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"Lupin, Teddy"

"Well you are an interesting one Mr Lupin. A good mind...rather reserved...hmmm...and that IS interesting!"

Erm...what is?

"You really feel a need to prove yourself don't you Mr Lupin? To show everyone that you should be respected for being yourself, rather than for who your parents were, or who your godfather is."

Well, I...hang on, those sound like Slytherin traits! You can't put me in Slytherin!

"Why ever not Mr Lupin? If it's where you best belong..."

But...you can't. I'm not evil.

"Being evil is not necessarily part of being a Slytherin. Now what's the real reason?"

Well...it's just that all of Gran's side of the family were in Slytherin, and if I got sorted there too then they'd all just say that I'm just like them, and I don't want to be. I don't want to be a Black.

"So in other words you want to be invisible."

What? No I don't want to be invisible, just... I just want to be me. No expectations, no judgements. Just me.

"Well I hate to tell you Mr Lupin, but in your situation, I think that's impossible. Let's look at this rationally, if I put you in Gryffindor..."

Then everyone will expect me to be like Uncle Harry and the Weasleys.

"Whereas Slytherin..."

Will make me an evil Black!

"Would you stop interrupting! What about Hufflepuff?"
Well then everyone will say I'm just like Mum, but I don't know what Mum was like so...

"Which leaves Ravenclaw. Any objections about Ravenclaw?"

Well, no...except I don't think I'm exactly suited to being a Ravenclaw. I don't really like studying see...

"There is more to Ravenclaw than studying. But I agree, it is not you. Well, what a poser!"

Does this mean I'm not right for any house? Will I have to leave? What-

"Tell me Mr Lupin, of all the people in your family, both your blood relatives and adoptive family, who do you feel the closest to?"

Er...probably Gran. Or Uncle Harry, or...I don't know I like them all.

"That is not what I asked. Are there any of them you feel a special connection to? Beyond the normal family bond I mean."

Well there was this time when I read a letter my dad wrote. To me when I was a baby, just in case something happened to him. Like it did. And...I dunno, he just seemed to think like me. I was...he wrote it the way I would have.

"Well that is interesting. But yes, now you mention that, the similarities become far more obvious. Well I guess that decides it. GRYFFINDOR!"