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This chapter is really short and I might not update until my first story is done but I wanted to post this.

Bella's POV

"Edward, Are you sure that you packed everything?" I asked

We were about to leave for The University Of Alaska, where I would change and be far away from my friends and family. Exept the Cullens.

"Yes, I'm sure. Alice even hired workers to help. Not that we needed it." Edward said.

I almost wished that there was more to do because now that everything was done, the only thing I could do was say goodbye. What Charlie and Renee didn't know was that it was goodbye forever.

Charlie wasn't happy that I was living with Edward but he couldn't stop us. We were married now.

Edward must have noticed a change of mood on my face.

"I'll be waiting outside. Take as long as you need to say goodbye." Then he walked out the door

I was beginning to think that he could read my thoughts all along and just lied before because he was reading my thoughts pretty clear now.

Walking Down the stairs I had a feeling that my parents knew that this was it.

The thing that suprized me was that they didn't show any emmotion.

"Have a good time in Alaska Bells." Renee said as she rushed up and hugged me.

Sometime in here Charlie joined the hug.

We must have looked strange, in a group hug, on the middle of the stairs.

"We will always be here for you if you need anything ok. Don't worry about the long distance phone calls." Renee said as we slowly walked down the stairs together.

"If you hate college your always free to come back here." Charlie said.

He wanted me to have a good time in college and he knew that I would, he just didn't want me to go.

Then we were at Edwards volvo, the door was open and I was sitting down.

Before I knew it Edward was driving away leaving my parents in the driveway of a house I would never be able to visit again.

Edwards POV

I could see the hurt in Bella's eyes.

It must be hard saying goodbye to the ones you love. I had it so easy, my parents were gone before Carlisle changed me.

Edward, stop at the house before you go. We have some stuff that won't fit in our cars but you still have room.

I planned on stopping there anyway to make sure everyone had the correct directions.

I wanted so much to sit with Bella and comfort her but we had to leave and I needed at least one hand to drive.

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I had to drive fast. I just knew that this person was following us.

"Edward slow down." Bella said

She didn't know why I was in a rush I right now I didn't want her to know.