he's so… If I will stay with Charlie, I will never have one!"

"That's not true, Draco, there are options…"

"What options?"

"Well, I can't tell you just like that, right away, but… Merlin, Draco, the way you are crying, without a very good reason, one would think that you were pregnant already. I understand you, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I was feeling weepy all the time, when…"

"Malfoys do not feel weepy…"

"I know, I know… shh, it's going to be alright… overwhelmed? Does that sound better? But the point is that I wanted to cry very often. Ha, maybe the wizard-pregnancy thing is from your side of the family…"

The grey eyes widened: "What?! PREGNANT? Me?"

"I was joking! Only joking!"

"Father is going to kill me."

Harry wanted to correct Draco that it would be Charlie, whom Lucius would try to kill, but thought better of that. And it was not like Draco was actually pregnant. No, of course not, things like that did not happen often. What were the chances that it would happen twice in one family?

Oh, shit…

The End

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