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If I owned Naruto, they would go to Starbucks instead of Ichiraku Ramen.


A Tall Cappuccino with a Dash of Yaoi


To put it plainly, Akasuna Sasori loved coffee. He lived for Starbucks, because life without coffee was just…well, just life. Which wasn't a very desirable life. No, especially not to this artistic red head. He was admittedly addicted to the sweet, caffeinated drink, and every day needed at least two cups to fill the calling. (Preferably above three, however.)

Coffee was a good friend to Sasori. It never let him down, even on the worse days. He'd tried a bad day or two without coffee, worried that the caffeine would just make him hyper and he'd end up even more agitated.

Akasuna Sasori learned never to do that again. The only thing that a day without coffee did to him was make him feel suicidal and utterly miserable. Oh hell, withdrawal had nearly made him want to jump out a window; he deepened that much on Starbucks.

Coffee was Sasori's very best friend because it was never going to hurt him. Also, it was (besides being on friendly terms with the Starbucks barista crew) just about his only friend.

Yeah, it was pretty lonely, but as long as he kept gulping down lattes, he thought he'd do okay.


Ah, the familiar calling was coming after him. He was twitching, and his skin was beginning to crawl.

How the hell did coffee yearning symptoms manage to be so similar to those of nicotine withdrawal?!

Massaging his forehead, the red head slung his bag onto his back, swung shut the door to his apartment, twisting his key in the lock, and scurried off for the familiar green sign. A picture of a twin tailed mermaid anywhere else could never manage to be so welcoming as the one on that circular sign…ah, sweet Starbucks.

Sasori could smell the coffee beans from three storefronts down, they were so wonderfully fragrant. He smiled when he was hit with their fresh melody.

Yeah, melody.

When you became as addicted to caffeine as the Akasuna was, it sings to you…which is quite a scary thought, but it's a great song.

Oh, and what a yummy song, too.

"Aha! Sasori-san is in!" The blue haired barista sat in the corner table, enjoying a frappuccino on her break. Several piercings dotted her face, and she wore a vibrant flower in her hair. She waved and smiled, "We were wondering when you'd show up today. You started to worry us, you took so long."

"Oh, sorry, Konan…I've been busy today…"

"That is no excuse to ignore coffee, and you know it. Go, go get a cup before you collapse from deprivation."

"Yeah…" he breathed in, the very air soothing his craving some.

"Oh, hey, by the way! Don't be surprised when you get up there; we've got a new addition to the crew…"

Hm? That was interesting. The workers and regulars at Starbucks were so close by now that it was like a makeshift family, and new additions were rare. There was Pein, the boss, dubbed Leader-sama by the various baristas; Konan of course, who was rumoured to be his girlfriend; Kakuzu, who mostly handled finances but sometimes was at the counter; and Hidan, who was foulmouthed but got away with it because he could brew the perfect latte.

As for Sasori's fellow customers, there was Zetsu, a strange man with a sometimes frightful spit personality; Itachi, a dark person with brother issues; and his close friend (boyfriend?) Kisame.

No, new additions weren't common at all, and Sasori's interest was piqued. "Really…?"

Konan nodded, twisting the sleeve of her cup around. "Yeah, he's um…he's an interesting little bastard. Ha. Yeah, an interesting little bastard… I heard he was going to art school like you are, but but got expelled for setting off an explosive on the grounds or some other crazy shit like that." She laughed lightly, and nodded again, "but Pein knew him from high school or something, so we can trust him. He's nice. An interesting kid…"

Expelled for setting off an explosion? Um…okay. "Well, if Leader-sama says so, it must be…fine." Sasori blinked, wondering what must have provoked him to throw away an arts education like that. Art wasn't something to be wasted on the cheap thrill of an explosion. Sasori knew, he made puppets for various theatres when he wasn't studying to get better. Every puppet was a work of art, with care driven into each intricate detail. "Um, anyway…yeah, I'll go get something. Damn, I'm shaking again…ha, I need my coffee."

Konan smirked, raising her own coffee, "Cheers, hun…"

Sasori nodded, excusing himself to go take a place in line. Glancing over the heads of the people before him, he studied the latest member of the roster. Was that a man or a woman? Such long yellow hair, with part of it draped over one eye…oh, it was a man, Sasori could tell when he turned his head up to deliver a drink to a customer.

Hm. A nice smile…

"Can I help you, un?"

The puppet master wondered what art this man had been working in. perhaps another person who worked with wood? Not possibly a second puppeteer; that would just be too lucky…

"Um. Can I help you, un…?"

…because luck never came in spurts that big. Especially not to the red head…


"Hey, dumb fuck! Deidara's trying to ask you what coffee you want! Wake up Sasori! Stop fucking spacing out already! Jashin, you are clueless…" Hidan's loud voice brought him back.

"Oh…! Um, sorry! Ah…just a tall cappuccino, please…?"

The blonde smiled. Deidara was his name? "It's fine, un…a cappuccino! I'll get you one, un…"

Sasori handed over a few crumpled bills, and watched him splash together his drink intently.

So, this was Deidara…