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''Sephiroth! Finally...''

Sephiroth sat in the data room again, combing over more files, and becoming more disturbed yet again. He turned to replace a few, and take more out, when Zack walked into the room behind him. He didn't sleep very much the past two nights...since the one before last was spent on the train.

''Calm down, Zack. We have to be quiet in here,'' he replied, still not looking.

''Ah, sorry. Look...do I have...time before...?''

''You should be asking Lazard, not me.''

''Ahh...he wasn't there.''

''Very well. Go there, see her. I made sure she was...alright while you were gone.'' The words tasted of bile in his mouth, and he hoped the choking sound didn't show.

''Ahh, thanks! Alright, we'll be seeing soon, on the next mission! Maybe we'll get one together again.'' He saluted, Sephiroth unable to see due to him having been turned around, and walked out.

He's so much better for her than I could ever be.

As he sifted through the files, he wondered what his life might be like if he had met her first.



He turned toward her. She was standing in front of a new flower cart, by the look of it. He walked over, and smiled sadly. He had been through quite a bit lately, as did all of them.

''Hello.'' He nodded. ''New?'' he pointed at the cart.

''Yeah, Zack helped build it,'' she chuckled. ''I think it could be cuter, though.''

He managed to chuckle. ''Perhaps.''

''Long mission coming up, I hear. It's going to be awhile before I see him again. I think...'' she paused. ''When he comes back, I'm going to ask him to take me to see a sunset, and the sky.''

He smiled. ''You should. You shouldn't spend your...whole life down here. You'd like it...so much up there.''

''I think I would.''

He looked at her. ''I think I'm leaving after this. New work. Somewhere else. Shin-Ra isn't...for me anymore.''

She looked surprised, but didn't say anything. ''I won't tell.''

He nodded. ''Thanks. Zack's the only other one that knows.''

''Where do you guys have to go this time?''

''Nibelheim,'' he replied. ''Standard mission. It's long, but it's just due to the distance. We should be back...fairly soon. Well, he should be, anyway.''

''Well...'' she looked down. ''Take care. Good luck. Make sure Zack's ok.''

''I will. I hope to be in and out of there.'' He stepped forward, and brushed a gloved hand down her face one more time. Rather than pull away from it, she patted it.

''Thank you,'' she said.

He said nothing; he just gave her a small, sad smile and walked off. He had quite a few grunts to round up before the long trip.

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