I Love My Younger Sister

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Summary: Mikan has an older brother named Natsume. He was in love with Mikan since he was 5. He believed that there was only one woman in his life and that was his sister Mikan. He never sees Mikan as his sister but the only woman he love. They were not just siblings but also friends. He always teases her. Will he fight for his love? Or just force himself to love someone else? NXM pairings (there are some OOC here)

Chapter one: Why Does It Have To Be Her?

A 5 yea-old raven-haired boy was picking up some clover flowers. He made it into a flower crown and gaveit to a brunette beside him. The girl with brunette hair was really happy when his brother, Natsume, made her a crown.

She ran at the bench where her mother and father were sitting "Mommie, Daddie, look! Look! Isn't it beautiful?" she said with her ever so cheerful smile. "it looks good to you honey!.. you look like a princess" her mom said. Natsume immediately ran towards the bench and said "she's not a princess mom!! She's a bride! And I'm gonna marry her here someday" his parents just laughed at what he said..

Then they heard the church bells. That means that there's a wedding. Natsume and Mikan looked at the couple with bright eyes then suddenly, Natsume gave Mikan a clover. She flashed Natsume her bright smile then hug him tight.

Natsume woke up early because of the same dream again … (it was still 6:00 am) It happened about 13 years ago. He was 5 years old back then and Mikan was 4.

He went down his bed and made his way to the bathroom. He took a bath and brushed his teeth. He then changed into his school uniform and went out of the bathroom and rushed downstairs to have his breakfast.

After eating breakfast, he went again upstairs to wake a certain brunette."oi. Wake up idiot" he said while shaking Mikan slightly. Mikan stirred a little then sat up. She rubbed her eyes and slowly opening them, revealing her brown, chocolate orbs.

She was actually dreaming about Ruka when Natsume interrupted her thoughts and woke her up. Ruka was Mikan's crush since she was 12 yrs. old. He's Natsume's best friend that's why I always sees him at our house playing playstation and sometimes talking with my brother. He is also like one of our family members because he stays there every weekends and my parents treated him as their son too.

"how long are you gonna sit there!? It's already 7:30 baka!" he said with a bit of an angry tone. Crap! I'm going to be late again! And it's also our first day Mikan thought.

She then hopped out of hi bed and rush to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. She slipped in her uniform and went out of the bathroom to go downstairs.

She saw Natsume and her mom watching TV while his father was off to work. She then went to the kitchen and grabbed 2 pieces of bread and stuck it inside his mouth. She got her bag and went out to the living room to kiss her mom. "I'm off to school mom! Bye!" she said and kissed her mom in the cheeks while natsume just nodded to her mom.

Mikan grabbed Natume's arm and dragged him outside to the parking lot. She hopped in to Natsume's newly bought red BMW M6 while munching the slice of bread she got a while ago. "you're such a pig polka" he said as he made his way to the driver's seat and he started the engine. "Mou, Natsume!! Why do you keep on calling me polka even though it's not polka-dots today!" complained Mikan. "tch.watever.like I care" he said in his cold voice.

Thet're family has a two-story hopuse with four rooms. One for mikan, one for natsume, a guestroom, and a room for their parents. But unfortunately for mikan, her room and the guestroom was under renovation that's why she's staying with his cold-hearted brother.

Natsume has big spacious room with a double-deck bed for him and Ruka 'cause ruka always stays there every weekends. But for now, Mikan is the one sleeping on ruka's spot.

They also had three cars. A pink VW Beetle for Mikan. (She just uses it if she goes shopping with her friends) A red BMW for Natsume and a silver Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano for their father.

Their ride going to school was silent. Neither one of them talked. Then suddenly, Mikan broke the silence "Ne, Natsume." "hn" ws all his reply. "do you think we're still going to be classmates this year?" mikan said.

"I don't know and I don't want you te be my classmate. You're so annoying and always rely on copying my notes. You're so lazy baka." Natsume said while his lips started to form into a smirk when he saw Mikan pouting. "Mou Natsume!! You're so mean!" Mikan said pouting.

Then after a few minutes, they arrived at school. Mikan went out of the car and rushed inside the building to look at the bulletin board. She frowned a bit when she saw that she and Natsume aren't classmates but smiled when she saw her best friend's name in the same list as hers. "I guess you're lucky Natsume. We're not classmates this school year but I'm still gonna copy some notes from you" Mikan said with an evil smirk.

"Tch. Whatever" was Natsume's reply.


The bell rand signaling the students that it was already time for them to go inside threir classroom. Natsume and Mikan went in their separate classrooms.

"Good Morning Everyone!!" Mikan cheerfully while beaming a bright smile causing the male students to look at her with hearts in their eyes. She walked towards her best friend and greeted her extending her arms fo a hug….


Mikan fell down to the floor. She was again hit by the infamous BAKA GUN.

"Itai! Mou Hotaru What was that for?!" "For being an idiot and annoying girl" she said calmly. Mikan pouted "Mou Hotaru, you're so mean" she said and went to her seat at the back.

Narumi was still their homeroom teacher and as usual, he still wears girl's clothes and he still makes his grand entrance.

"Ohayou minna-san" Narumi chirped cheerfully while smiling brightly. His students just sweat-dropped 'cause he didn't change at all.

"It's a free time today since it's your first day and I want all of you to have a nice chat with your friends and classmates about what happened during your summer" he said "Ja ne" and walked towards the door and went out of the room.

Natsume went inside his classroom and noticed that the only classmates he knew were hi best friend Ruka and his friend Yuu.

"Hey Natsume" greeted Ruka while going near him. He sat beside him and started a conversation.

The classes were already over and Mikan was on her way to her brother's classroom.

"oh there you are" she said stepping inside the classroom. "I wanna go home already" she said. "Hn" was all his reply and stood up signaling the brunette to walk too. They went to the parking lot and drove home.

After a few minutes ride, they already arrived home and they went to their room.

"Oh no! I ran out of load. How can I call Hotaru now?" mikan said whil shoving off the cellphone to the bed.

"Hotaru, sure will get mad at me now" Mikan whined. "Stop whining baka! You can use my phone instead" Natsume said slightly irritated. He was only wearing his boxers and was clad by towel. He was planning to have a cold bath to relax him.

"Really, Natsume?!" she said smiling widely. "Hn" was all his reply but Mikan knew that it meant "yes". "THANKS Natsume" she said as she jumped into his arms and hugged him then kissed him on his left cheek. This caused Natsume to blush but was able to hide it with his bangs. Mikan broke the hug and got Natsume's phone and started dialing Hotaru's number while Natsume went inside the CR to take a bath.

Natume's POV

I dipped into the cold water on the bathtub and relaxed myself. I suddenly thought about Mikan…

Why does Mikan doing this to me? ...

This is going to be hard for me to control myself

Thinking about her and to STOP loving her …..