Chapter 5: Mary's Intervention

Sissy Bladely was again charging toward Johnny and Dukey at quite a fast speed. She gave Johnny a good smack, sending him crashing right against the barracks of Area 51.1, which also sent him flying right through the many rooms of the soldiers living on the base.

"Didn't see that coming" remarked a soldier as Johnny still in his Johnny X suit crashed right through the barracks.

Back in the bunker, the General was getting quite worried about the fight between Sissy and Johnny getting too close to the base. As he looked through the window of the bunker, he noticed that half of the military barracks was in ruins thanks to Sissy's actions.

"Those two are moving off the war games zone!" cried the General, "How the heck are we going to control a super powered girl like that?!"

Suddenly the General's phone rang, and as he picked it up, Mary was on the other line heading straight for Area 51.1 on another hovercraft she had built.

"So, I can see that your brother has problems fighting this Sissy girl, right?" asked the General.

"Unfortunately it seems that Bling-Bling Boy made Sissy and her dog Missy too powerful, even for Johnny X to handle" replied Mary as she was right on her way to Area 51.1.

"We can see that" said the General as poor Johnny was thrown right toward the window of the bunker to which poor Johnny was trying to literally try to tag Mr. Black or Mr. White to help him as if it were a wrestling match.

"Er, I'm not getting in that fight between those two" said Mr. White.

"Me either" added Mr. Black.

Back outside, Johnny wasn't doing so well fighting Sissy. Even with using his new fire powers combined with his old Johnny X fire powers didn't stand a chance.

"Are you ready to admit Test, that I'm better than you?" asked Sissy as Johnny was quite beaten up on the ground.

"N-N-N-Never!" replied Johnny as he struggled to maintain control.

Johnny's sidekick and pet Dukey wasn't doing well either in battle with his arch rival Missy. Poor Dukey had gotten into another major fight with Missy, which her bites really hurt, as the two went at in, in a literal dog fight. Missy even grabbed Dukey, as he was trying to leave the fight, by grabbing his tail, she then did a body slam on poor Dukey, and threw him right where his master Johnny was lying quite beaten up.

"Ha, looks like I'm finally going to be Johnny Test for good!" laughed Bling-Bling Boy as he was celebrating on his hovercraft with poor Susan still tied up, to which he then began to reach for some music CDs that he stored in a compartment on the hovercraft, "this calls to put on some victory music for such an occasion."

Down below on the battlefield, poor Dukey was just about to surrender to his arch rival Missy after the brutal beating he took.

"Hey Johnny, I have a suggestion to make, let's just surrender to Sissy and Missy, there are always other things we can be great about" said Dukey.

"No!" cried Johnny as he was getting up from the dirt, "If there was one thing we are good at, it's being Johnny X, and you being my Super Pooch sidekick, we should never surrender to our rivals in this fashion!"

This of course brought tears to the eyes of the General, Mr. Black and Mr. White who were witnessing it.

"That was beautiful" said Mr. White all tearful.

"Come on" said the General who only had a short-lived tearful moment, "let's get this over with so that we can rebuild the parts of the base that have been destroyed."

Back outside again, Sissy was quite angry that Johnny wasn't ever going to give up on being Johnny X.

"Test, you still won't give up, even if I continue to beat you to the ground, if you were a simple ant and I just smashed my finger against you?!" cried Sissy as she was quite angry.

"Yeah, that's right" replied Johnny.

"Then I have no choice again, but to trap you in my energy sphere" said Sissy.

"Let's make a run for it!" cried Dukey.

"No, we make our stand right here!" cried Johnny.

Sissy then once again fired a large energy sphere, to which Johnny then flared up his fire powers. Johnny attempted to hold off the energy sphere, yet he was weaken by his brutal fight with Sissy. The energy sphere immediately entrapped both Johnny and Dukey into a sphere of energy.

"Ha, yes, yes, yes, I finally beat you at this!" laughed Sissy.

"And now for the music for such an occasion" added Bling-Bling Boy as he lowered his hovercraft.

Yet before Bling-Bling Boy was about to load his victory music CD, a laser out of nowhere came sending the CD right off the evil genius' hand and crashing and breaking into pieces right on the ground. The evil genius, and his two powered up puppets turned and noticed that Mary was wearing some sort of special armor she had recently invented.

"Whoa, I did not see that coming" said Bling-Bling Boy.

"And here is to neutralize these two powers" said Mary as she turned her hi-tech laser gun to Sissy and Missy.

Suddenly a strange laser was fired to which erased the powers that were given to them.

"Hey, no fair!" cried Sissy as she couldn't fly anymore.

"And now to free Johnny and Dukey" said Mary, as she then fired at the energy sphere that had trapped them, and also firing at them neutralizing their powers as well.

"Ha, what are you going to do?" asked Bling-Bling Boy, "I still have your sister as my captive."

"Not so fast" said Mr. Black as he along with Mr. White and the General came out of the bunker, to which Mr. Black then began to dismantle the evil genius' hovercraft, "we're taking you in to juvenile hall for causing this mess to begin with."

"Maybe we should just send him back to his mother instead" added Mr. White.

"Good idea" added the General.

After the fight between Sissy and Johnny, everything was back to normal. Sissy was being watched by both Mr. White and Mr. Black for her role in escalating tensions between her and Johnny.

"Do you two have to sleep outside my room?" asked Sissy.

"Your mother recommended it after we told her the entire story" replied Mr. White who was in a sleeping bag.

"Don't worry it's only for three months of this as a punishment drafted by your mother" added Mr. Black.

Back at the Test residence, victory for Johnny was bitter sweet as he was still healing from his fight with Sissy while resting in bed.

"Hey, don't look at me on how Sissy could almost beat you at being Johnny X" said Dukey as he was lying beside his bed on the floor.

"I could have handle it!" cried Johnny as he was sitting in his bed.

"Yeah, but I think that should be for another day" said Dukey.

The scene then switches to Area 51.1 where the poor General was building the parts of the base, with Susan and Mary Test being involved in the reconstruction.

"Glad you two could make it" said the General as Test sisters' construction drones were rebuilding the base, "nice save back there Mary."

"No problem General" said Mary.

After the three go over the construction plans, the scene then fades as the construction drones finish the last rebuilding of the base, to which the scene for one last time lowers down below fo a special cell for Bling-Bling Boy.

"It's not fair, I did not know my mother could put me here!" cried Bling-Bling Boy.

"Pipe down there!" cried the Brain Freezer who was only a few cells away, "Some of us are trying to sleep here!"

"Yeah!" added Mister Mittens who was in another cell.