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A couple minutes later we were on the highway.

I felt bad for Edward because he was forced to drive at a human speed.

"How much longer until we get there?"

"Maybe, 20 minutes." Edward responded

Chapter 3:Home Sweet Home

Bella's POV

The ride was had to be longer than 20 minutes, but Edward kept on repeating to me "You just want to see the house so bad its making time seem slower."

As we drove to our street I saw a bookstore and a little cafe that I guessed would be in walking distance from our house.

Our house.

I still hadn't gotten used to that.

Finally we were home.

The house was beautiful.

I saw a car in the driveway. At first I thought that it was a gift for me, even though it wasn't super shiny like the rest of the Cullen cars.

I was about to give Edward a look saying how I didn't like gifts but the look on his face told me that this was not a gift from the Cullen family.

Edwards POV

As I drove up the driveway there was a car blocking the garage.

This was the car that was following us!

Bella looked at me and all I could do was stare back at her.

I was about to tell her to stay in the car so I could see who this other car belonged to but she had already jumped out.

"I love it." Bella said rushing over and hugging me.

"Wait until you see the inside." I answered, curious myself because if a car was here then were was the people?

Standing in front of the door I started to look for the right key but before I could get it the door opened.

Bella's POV

"SURPRISE!" The two people behind the door yelled.

I didn't walk in, I knew who was standing behind the door.

Renee walked in front of me and said "Well are you going to come in or not." As Edward and I walked in Charlie and Renee closed the door behind us.

Edward's POV

WHY ARE THEY HERE? I almost screamed in my thoughts.

The whole point of moving was to be away from the people Bella was close to and here in front of me were her parents!

My phone began to ring so I excused myself and took the call in the next room.

Why are they at the house?

Alice. Of course she would see this.

"I don't know."

You have to get them out. You told them that me and Jasper were going to Italy and we are going to be there tomorrow!

"I know. I'll find a way."

I hung up and could hear Bella talking to her parents.

Bella's POV

When Edward left I decided to figure this out.

The first thing I knew, my parents were in my house, next they are supposed to be in Forks, and last they needed to leave.

It wasn't much to think about so it meant I had to start asking questions.

"What are you doing here?" I asked my parents trying to look suprized in a happy way.

"Well, Charlie, Phil, and I decided to move to Alaska!."

"What?" I said again trying to look suprized, but i wasn't so sure this time if it worked.

I could hear Edwards phone shut and when he didn't enter the room I knew he was listening to us.

"Well, Phil got a job up here and he wanted to go and I thought that we could live here because the guy that employed Phil wanted Charlie to come up to!"

"But what about being the police chief?"I asked

"This job has better pay, plus now I can be near my little girl." Charlie answered.

"We have a house that is only 25 minutes from here." Renee added.

Now Edward came in.

As they told Edward everything they told me I was thinking of way to get my parents to leave.

Edward beat me to it and I was glad because his was a lot nicer than mine would have been.

"Well, I guess you two should get going so you can settle into your own homes."

My parents agreed and slowly walked to the door and waited for Edward to pull his car out of the way.

Sometime in this they managed to be invited for dinner in two nights.

When they were gone I started to breath normal again.

"What are we going to" I started but Edward cut me off.

"First I want you to see the house." he said as he picked me up and walked around the house with me in his arms bridal style.

I was his wife after all.


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"Now what as we going to do? Bella's parents are coming over in a few hours and you can't just lock Jasper and me in the closet." Alice said.

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"I'll think of something." I said.

"I have an idea." Bella said walking from behind me.

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