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Let's Spend the Afternoon in a Hot Air Balloon, Sempai!

Deidara lazed around, miserable. There was nothing to do. Then again, when was there?

"SEMPAI. SEMPAI LOOK!" Tobi called. He ran over to Deidara, tripping over himself with happiness. Literally.

"Go away. No one likes you, un."

"I bought these! See?" He pointed at a pair of tickets.

"I don't care. Go play with some lead-painted toys from China, un."

"Don you want to know what they're for?"


"Well, I'll tell you anyway!" He sounded ecstatic. Deidara hid his face in his hands.

"Well, I won a drawing and I got these tickets!" Tobi began.

Deidara turned his head away from Tobi. He tried to distract himself, but Tobi's voice was like a mosquito orbiting his ear; the sound was so pestering, it seemed as if it could penetrate his ear even if he had ear plugs.

He felt a sudden fit of rage coming on. Then, everything was silent. He went to face him, and he made no sound.

"So sempai, whaddya say? Would you like to make a date out of this?" Tobi asked innocently.

Deidara felt the fit of rage, and it partially overtook him.


"…I wasn't questioning your sexuality, sempai. Just sayin'."


"We'll leave at six, then!" Tobi scurried away.

Deidara's fists were clenched and he felt the warmth of his face; and then, it seemed to subside suddenly.

"…I agreed to nothing, yet he still expects me to show up? Whatever. He said something about free food, so I guess I'll go, un."

So his decision had been made; he'd only be with Tobi because of the free food. He was just hoping he wouldn't regret it.

Six o'clock rolled around; Deidara was dressed in everything he'd been wearing previously, minus his cloak. He waited impatiently for Tobi.

Sure enough, Tobi showed up. He was in dark clothes, head to toe, and his little scarf around his neck.

"Well, where's the damn tickets, un." Deidara demanded. Tobi chuckled.

"Don't worry, sempai. I have them. Now, let's roll!" He pranced out the door.

"What on earth have I gotten myself into, un…" He mumbled, suffering already.

He had no idea that the two of them would end up at a festival. He looked around. The thing that stuck out most was a giant colorful object protruding from above distant treetops.

"Hey, sempai! Keep up!" Tobi called as he advanced through the crowd. Deidara came back to reality, and quickly moved through the sea of people.

As he was about five yards away from Tobi, Deidara bumped into a little boy.

"Hey, move it kid, un!" He yelled.

"Owwie! Mommy, that girl bumped into me!" The mother of the child looked at Deidara quickly.

"Sweety, that's a boy."

"How can you tell, mommy?"

"Mommy knows."

"Is it because she didn't have boobies?"

Deidara clenched his teeth, and resisted the urge to punt the small child into the crowd.

"Mommy will tell you when you're older."

'Stupid kid,' he thought.

He finally found Tobi, who was looking at a food vender's stand. He turned and looked at Deidara, who was approaching him.

"Hi, sempai!"

"Thanks for wandering away from me, un."

"You didn't keep up. Aw shucks, they don't have anything good. Oh well."


"What were you saying, sempai?"

He slapped his forehead.

"Sempai, if you do that you won't be able to see the surprise I'm gonna show you!"

"I don't even care."

"Cover your eyes!" He sang.

"No." Deidara protested, as if he was a child.

Tobi stepped behind his partner, and covered the eyes of the blonde.

"How am I supposed to see the surprise if your hands are over my eyes, un."

"I'll lead you!"

The two pushed their way through the crowd, again.

Soon, Deidara heard himself stepping on grass. Then, they stopped. Tobi removed his hands.

"I don't see a surprise, un."

"Look around, sempai!"

He did. He was a little surprised.

The colorful thing that was protruding from the trees that he had seen earlier turned out to be an air balloon.

Tobi had rushed up to one, and had gotten in the basket.

"Come on, sempai!" He called.

"Oh, brother…" He grumbled. He trudged over, and got into the basket.

Tobi seemed too giddy for his own good.

"Are you ready, Deidara-san?" He inquired.

Deidara rolled his eyes.


Deidara had his mind on other things, but all of his idle thoughts escaped his mind in almost an instant.

The balloon began to ascend into the sky, and he panicked a bit; this was a bit different than his clay birds he was used to, which was why he was a tad alarmed. He clutched the basket, and pursed his lips.

'I'll be out of my mind, and you'll be out of ideas, pretty soon.'

He felt an arm wrap around his shoulder.

"It's okay, sempai. If you're scared, you can hold on to me."

Deidara grunted.

"You're an idiot, un."

Eventually, a few more balloons drifted up into the sky; then some more, and some more still. Music began to play. It seemed to echo everywhere. A cold breeze sent a chill through Deidara. He moved his hands up and down his arms quickly to heat up his arms, but to no avail.

'So let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.'

He looked at Tobi.

He ever so slowly inched towards his partner. As he got closer, it felt as if he was radiating heat. He was leaning up against Tobi now.

"…You're warm, un."

"Aww, sempai! If you wanted to cuddle, you should've said something!"

Tobi wrapped his arms around the blonde, and squeezed tightly.

"You're…choking me…you dumbass, un." He managed to mumble though his airway was being constricted.

"Oh. Sowwy." He softened his grip.

The sun began to set. The sky was an arrangement of warm colors like red, deep oranges and bright yellows. Soon, the blue of the night made its way into the mix as well. From where the two of them were, it was absolutely breathtaking.

"Sempai, do you like it?" He asked.

"What the hell are you talking about, un."

"The sunset."

"…I guess it's…nice." He mumbled.

Tobi was bursting with happiness.

"YAY! I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT!" He began to jump around, causing the basket to shake.


Tobi ceased his joyful jumping.

"Oh…well, the ride is gonna be over anyway, so…" He trailed off. Embarrassing? Um, yeah.

The balloon slowly descended to the ground.

The two of them started off for home.

On the way, Deidara struck up a conversation.

"Hey dummy."

Tobi turned his head.

Deidara seemed uncomfortable.

"Sempai, is there something wrong?"

He inhaled deeply, and exhaled.

"…Thank you. I had…fun, un."

Tobi perked up.



Tobi embraced him. Not the creepy, spontaneous hugging that he was known for, but a genuine, warm, teddy bear-like hug.

"I'm so glad."

"Me too…" His partner said lowly.

And for once, Deidara wrapped his arms around Tobi, feeling as if his heart was the sun, shining brightly on a new day.

'You made my frown turn upside-down, now my worries are gone.'

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