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"Are you sure you want to go on this mission? It is a yearlong mission?" Kakashi asked.


'Ask me that one more time, I'll rip your mouth off!' Sakura thought maliciously.

For the past two hours, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sai, Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Kiba, Tenten, Neji, Lee, Tsunade, and Shizune would take turns trying to talk her out of taking the year long mission.


"Sakura, you are one of my most trusted ANBU ops… that is why the elders want you to go on a yearlong mission to Hogwarts. Here is the letter that the 'professor' sent us," Tsunade said, an annoyed pout on her lips.

Sakura caught the scroll that was thrown to her, and read outloud the print.

"Dear Konoha,

I am a professor of Hogwarts, a school where you learn to become witches and wizards. Please send one of your most trusted ninjas to protect a boy named Harry Potter. He is being hunted by an evil wizard named Voldermart, and we must protect him at all costs. Send a ninja who is between the ages of 14 and 15. If they accept this mission, send them to Hogs made to buy:

An owl

The following books:

Defense Against the Dark Arts Volume 4

History of Hogwarts Volume 4

Herbeology Volume 4

Transform Volume 4

And Potions Volume 4 (I made these up)

A robe

A wand

A potions kit

And a scroll and quill

To get to Hogs made, hold onto this kunai (Tsunade threw Sakura a kunai) at 5:34 PM on September 5. To get back, hold it at 10:00 PM to get back home. On September 7, hold this senbon (Tsunade threw a senbon at Sakura) at 7:43 AM, and go to Platform 9 ¾. There you shall take a train to Hogwarts and Dumbledore (the main professor) will explain the rest to you.


Professor McGonagall.

Sakura put the letter in her bag, along with the senbon and kunai.

'Let's see, tomorrow is the 5th. I better get ready then,' Sakura thought.

"I accept the mission," Sakura said, bowing.

"I will see you in a year," Tsunade said, a tear about to escape her eye.

"Aw, is the great Tsunade-sama crying?" Sakura teased, a few tears seeping out of her eyes.

"No, the Great Tsunade never cries!" Tsunade said, smiling as she pulled her student into a hug.

"Goodbye Sakura."

"Goodbye Tsunade-sama."


Sakura stood at the gates of Konoha, wearing a brown wig, a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, black combat boots, a black ninja headband, and her ANBU mask.

"I'll see you guys later! Kakashi-sensei, Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Ino-chan, Tenten-chan, Hinata-chan, Kiba, Neji, and Lee-san!" Sakura yelled to her friends, grabbing her senbon.


Sakura disappeared, as she felt the explosion in her stomach like it did two days ago when she went to Hogs made.

With one hand still in the air waving, the other holding her owl and her luggage slung over her shoulder.

When she appeared at platforms 9 and 10, she wanted to kill McGonagall.

'9 ¾? What the heck?' Sakura thought, looking for anyway to get to 9 ¾.

"I wonder if it's some kind of magic thing," Sakura mumbled to herself.

"Ron, come on! We're going to miss the train to Hogwarts!" a feminine voice called out.

"Come on, we have a few hours until the train leaves!" a male's voice called out.

"No, we only have fifteen minutes," another feminine voice called out.

"Excuse me," Sakura said, turning around to face them.

"I'm looking for Platform 9 ¾, could you help me?" Sakura asked them.

She faced a boy with round glasses, black hair, and a lightning scar on his forehead.

Next to him was a girl with brown bushy hair who looked slightly annoying to Sakura.

Next to her was a boy with red hair and red freckles, and next to him were three people.

Two twins that looked strangely alike to the younger red hair kid, and next to them was a girl with long red hair.

"Why would you like to know?" the brown bushy girl asked.

"Because I'm a new student, and need to go on the train to go to Hogwarts," Sakura said in a matter-of-factory voice.

"Why are you a new student, you look our age, 14," the brown haired bushy girl said again. Maybe I'll just call her beaver girl for short.

"Why am I not a new student?" Sakura asked in return.

The beaver girl flushed, and the twins chuckled.

"I'm Fred," one of them said.

"And I'm George," the other one said, both of them slinging their arms around her small shoulders.

"Sakura Haruno," Sakura said.

"So, can we ask about the mask?" the boy to the right asked her. (Sakura forgot which was which)

"Oh, I'm a… special student," Sakura said, a smirk forming on her face under the mask.

The two twins looked at each other, before they could feel Sakura's smirk. They smiled and high fived each other.

"Awesome!" they cheered.

"So, are you going to show me Platform 9 ¾?" Sakura asked them.

"Sure," the twins said, leading her away.

"I say, she's pretty cute," the smaller red head boy said to the boy in glasses.

The boy in glasses just nodded as he followed George, Fred, and Sakura through the wall.

The two girls looked at each other, jealousy in their eyes.

"So, who are you guys?" Sakura asked her 'friends'.

She was sharing a compartment with Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione.

"Oh, sorry!" Hermione said blushing.

"I'm Hermione Granger."

"I'm Ron Weasley."

"I'm Harry Potter."

"Ginny Weasley."

"Sakura Haruno," Sakura said, smiling while shaking everyone's hands.

"So, where are you from?" Harry asked her.

"I'm from Japan. My shishou, teacher, wanted me to learn how to be a witch to help defend the village," Sakura said, making up a story as she went by.

"Well, what do we have here? Another mud blood?" a boy sneered from the doorway.

"Malfoy," Ron sneered.

"Oh, it's the Weasleys. What, gold digging again?" Malfoy insulted.

"Nani, who put a stick up his ass?" Sakura asked.

He directed his eyes to her.

"Why are you wearing a mask, what, your mum didn't want to see your ugly face?"

Sakura's face darkened from inside the mask.

"If you ever talk about my mother like that," Sakura started, her brown, wig bangs covering the eye holes on her mask, "I'll kill you."

Sakura's dark look made Malfoy take a step back, before he sneered and walked away saying, "Once Professor Snape takes over Hogwarts instead of the brain dead Dumbledork, you mud bloods will be extinct."

"What did you say Draco?" Harry asked, standing up.

Sakura burst out in giggles as Draco glared at her.

"I doubt your name would be any better."

"Well you won't find out," Sakura challenged.

"Hn, you'll be sorry once we get to Hogwarts," Malfoy said as he left.

"Ok, that drama king just took up thirty minutes of my precious time, so we'd better put on our robes," Sakura said, checking her watch.

"Yeah," they all agreed. They all took turns changing into their robes. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny had to change into their uniforms because they came on the bus with their normal clothes on, while Sakura just slipped a robe over her shoulders.

"Are you ready?" Sakura asked her friends.

They all nodded as they walked in a line out of the train.

"Ms. Haruno," a shrill voice called out. Sakura looked at the source of the voice, and found an elderly women wearing pointed glasses and her brown hair in a bun.

"Yes?" Sakura asked.

"Since this is your first year here, for reasons, you shall take the boats to Hogwarts with the rest of the first years," the lady said.

Sakura followed her to an area where a giant stood, loading students into the boats.

"Excuse me, but may I ask who you are?" Sakura asked the elderly women.

"I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself, I am Professor McGonagall," the elderly women said, pushing her glasses up to her nose.

"I'm the women who sent you the letter to your… hokage," McGonagall said, before leaving.

"Well, who might yer' be?" the giant asked her with a kind of raspy voice.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, if you remember what Mr. Dumbledore told you," Sakura answered, facing him.

"Right, the gurl who'll pretect Harry," the giant said.

"Well Ms. Harno, take yer place in tis boat," the giant said.

"By the way, me name's Hagrid," the giant said, walking to another boat.

Sakura looked at who else was in the boat, just some little, eleven year old girls and boys.

Sakura just stared straight ahead, and waited for the boat to go to Hogwarts.

"Oof," Sakura cried out as she fell out of the boat.

The boy and girl who pushed her in, looked at each other and high fived. When they turned to expect see Sakura in the water, they actually saw her, standing on top of the water, glaring at the two kids.

"I'm going to beat you senseless," Sakura said in Japanese, in a dark and scary voice. The two kids cowered in fear, holding onto each other.

"WAH!" they cried out as Sakura punched them both over the heads.

"That's not even 1/100 of my power!" Sakura screamed, running after the boat.

"Woah der," Hagrid called out, catching Sakura by the scruff of her neck.

"Must kill… little boy and girl," Sakura growled.

"Hold onto yer hurses," Hagrid told her. He plopped her into another boat, watching as she got back up onto the water.

"How do you do that?" a little girl asked.

Sakura blinked before replying, "I'm very light."

Hagrid rolled his eyes, but watched as Sakura sat back into the boat.

'Dis gurl is gonna cause some terble,' Hagrid thought.

"Alright, first years, come up here," McGonagall announced. They all lined up, Sakura last in line, while McGonagall placed a stool with a hat on top of it in the middle of the dinning stage. One by one, the kids were sorted into different houses. Four were sorted into Ravenclaw, two in Slytherin, one in Gryffindor, and seven in Hufflepuff. Finally, it was Sakura's turn to go up.

McGonagall placed the hat on top of Sakura's head, as its face scowled.

"This is the hardest yet," the Sorting Hat said.

"She has the brightest mind I have ever seen." Hermione cringed.

"The bravest and kindest heart too." Harry and Ron stared at her dreamily.

"And has a heart as cold and sneaky as Slytherin… how can you be brave, kind, cold, and smart?" Fred and George smiled at each other, knowing that they'd have Sakura help them with their pranks.

"But where should I put you?" the Hat asked.

"Gryffindor," Sakura whispered.

"What? Why?" the Hat asked her.

"All of my friends are in that house… please Gryffindor," she whispered.

"Well then, GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat yelled.

Chaos erupted at the Gryffindor table.

Sakura took a seat in between Harry and Ron, to Ginny and Hermione's displeasure, and they all started chatting away.

As everyone ate, Sakura picked at her food, trying to figure out what this… 'guck' was.

"Sha-ka-ra," Ron said, stuffing his face with food, "whut's, wrang?" (He said, "Sakura, what's wrong?")

"Um… I'm not sure what all of this is… and I don't know how to use this," Sakura said, holding up her fork.

"Well, let's see… here, you might like this," Harry said, picking up her fork and grabbing a piece of some potatoes, vegetables, noodles, bread, and fish.

"And you eat like this," Harry said, grabbing her hand, showing her how to grasp the fork and pick up food with it.

"You just stab the food?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, and you can use the fork like a shovel," Harry instructed, showing her how to use her fork as a shovel, scooping up some mashed potatoes.

After eating the delicious dinner, Dumbledore cleared his voice.

"So, now that we are all fed and watered," ("Humph!" said Hermione after she found out that House Elves were working at Hogwarts. Sakura rolled her eyes and kicked her from under the table. Hermione cringed) "I must once more ask for your attention, while I give out a few notices.

Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle has this year been extended to include Screaming Yo-yos, Fanged Frisbees, and Ever-Bashing Boomerangs. The full list comprise some four 

hundred and thirty seven items, I believe and can be viewed in Mr. Filche's office, if anybody would like to check it.

As ever, I would like to remind you all that the forest on the grounds is out-of-bounds to students, as is the village of Hogsmade to all below third year.

It is also my painful duty to inform you that the Inter-House Quidditch Cup will not take place this year.

"WHAT?!" Harry gasped. He, George, and Fred looked at each other desperately.

"This is due," Dumbledore continued on, "to an event that will be starting in October, and continuing throughout the school year, taking up much of the teacher's time and energy, but I am sure you will all enjoy it immensely. I have great pleasure in announcing that this year at Hogwarts…"


The doors burst open, as a man with a long mane of grizzled, dark gray hair, and a carved face with a electric blue eye. He walked up to the hall, right to Dumbledore, his blue eye rolling around. It landed on Harry, and stopped to linger on Sakura.

"May I introduce, our new defense against the dark arts teacher, Professor Moody," Dumbledore announced.

"As I was saying before," Dumbledore said, "we are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming month, an event that has not been held for over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year."

"You're JOKING!" Fred yelled.

Nearly everyone laughed at Fred's outburst, as Sakura clamped her small hand on his back.

"Nice one Fred!" Sakura said, laughing.

Fred smiled at her before saying, "I'm not Fred, I'm George."

Sakura stared at the two, before breaking out in laughter again.

"I am not joking, Mr. Weasley," Dumbledore continued, "though now that you mention it, I did hear an excellent one over the summer about a troll, a hag, and a leprechaun who all go into a bar…"

McGonagall cleared her throat loudly.

"Er – but maybe this is not the time… no… but where was I? Ah yes, the Triwizard Tournament… well, some of you will not know what this tournament involves, so I hope those who do know will forgive me for giving a short explanation, and allow their attention to wander freely.

The Triwizard Tournament was first established some seven hundred years ago as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of wizardry: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang. A champion was selected to represent each school, and the three champions competed in three magical tasks. The schools took it in turns to host the tournament once every five years, and it was generally agreed to be a most excellent way of establishing the ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities, until that is, the death toll mounted so high that the tournament was discontinued.

"There have been several attempts over the centuries to reinstate the tournament, none of which have been very successful. However, our own departments of International Magical Cooperation and Magical Games and Sports have decided the time is ripe for another attempt. We have worked hard over the summer to ensure that this time, no champion will find himself or herself in mortal danger," Dumbledore continued.

On and on he rambled on things that Sakura didn't really find interesting. After Dumbledore said that students' years 17 and younger couldn't compete, Sakura didn't find the speech and rules that interesting.

"Alright, bedtime! Chop chop!" Dumbledore announced shooing them all with a wave of his hand.

Sakura followed her friends out to the Gryffindor longue. Behind them, she heard them talking about how they thought it was unfair that Quidditch had been cancelled and how only kids seventeen and older could participate in the Triwizard Tournament.

"Hey, could any of you show me where I can sleep?" Sakura asked them.

"Yes, we were about to go to bed too. We have early classes tomorrow," Hermione said, stretching her arms for emphasis. Ginny and Hermione led Sakura up to the girl's dormitory, and showed her the bunk bed that was under Ginny's, and next to Hermione's.

"So… the boys are pretty cute, do all of them look like our friends?" Sakura asked Ginny and Hermione.

They giggled and the three started talking about the boys.

"Let's play a game, I'll call out a boy, and you two, well Ginny… you don't have to do it if he's related to you," Sakura said, remembering that most of the boys were related to Ginny.

"Harry," Sakura called out.

Ginny and Hermione blushed and both said at the same time, "10."

Sakura shrugged her shoulders, "I'd say an eight."

But underneath her mask, her cheeks were turning red.

"But what about Ron, he is so cute," Hermione said dreamily.

"I agree, but I think Fred and George are cuter and funnier! Whew!" Sakura said, fanning herself out with an imaginary fan.

Ginny blushed, trying to cover up her ears.

"Come on, these are my brothers you guys are talking about!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Sorry," Hermione and Sakura mumbled.

"But George, Fred, and Ron are just so cute!" Sakura squealed.

For about ten more minutes, the three talked about boys, until they fell asleep.

Well, the next chapter will be when Sakura has classes with Mad Eye Moody. I should be able to come out with the second chapter by… let's go with July 14, 15, or 16th. At 3:00 PM.