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A Tall Cappuccino with a Dash of Yaoi

Chapter Seventeen

"Jesus, could that possibly have taken any longer…?" Sasori moaned in annoyance, graduation papers in one hand and Deidara in the other. "Four years seemed shorter than that ceremony!"

"Awh, come on." The blonde barista poked him in the stomach. "At least you stayed around to get to that ceremony, un."

"Mhm, but I also stayed around long enough to get loads of college debt, too."

"Oh, right. Kakuzu probably was sure to remind you of that, un!" Deidara chuckled, "Iguess that's one thing I got lucky about. Although I wouldn't really classify being expelled as incredibly lucky, un…"

"Perhaps not. I'm going to go with not, Dei-chan."

But he did know that he was incredibly lucky Deidara was so open and forgiving. He didn't understand how the hell that was even possible…but it seemed to be. By now, if Sasori were having an exquisite, lifelike dream, it probably would have turned into a nightmare quite some time ago.

No nightmare yet.

Several almost nightmares, but the point to the matter was that those hadn't stayed.

Oh, fantastic.

And psychotic…

But it was really there.

Sasori could even touch it, and it didn't evaporate away. God, he wasn't used to that sort of miracle, but he knew that he would gladly get used to it without complaint.

Damn…why do I feel so surprised about that?

Answer: It was all so insane to think about only a few short months ago that there was no connection in his mind.


"Hey peeps, look who it is!" Konan chirped, flashing a peace sign and waving her other arm excitedly. "Go go gay machine…!"

"Go go gay machine with a shiny new diploma!" Deidara added on, shoving his boyfriend into the limelight, simply because he knew Sasori hated the limelight no matter how much he deserved to be in it. "See? See, un?"

"Ooh la la." The woman trilled, grinning at the blushing puppeteer. "Gay college graduate. Now ain't that sexy?"

"I said the same thing, un." He purred, obviously generating plans in his head to take Sasori out partying later. There was nothing like dancing somewhat naughtily under the sweaty lights at their favourite nightclub. Ah, and what was even better than the dancing was the shoving off the curious singles who came calling.

Sasori was taken and he was his, thank you very much. Not for sale, you horny lonely bastards…

Ha. Maybe he was a touch possessive…

Konan delivered them coffee without delay, and it was really, honestly peachy. Just to sit there staring at each other, making eyes and smirking childishly, not needing to say a single word to get their point across.

They were proud.

Proud of each other, for different reasons, but with the same intensity.

Yeah, intense was a good word to describe what they'd done and how they felt. And what they'd do in the future…because they were far from over, and far from at the peak. The pair was only just beginning now.

Spare me the dramatics, this is what it's all about.

That attitude was what Sasori intended to wear like a fucking ring on his finger. Who needed a ring when you had a feeling? A feeling was stronger, and probably meant more, if only because you couldn't see it physically. You couldn't hide a feeling, but you could hide an object if you really wanted to.

And see, Sasori had no yearning to be hiding anything he believed about this strange boy he'd found one day, serving him a tasty cappuccino.

There was only one yearning he had, and that was to kiss him every damn second they were together. PDA? Who cared? Too bad.

Just before he was about to lean over and pounce on his delicious rainbow sprinkle, the door opened roughly, announcing the arrival of the least delicious, rancid person possible.

"Gee, lookie who's here…"

Sasori bristled, recognizing that biting voice. A voice that was slick with hate, a voice that was hate.

"The wittle faggie poos!"

The homophobic asshole and his posse from their unfortunate mishap at the mall... God, that day had almost sent them both over the edge of an emotional precipice.

Instinct, initially, said to sit still and pretend that he didn't know who they were or that they were even talking to him. He didn't move. Freeze, just freeze. Maybe it will hurt less if you don't try to be the noble one…

Konan noticed the tension suddenly flooding the air of the shop, and came over to investigate. "Is there, um, a problem here…?"

"Beat it, bitch." Said the leader coldly, eyes fixed on Sasori and Deidara. "This isn't your place. It's between these fags and me…"

"Excuse me, but could you not call them that?" She cringed, trying to stay calm. "They're my friends, and they're wonderful people, and I don't appreciate you—"

"Shut up, bitch!" He snapped, making her fall silent. "What I don't appreciate is them! That shit is sick. Call a health inspector, they're polluting this place. Kick 'em out, if you ask me, bitch…"

Deidara was trying his best not to repeat what had happened before. It pained Sasori to watch him try so hard not to strike out and hit that bastard. But violence certainly was only bound to end up with them bleeding in more places than they even knew they had. Plus, now there was Konan to worry about.

What do I do?

I don't let Deidara save me.

That was what he was most concerned about. He swore not to let that happen anymore, at least not until he had done well to repay him. And before he could even start to formulate any rational plan in his head, Sasori's instinct changed. Swiftly and surely, he snatched Deidara and deliberately began to kiss him after retorting, "Well, nobody ever did ask you, did they?"

Their opposer's face dropped into a disgusted snarl, and he seemed paralyzed as he watched them kiss right in front of him. "What the fuck is this?!" He sputtered, glancing helplessly at Konan. "You let them do this?!"

Too shocked herself at Sasori's sudden bravery, she didn't answer.

At first, Deidara was startled and unsure, but he trusted Sasori and returned the kiss. Hell, if they were going to die, why not enjoy the last few moments alive together?

Yet, they didn't die.

After a brief, sickened handful of seconds, the thug put up his hands in defeat and shook his head, appalled. "Fuck it! I ain't watchin' this. I'm out of here, man…!"

And to all of their incredible surprise, he was out of there.

Breathless and grateful, the two separated and blinked. Deidara murmured, "Danna, un. Can we please never piss him off again?"

Still confused where he'd gotten that random, wonderful spurt of courage from, Sasori stated simply, firmly, "I don't care anymore what anyone thinks. It doesn't matter, because I'm sick of pretending like I'm alright with people saying what we're doing is wrong. That it's wrong for us to be ourselves. For me to love you more than anybody…because when I think about that, all I can think of is how right it is."

He blushed. "Oh. Wow, un…"


"That's just so heroic, un…!"

Smile. Real, full smile. "No, not heroic, Dei-chan. Only true."


Darling, have you ever considered…? What flavor of coffee would you want to be on the lips of the last person you ever kissed? Hazelnut? Toffee? Mocha? Or a complete surprise…?

In the last moments, would you want the pair of eyes you saw sparkling back in your direction to be the colour of the rainbow, dear…?

Do you know…?

Have you ever considered; darling, what would happen if all the lights went out? Who would you want to be there with you at the end of the world? When you were too scared to move around, running your hands around the walls trying to find a switch to turn them back on? Who would you want to tell you that it was alright, because they were scared too?

Have you ever considered?