Billy dialed as they ran following Goatee's tracks in the snow where he dragged Spike. The call went through.

"Hi Kate….Oh, not so good, Gizmo got poisoned by Spike, I need you to look through the book and see if there's anything that can help him…Ok….Not yet, Dad, Moby and I are following Goatee right now. We think he's headed for the lake…..Yeah, I know, listen I'll have to talk to you late, just get looking for something that can save Gizmo, alright, love you too. bye." With that Billy ended the call. On the other end of the line Kate hung up.

"The lake." she said to herself thinking.

She picked the phone back up and started to dial another number. Billy and Rand were still on the tail of Goatee when they cam to the edge of the woods that encircled the lake. Billy stopped and moved Gizmo from his arms to his backpack. Gizmo was too big to fit in there now, his head and shoulders poked out of the top of the bag. When he was done they set off in to the woods.

Sam sat quietly in his tree stand watching a ten point buck through his rifle's scope. He had been following this deer's movements all night and he finally had a clear shot at it. The deer's head popped up and looked directly at Sam, it turned and ran off in the opposite direction.

"No, no, no!" yelled Sam "Damnit."

He looked through the scope for any signs of more deer. At that moment Goatee's head appeared right in front of Sam's scope Sam yelled and toppled out of his 15 foot high tree stand. He hit the ground and vibrated there. Billy, Rand and Moby came upon him laying on the ground. Billy helped him up.

"Are you Ok?" asked Billy.

"I think so." said Sam.

Then he noticed Moby.

"Ah!, What the hell kind of dog walks on tow legs?"

"Well, um, Have you heard of ClampCorp?" Billy said.

Sam's expression changed.

"Say no more, I know all about the freaky genetic stuff they did there. Hey is that what the thing is I just saw?" Sam asked.

"Uh, maybe.

"Which way did it go, can you tell us?"

"Yeah sure, it went that way."

He pointed toward the lake. Billy sighed and said,

"You need to get out of here right now, something very bad is about to happen."

"Right." Sam said.

"I saw what happened at ClampCorp on TV. I'm outta here."

He ran off without another word.

They ran as hard as they could toward the lake, fear driving their legs. They burst out from the trees, they saw Goatee standing on the lake pounding on the ice, Spike laying at his side. The lake was still frozen over, and Goatee couldn't get through the ice. They breathed a sigh of relief, but Moby was still running full speed. Goatee looked up and saw him, he grabbed Spike and ran across the lake toward a small shack on the ice. Moby reached the shack seconds after Goatee, but he was too late. Goatee stood over an open hole in the ice, he tool Spike by the tail and tossed him into the ice. Goatee looked at Moby and laughed. Moby charged him and tackled him through the wall of the shack. Billy started to run out on the ice but Rand stopped him.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Rand said and pointed at the ice under the shack. The water started to boil and turn colors. Steam poured out of the door of the shack.

"Oh no" Billy said helplessly.

Moby and Goatee fought out on the ice, trading punches and kicks. Underneath tem the ice began to crack and they could see the faces of thousands of gremlins. Billy screamed in pain as something passed by and burnt his shoulder.

"Ah! What the hell is that?" he yelled.

A straight line of light moved toward the lake. Billy and Rand watched it.

"Where is it coming from?" asked Billy.

They craned their necks skyward and looked as far as they could see.

"Really high up." replied Rand.

Moby and Goatee were still fighting on the ice when the beam of light came across the lake, cutting a line in the ice. The ice beneath them tilted and they fell in. Very little water was left , it was replaced by the claws and teeth of thousands of gremlins. The beam stopped in the middle of the lake, it hovered there for a second then began to grow. The light spread slowly out in a circle covering more and more of the lake. Billy and Rand, who had been watching the terrible scene helplessly, let their jaws drop.

"It's sunlight." Billy said, confused and astonished.

"But dawn doesn't come for another hour."

"This ain't no ordinary sunlight, Billy". Rand said.

"I have a feeling somebody is looking out for us."

The light had fully encompassed the lake, Billy had to step back to keep Gizmo away from it. The lake had been turned into a retention pond of Gremlin sludge, it bubbled and churned, and sent up a foul stinking reek. Rand looked at the putrid slurry.

"Moby," he said.

Billy grabbed Rand's shoulder.

"We still have time to save Gizmo, come on."

They turned and started back for the house, Billy got out his cell phone.

"Hey Honey, everything's taken care of…..wait, how do you know?….Alright, alright, you'll just have to explain it when we get there. Tell me you've found something that can help Gizmo…Really? Okay, see you in a little while, bye." He hung up.

"What did she say?" Rand asked.

"We have to stop somewhere on the way home."


"The grocery store."

"Damnit, I hate grocery store,"

Back at the house they were feeding a barely conscious Gizmo a block of tofu. They had him laid down in his own bed, covered up. Gizmo ate the Bean Curd and went to sleep.

Billy went downstairs with Rand and Kate in the living room.

"Honey?" Billy said.

"Yes." replied Kate

"What did you do?"

"Oh, I just made a little phone call."

"To who?"

"To our boss, Mr. Clamp."

"And what did you talk about?"

"Well, after he made a bunch of small towns like Kingston Falls around the world, I remember him telling me about some crazy idea to always have it daytime in his towns using mirrored satellites.

"You're kidding me." Billy said.

"Nope. Well obviously that idea didn't work out, but the satellites are still up there."

Billy and Rand jumped up and saw Moby. His white fur was covered in black and green sludge, but even more amazing was that he was standing in broad daylight.

"I guess he's immune to more than just water." Rand said.

They brought Moby in and cleaned him up, restoring his white fur. Later that night Gizmo hatched from his furry cocoon, back to his original self. Three months later they were sitting in the living room watching TV. Moby sat on the couch, with Gizmo sitting on his shoulder. Moby was eating chips and he handed one up to Gizmo. There was a knock at the door. Rand answered it, at the doorstep were 3 Tibetan Monks.

"Hello, fellas." Rand said. "What can I do for you gentleman?"

"We've come for the large white one." one replied.

Billy walked up,

"Well that would be up to him." He turned, "Moby, you have some visitors." he called.

Moby came and studied the Monks.

He walked toward them slowly, raising his hand as if in acceptance, then shut the door in their faces. Moby walked back to the couch and continued watching TV.

"Well, I guess that's that" Billy said.