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Pairing :Sam/Jack


Fingernails and other odds and ends…

They were home for one hour now, sitting in the infirmary waiting for Janet to clear them all.

One after another got the clearance to shower and by now Jack was sitting more or less patient on the examination table to be done with everything. The only up side was Sam who sat in front of him wearing just a short top to cover her upper torso. Over the years the view of her with a little less clothe became normal to the guys, especially after a mission in the infirmary.

While he watched Sam, his eyes became all blurry and his facial expression dreamy.

His mind was back at the planet in their tent. Focus he tried to tell himself but drifted again back to the planet…

Janet finished the examination of her friend and gave her the permission to leave as well.

While Sam was starting to dress, Janet tried to get the attention of her superior officer.

Finally she succeeded.

"Sorry Doc." He pulled off his shirt and let the doc do whatever she had to do.

She checked his throat, eyes and ears and continued with his chest; contentedly she turned to his back.

After a few seconds she began to speak.

"Colonel, did you have an accident." "No." "Hmm, is your uniform damaged?" "No."

Somehow Sam now was busy with finish dressing and hurrying out of the infirmary.

"Or did you pull off the uniform for a while."
Jack cleared his throat. "Well it was unbearable hot in the tent so I slept without the shirt. Why?"

"You have on this side"- she placed her cold finger on his back- "and on this side" –she switched the side- "equal scratches." She murmured something and rounded the examination table to face the man on it. "Well if I wouldn't know better I would say these are marks from fingernails." His face was the pure innocence. "But Doc just how on earth should I have marks from fingernails on my back?" "That is something only you can answer." This was it what she wanted to say before we left the planet…

"Can I go now?" I have to find my major…"Yes."

He left the infirmary within five seconds with a smirk on his face, he hadn't realized how long her nails where or that she had marked him the last night.

Had Janet realized that the marks only could come from Sam?

Janet stood still on the place where she stood before the colonel rushed out of the room.

I think I should hire Daniel as a spy something is out of line and he would surely find out for me what. If he would say no, nah he wouldn't say no to me, he knew what that would cost him.

Mental note to myself candle-light-dinner for Daniel…The siren started and over the speaker she got work announced.


the end