By Ilteren


"Everybody has a story to tell, I'm no different, though my story may be a little weirder than most. You may have already heard my father's story; my story takes place twenty one years later."

It all began in China Town, but it led to the destruction of my small town, Kingston Falls. By the end, the theatre had blown up, the bank was ransacked, the whole town was in ruins, even Kate's Bar burned down, but all of that is another story entirely.

My story deals with Gizmo, let me tell you about Gizmo. Gizmo is a mogwai, what is a mogwai you ask, good question really, haven't figured that out yet I can tell you what Gizmo looks like. He's small, about the size of a basketball, basic human shape but furry. He has brown and white fur and fleshy ears and hands. Big expressive eyes and a rounded mouth make him excruciatingly cute. You would never guess by looking at him that he could be the cause of so much trouble. Now before I get on with the story let me fill you in on the ground rules for mogwai, they are very important.

1. They hate bright light, it hurts them and direct sunlight will kill them.

2. Don't get them wet. Don't give them a bath; don't even give them water to drink. Water makes them multiply and you won't like the results.

3. The most important. Don't ever, ever feed them after midnight. No matter how much they scream, no matter how much they beg. If a mogwai eats after midnight it will change, transform, into something wholly mischievous and evil, a Gremlin.

Gremlins can be anywhere from two to four feet tall, they are black and green and covered with scales. They have long pointed ears and their mouths are full of razor sharp teeth. Deadly claws are attached to long limbs. They are swift, agile, curiously strong and vicious. They love to cause mayhem, and tamper with anything mechanical or electrical. Now about twenty one years after our first encounter with gremlins, I'm back in Kingston Falls. That's where my story begins.

"Billy, Hon, can you help me with this luggage" yelled Kate as she tried to haul in two large overstuffed duffle bags by herself.

"Sure, Babe" came the reply. Billy ran up to her and grabbed one of the bags. "Sorry about that, dad has been asking a lot of questions, like where are we gonna sleep and where are we gonna put our stuff."

"Well I don't blame him for being a little worried; his life has just been turned upside down. He must be going through hell after losing your mother." They put the bags in the living room and start back toward the car for more luggage.

"Yeah, but he seems more that just worried. He doesn't let on but I think having Gizmo back in the house is really bothering him."

"It bothers me too, it always has."

"I know, but we've taken care of him for this long. I like to think we've become sort of experts at it." he said.

"Yeah but it only takes one small accident, one stray drop of water to make things go from bad to worse." she scolded

"But we can't get rid of him!" he cried.

"Of course we can't get rid of him. He's safer with us than with anybody else. But also I've grown attached to him, no matter how much he scares me I love the little guy." They dropped another pair of bags in the living room floor when Rand Peltzer, Billy's father came in carrying Gizmo.

"I can't believe how much I missed this little fella" he said as he poked and tickled gizmo. Like Billy and Kate, Rand had aged. He had more than a few wrinkles and his neck sagged; he also sported a full head of gray hair. Gizmo on the other hand had not aged a day and was still as cute as ever.

"Hi Billy" squeaked Gizmo.

"Hi, Buddy. Are you having fun with Dad?" Gizmo nodded emphatically.

"Hey Dad, I was thinking me and Kate would just move into my old room in the attic, that way there's no need to bother your room or the study."

"Sounds good to me. Hey did I show you my new invention? I started working on it when I realized you were coming back." Rand rushed to his study and came back holding something behind his back He then revealed to them a large hollow plastic ball. "Ta-da, I got the idea from the smaller ones they make for hamsters. This one is made from a special plastic that won't let harmful sun rays through."

"Ah cool Dad he's gonna love this."

"I don't get it" Kate said.

"It's for Gizmo, babe. With this he's gonna be able to run around outside without worrying about sunlight."

"Oh, cool." "It's also waterproof in case of any accident." Rand explained.

"Uh, Dad. If it's waterproof doesn't that mean it's also airproof?" Billy said. Rand responded to this question with dumbfounded silence, a "deer in headlights" expression on his face.

Just then there was a knock at the door, everybody turned to see who it was because the door was still open. In the doorway stood an Asian man of about thirty two. He wore a business suit and carried a briefcase in one hand. He stood there a moment staring in awe at Gizmo.

"Can I help you" asked Billy. The Asian man came to and apologized.

"Excuse me; I just never expected to see Gizmo again."

It was Billy's turn to be confused, how did this man know Gizmo?

"Who are you?" Billy asked.

"I am Jonathan Tao, Gizmo there used to belong to my Uncle." At this a spark of recognition crossed Rand's face, he quickly introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Rand Peltzer; I believe we've met before?"

"Yes, I remember. You're the man I sold Gizmo to; I was not very wise back then." "What are you doing here?" asked Rand.

"Well in a way my visit concerns Gizmo."

"You don't want him back do you?" questioned Billy.

"No, in fact I believed him to be dead from that accident in New York until I saw him here," But no I do not wish for the responsibility of taking care of him."

"So then, what?"

Jonathan set his briefcase down and opened it.

"Before my uncle died he entrusted me with a wealth of information regarding the mogwai and their offspring. After the accident here Gizmo would stop talking about you, so my uncle told me that if I should ever find you I should pass this information to you because you are the one person he believed who could handle it"

Jonathan handed Billy a large binded book, on the cover were letters unrecognizable by the group.

"How am I supposed to read it, I don't know this language." Billy observed.

"My uncle had the foresight to prepare notes for you."

He handed Billy a stack of papers five inches thick. Billy's arms sagged under the combined weight.

"It will take me months to go through all this."

"Then I suggest you get started; only knowledge will avail you when caring for a mogwai. As for me, I have to leave. I have important business to attend to. I wish you good luck on your ventures, goodbye." Jonathan yelled as he rushes out the door leaving them all standing bewildered.